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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

It's been so long since I have visited with you. I have missed you!

 I have always been the type that needs a lot of time to process the big stuff. Maybe that's no different than anyone else, but for me, I know I have to sit with big events and decisions and really let them marinate in my heart before I can clearly figure out how to navigate through them...around them...above them. 

I was sick for the better part of February. It seemed as if nothing could lower the fever and leaving the bed was barely possible. After 3 weeks of feeling bad, I finally felt like leaving the house on Friday, the 27th. It was 0 degrees when I left the house that morning, record-breaking cold. When I opened the garage door to pull the car in that night, water poured under neath the door and a 14" piece of duct work hung out of my wet, collapsed ceiling. Water was everywhere. I'm not sure how long I just sat there trying to process what I was seeing. I had 2 friends with me as I was going to cook us dinner, and I just remember them jumping from their car and into the house. 

It felt like a sauna. It was so hot and the water was pouring from the ceilings, down the stairs, onto my furniture, and down the walls. The floors were full of things floating, chunks of the ceiling, pillows from the sofas, It was incredibly dark and so loud and it smelled horrible. My animals were terrified. They were surrounded and stuck in this mess the entire day - probably 10 hours. 

My brain wouldn't work. As I went up to the middle floor, it too was underwater. Water was even pouring out of, with force, the siding on the back of the house. Where was this coming from????? I ran room to room and ceilings were wet everywhere. Every bit of my clothing and shoes in my closet were dripping.

We finally got to the water valve to turn off the indoor waterfalls. My friends grabbed towels and tried sopping up the soaking hardwood floors which were already starting to curl. Thank goodness they were with me as this part of the day seems so blurry and confusing. They got me to call my insurance company which then triggered a series of calls from a restoration company, a company to find me a hotel, a company to collect my wet clothes....

The frozen pipes burst in the floor of the 3rd level. Pressure built up which caused additional breaks.  

{Living Room}

All of my clothes, shoes, drapes, and rugs are in SC with an emergency textile cleaning company. They won't be returned for another week. I'm thankful for a very nice hotel room that I have been living in for 11 days. But, I miss my house, my bed, my shoes, having my animals with me...

{Where the pretty stuff got made}

5 days with 40 fans and the house is now deemed dry. All of the ceilings and floors have been removed, as well as some walls. The insurance company says it should take 3 months to put the house back together. 

I am now starting the process of documenting every damaged item. It is unbelievably depressing and the amount of time involved is, well unreal. 

I keep reminding myself that it's just stuff. That this too shall pass. 


 As I cling to the comfort and grace that I know is undeservedly extended to me, I realize that there are many lessons to be learned here and a much simpler life is in the making...


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