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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

OK loves, today we are going to do a little housekeeping.

Hang on to your board, we have lots to discuss.


First up, I want to share some great posts I have read lately:

With school almost out, there are a lot of college kids trying to acquire an internship. If you have a college kid or know one, do them a favor and share Emily Henderson's 15 tips when trying to get a design internship. {But, really it can apply to any internship}.




If you are considering starting a blog or just have questions on building your blog, there is a cool new site called Blog Brunch. It is basically a collaborative network powered by bloggers wanting to share, dream and learn with other creatives in the blogging community. It happens the first Saturday of the month on Twitter. But, they create a condensed recap on their site after each 'brunch' that you can read if you aren't a tweeter on twitter.  



If you are confused about how to handle advertising on your blog, Karen, voice of the wonderful blog The art of doing stuff, has written one of the best posts I have seen on The secret world of blog advertising. Go learn stuff.




I have received lots of emails lately asking specifics on items I have featured in my posts. I have come to realize that not everyone is aware of links in posts and how they work. The text in my posts is black. When you see words that are in red, this means that you can click on the word{s} and it will take you directly to a website/blog post it is referring to or giving credit to. All bloggers use links in their posts, although their choice of color of linked text may be any color. Hope this helps!    



{I'm throwing this one in as a freebie, just because I like you.}

Another issue I have received emails about--a few months back, I shared that I had accidently deleted photo files within my blog. This has affected a ton of older posts. I have been slowly trying to recover the photos and to reinsert them. I have fixed dozens, but there are still a ton missing. If you are reading one of my older blog posts and you see a 'x' where a photo should be, this is the problem. There is nothing wrong with your browser. Fingers crossed, the photos will be back......someday.




One last thing...if you aren't following me on pinterest {see this...this is a link, lovers!!}, then you are s'rsly missing out. Look at the email I got notifying me of my newest follower:


No joke, ya'll. All the cool kids hang out here. 


Goodbye Google Friend Connect

Friday, February 17, 2012

I just recently added Google Friend Connect as a way for folks to follow my blog in their reader. But, in its attempt to take over the world {via Google+}, Google is doing away with Google Friend Connect {GFC} as of March 1st, if you are not a Blogger-hosted blog...which is me {I am hosted through Business Catalyst}

So, for all you lovlies that have connected to my blog through GFC and you want to continue to follow Shannon Berrey Designs, you need to choose a different way. Can I suggest Facebook, email, or an RSS reader. Facebook is found at the top and on the right sidebar.


{above pic edited thanks to Picnik. Also say your good-bye's to Picnik as of April 19th...geez, Google}

To follow by email, simply click on the 'Follow by Email' in the right sidebar. This way, you will receive an email from me with a link to my newest post. When you first sign up, you will receive a confirmation email that you must accept and then you are good to go! At any time, you can opt out and I never ever share your information with others.    

 I would love to have everyone continue to visit me here, feel free to ask questions if you need to!

Have the most fabulous weekend! I will be trying to restore photos....

Sarah 101, Episode 3

Friday, July 22, 2011

OK, kiddos, it's time for our third episode of Sarah 101! You can catch the show at
4:30 {est} tomorrow {Saturday} so set your DVR's. Here is what we have to look forward to:

If you don't want to see the pics before seeing the show, then don't scroll down!!!


I have placed my preorder for Annie Selke's new book that will be released next month!
{I encourage you to order it from your local book store. If you don't have a book store near you, then you can order here}

In case you don't know, she is the gal behind my favorite rug company, Dash and Albert.
And, the goodness continues with the launch of her new blog in which she will be sharing
her great design insights.  


Have a wonderful weekend!

What's going on??!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Last week you may have noticed a few changes to my blog. I thought I would {try to}
explain what's going on. 

First, up top, is the addition of an Advertise button. I have had some requests from folks on 
rates to advertise on my blog. I would love to help promote your business or blog.
Click on it for more info.    

If you do decide to become a sponsor, then your ad will show up in the right hand column
 below the Google Friend Connect: 


Speaking of  'Google Friend Connect, it's also new and I would love for you to join!
  Simply click on the blue 'join this site' tab.

And finally, at the bottom of each post is my new place to leave comments. I have changed
to Disqus as my comment system and I am super excited about it.  It is way easier for me
to manage and easier for you to leave your thoughts. I love hearing from you and I read all
 comments. I try to reply directly in the comments so check back to see my reply.   


Did you know that I have a Facebook site? Yep, I do. Click on the button at the top and consider
this a personal invite to become a fan. 
I haven't jumped into the tweet pool yet. This kind of sums up how I feel about it.

But who knows, never say never!


***FYI--none of these changes would have happened if it were not for my super fabulous blog developer
 extraordinaire, Hannah Grace Cole. She has been such a patient teacher with me. So, when I say things like
"I've changed this...' and 'I've added that...', what that really means is: Hannah has done it all. Let's keep it real.    

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