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The Big Crafty is Back!

Friday, November 29, 2013

It's back!!!!! One of my favorite events of the year ! It's big, it's crafty and it's incredibly fun. Think community bazaar with a lively celebration of handmade commerce. Throw in music, local food, beer and fine wares from a juried group of select indie artists and crafters and you have yourself a perfect spot to find your Christmas gifts. Even Country Living Magazine agrees as they stated that this is 'one of the nation's coolest craft fairs'. {November 2012}. For more info check them out here. 
Hope to see you there!

Flowers and frolic

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Can I just tell you how great it was to see the sunshine yesterday morning after 3 days of downpours? Of course, our weather girl has promised us it won't last so I tried to soak up the golden rays for the few moments we were allowed with her. We thankfully had a window of pretty weather on Friday afternoon which allowed us the best possible time at our High School's Mustang Round-Up. It is the big Field Day that involves inflatables, water sports, food, music, and loads of competition. Teams of 6 compete in a number of different events that are hilarious to watch.


Maris and her crew of 'Sassy Seniors', were competing in the fill the water bucket competition which was basically, one at a time, the girls had to use a sponge dipped in water, run down the track to a 2nd bucket and wring out the water, and run back to hand off the sponge. The team with the most water in the 2nd bucket wins. Why, you ask is Maris holding the bucket up to her mouth? She decided to carry a little more water than just what the sponge would hold----and poured that nasty water in her mouth. No joke.  


 And because peer pressure was all kinds of prevalent, all the rest of her team followed suit. disgusting.



As that didn't prove itself to be totally effective {IN the bucket Tate!} They then decided to use all resources available



Yep, Maris's huge mane went straight in the bucket. Cause it could hold like at least a liter, right??? Surprisingly, that 'do simply soaked it all in. {But points for creativity}

{Remember back in the day when we were kids and we would become 'blood sisters', well, this group is now 'spit sisters'}  


They took breaks between events to pose with friends/competitors. Because, really, 'posing' is also an event for this crew. 



At the end of the whole shebang, guess who was victorious?

A tiny little hint...


 {I have been using bigger pictures lately, what say you--do you like them bigger or back to smaller????}


Did anyone sip mint juleps while watching the Kentucky Derby this weekend? Did they have rain, too?? I missed it but, I did get to see the Today's Show Derby Hat contest on TV. And as I'm watching, I'm like 'that looks like Brittany'....Brittany Jepsen!! Say what?? YES! Fabulous blogger Brittany behind The House that Lars Built. Now let me just first say, you guys know how much I love flowers -- real flowers, tissue flowers, felt flowers, spoon flowers, even wall flowers, so when one of the Queens of Paper flowers, Brittany, was one of the finalists, obviously this is what her hat looked like:  




 STOP IT!!!!!

Of course she won! You can see her segment here. And check out the rest of her blog while your there. She's super talented.


Greening Up the Mountains

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The last Saturday of April each year is a big celebration in our little town. This will be the 16th year that we celebrate 'Greening Up the Mountains', a festival held in downtown Sylva, to welcome spring and the beautiful colors it brings with it. We get really excited when that lush green slowly creeps it's way up our North Carolina mountainsides.


   Strengthened by its early roots as an Earth Day celebration, the festival includes a focus on environmental protection, sustainability, and promotion of local businesses and civic groups. Our tiny main street fills with around 11,000 people who come to experience a talent show, craft demonstrations, musical acts, a 5K run, a kid's stage, fun storytelling, inflatables and great food. Adjacent to the festivities, our Farmers Market will be open until noon with beautiful cut flowers and plants, homemade jams, soaps, and fresh veggies.  


One of the sponsors of the event is our hospital, Medwest/Harris. They are undergoing a big project -- The New Generations Birthing Center. We are all really excited about this $3 million renovation project of the mother and baby section. There are big plans for the Birthing Center which include increasing the number of available labor and delivery rooms, implementing new technology, new furniture and fixtures, and offering a specific operating room for Caesarean sections. {Remember last years '70's Gala' that raised $60,000 for the renovation!!}



I was asked to paint a little photo op board for the hospital to use at the festival. I propped it up in the backyard for it's own photo shoot yesterday before delivering it to the hospital.



If you are at the festival, make sure you stop by, stick your head in and smile for the camera! Then visit their facebook page to see your cute baby pics.    




We are deep in the throws of our planning for this years Gala {our BIG fundraiser} at Harrah's Casino in August. Any guesses on what this years theme might be??? 



The Big Day

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I had the great opportunity to attend The Big Day at the Asheville Art Museum over the weekend. It was the first indie wedding event co-produced by talented organizers of The Big Crafty and the blog, Asheville Indie Weddings. I love hand crafting a personalized event that celebrates the people in attendance. To visually acknowledge and honor folks in a beautiful celebration is such an honor. And I love that I get to help design a few of these special events each year.  Surrounding yourself in a huge venue with like-minded creative souls is a little bit of a high. Talk about inspiration...

There were beautiful flowers arrangements and planted terrariums. 






Lot's of custom unique jewelry, little hand crocheted candle holders and huge flowy paper tassel banners.

It may not be my jam to wear preserved crustacean skeletons and feathery bits, but I love the shape of this necklace.

A long time favorite etsy shop, Figs and Ginger displayed their sweet cake toppers, jewelry and wooden banners. I love everything this duo creates.

How about personalized etched glasses for your soiree ?! 

There were several amazing designers offering custom gowns.  

I just spotted a feature on Whitney Deal's new Spring Collection on Green Wedding Shoes!  Love seeing local creatives in the spotlight!!

As well as a collection of vintage gowns courtesy of Garage34.

I may have overwhelmed this sweet gal {Jenny Bryant} who was modeling this intriguing dress. I was touching her gown and begging for the details. I first thought it was a tablecloth, but she explained that it was a collection of individual vintage doilies and handkerchiefs {!!}

The idea was the brainchild of Kendra Foskey, owner of Garage34 and Hitched Handmade. A simple vintage green velvet dress was the underdress and then dozens of collected crocheted pretties were attached, first to each other and then on top of the green dress. Jenny's mom was the talented seamstress and she completed it in only 2 days! She sweetly lifted every layer {4 in all} to show me the construction and the bits of tulle to give it just a bit of lift.  And look at the little hanky-turned-tiny-train tucked under the velvet bow on her rear.

{Thank-you, Jenny, for letting me grope your stunning dress!}

Not to be left out, there was plenty for the gentlemen--custom bow ties, cuff links, belts and more.

There were tons of stationary and letterpress companies.

These books were cleared out of their original stories and the bindings were filled instead with plain papers. These would make a great guest book.

So many great decor ideas. I have seen the beautiful wares from The Little Canopy on many well known wedding blogs and it was fun to meet the very modest couple in person.

You are looking at a curtain of hand made paper flowers. A kazillion layered detailed hand-shaped stunning flowers that are individually hot glued onto fabric to create a curtain backdrop! Any shape or size that you want! And to the right are silk petals that were threaded to create a petal curtain. Seriously stunning.

How about skipping the plain white rented dishes and instead using an eclectic mix of vintage dishes, linens, and party decor for your event. There are a few wonderful new companies that are renting lovely curated vintage items.  

My lunch consisted of delicious sweets and appetizers.

And for those always a bridesmaid gals that showed up, there was a little help from the love bride.

{via Garage34}

My swag bag was full of candles, bath salts, custom ale, sweets, wedding music, coasters, hairpins, cards and wonderful business cards and connections.

If you are looking for a ceremony spot, my little part of the mountains offers a beautiful spot to say your 'i-do's'.

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