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The Inn at Hastings Park

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Do you have 'one day I will..' dreams like I do?? There are several dreams that I would certainly love to entertain when I grow up {i.e. when both of my kids are in college}. One of those dreams would be to get my hands on a historic old building and renovate it into a beautiful B&B. It would boast beautifully appointed rooms decorated with the goods of local artists, gorgeous gardens, delicious {local} food, and amazing hospitality.   

Someone else had this same dream and just 2 months ago, the Kennealy family opened The Inn at Hastings Park in Lexington, Massachusetts. Under the design direction of Robin Gannon Interiors, it features 22 modern, individually designed rooms in three historic buildings. Built in 1888, the Main House was home to a descendent of one of Lexington's first families, who settled the town in the 1600s. The other house is the Isaac Mulliken House, named in honor of the spirited politician who lived there in the mid-nineteenth century. The third building at The Inn is the Barn, which is rumored to have been a casket factory at some point along the way.

So much of the sourcing hails from local New England craftsmen. The woven American flag rug can be seen in 3 of the rooms, which is appropriate, being that this is 'the birthplace of American liberty'.   

Each room offers a modern interpretation of the traditional New England Americana style. Guests will discover Sister Parish Designs and Peter Fasano wallpapers, as well as Dunes and Duchess candelabras and sconces, and O&G Studio wood furniture.

Beautiful, right?? So tell me, what are some of your career dreams??

{images via Michael J Lee} excited!

Monday, April 14, 2014

There is a brand new exciting site on the horizon and it consists of some of my favorite bloggers and makers. is launching in May under the creative direction of the one and only, Danielle Krysa, also known as The Jealous Curator. This is how she explains the site: 
 'On GREAT.LY it’s the tastemakers that have the shops and do all of the selling, so that the makers only have to worry about doing what they truly love doing… making! And for the tastemakers – they spend their days searching the world for beautiful things to write about, but rarely get paid for those discoveries {selling ads only goes so far}… so we’re aiming to make this a win-win-win situation! Makers make and earn. Tastemakers sell and earn. Buyers get one, clean, curated, non-cluttered market place filled with amazing products from all over the world brought to them by the tastemakers that they already follow.' 


Pretty cool, right?? And just to get you more excited, here are some of the folks already on board:

If you want to set up your own boutique on, they are searching for Makers! Visit The Jealous Curator for all of the details.  

(images via The Jealous Curator}

The Grounds

Friday, March 14, 2014

I may be one of the few people that go to visit a new restaurant and get much more excited about the ambiance than the food. Don't get me wrong, I can certainly appreciate the delicious dishes of a great chef, but I think that the total experience of a night out has so much to do with the atmosphere in which you get to sit and linger.

Although it looks very much like a popular NY spot, The Grounds is Australia's claim to fame. The building was originally a pie factory until interior designer, Caroline Choker, and her family, renovated the deserted space into a combined restaurant, artisan bakery, cafe, and coffee roasting facility. She kept as much as the original industrial feeling intact -- the wooden trusses and rough beams are exposed, the floors are polished concrete and the metal framed doors open completely to invite you out onto the urban kitchen garden. It is here where they grow their vegetables, herbs, and potted plants.    

It's not just a sit down meal offered at The Grounds. They play host to yoga classes, school trips, weekend markets, and gorgeous weddings and parties. You can also attend one of their popular barista classes or speak to their own horticulturist who works closely with the chef. The interiors and floral displays are always changing as they have their own in-house stylists and floral designers.

Of course these folks have an on-site farm area! You can mingle with the chickens, rub on the lambs, or vow never to eat bacon again as you sit with Kevin Bacon {apparently this is now Australia's most famous pig}.

I mean, have you ever spotted a lovelier loo????

I can't imagine a more lovely spot to enjoy a meal. 

I now have dreams of opening up my own version of something just as beautiful......

Wishing you a dreamy weekend!



Thursday, February 13, 2014

We got snow!!! About 1/2 a foot fell all day yesterday and last night. Is there anything prettier than falling snow?? Especially when you don't lose power {which is so rare!!} I think not. 
The sun is out today and it is melting pretty fast, but we are still homebound at least for another day. This gives me plenty of time to play with my new favorite app, Waterlogue. If you follow other blogs, I am sure you have seen bloggers displaying their 'painted' pics. It really is a fun thing to play around with and the learning curve is super easy.  


'It's Technical'

There are 12 pre-set effects to choose from. You can also select the size of the brush stroke and how light/dark you would like it. Simply upload your image and it it immediately starts sketching and then starts 'painting' in the layers of colors right before your eyes. This is really my favorite part, watching the process!

With people pics, I like using 'illustration' {left pic above} or 'technical' {right} or 'fashionable' because it adds a little outline and gives a bit more definition to details like the eyes and the nose. {Although 'technical' has an overall grid, which, I don't like.} I also increase the size of the brushstroke because it creates more details {With the brush size -- if you were actually doing a watercolor painting, the smaller number would be equal to a really wet brush stroke and the bigger number would be a drier brush}  

The pics above and below are done in 'natural'. 

Both of these images are from the wedding I worked on last summer. 

And just to show an example of the same pic done 2 ways --  this carriage ride pic from Emma's wedding on the left is 'natural' and the one on the right is 'bold' 

Our Jackson county Courthouse

So, tell me, are you using Waterlogue? Are you as addicted to this app as I am??

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