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Spirit Week

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I have kept the sewing machine hot this week. It is Spirit Week at our high school which

 means a different theme/outfit everyday. Monday was ‘Decades Day’, so, of course,

Maris decided to don her 80’s attire. She couldn't find any pink legwarmers {need I remind

 you that our little town doesn’t have any malls, teen clothing stores, Claires—nada..within

 60 miles} I searched Wal-Mart with no success.

Enter plan B:

I bought a big pink sweatshirt for $7.

Know where I am going here?? Look closely and you can see the legwarmers in the above pic.

I cut off the sleeves, straightened up the hems a bit and folded

over the top to create a small hem.



I thought she rocked the 80's .

Tuesday came along and it was all about the 'Pink Out’ in honor of Cancer Awareness Month.

Remember when I made the volleyball team these? Well, this week I got busy with this pile:



A few minutes at the sewing machine and 6 yards turned into these pretties:





The JV team {on the floor} made awesome tie-dyed pink shirts and the Varsity team sported

Breast Cancer Awareness socks with their sparkly headbands.



There was pink support everywhere.



Even the ball was pink!

Then we moved on to today..

'Character Day'.

 Maris decided to go as, well, who legend, Roger Maris.

For those unfamiliar with Roger Maris:



My Maris isn't named after him, but, she does get questioned about it often *. We didn't have time to order an official Roger Maris Yankees shirt {and I am cheap} so I bought a long-sleeve blue t-shirt from Wal-mart along with a pack of iron-on letters.  





After 'Maris' was ironed on {which was super easy}, I used frog tape to make a #9.

Using a combination of white craft paint mixed with textile medium, I started applying this

 in thin layers to the 9. 

{make sure you put a book or a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to prevent any bleed through}





It's really important to do this in thin layers so the paint doesn't bleed under the tape

{I used a hair dryer after every layer to speed up the process}.

 After I pulled off the tape, I was left with this:   






I turned it over to add the New York Yankees logo to the front. I found this image online:





I taped off a 4" {ish} area on the front left chest of the shirt and used chalk to sketch out the logo.





With a small paintbrush, I painted over the chalk lines. When it was dry, I used a damp cloth to wipe off any chalk lines that were left.








She threw on some baseball pants and called herself a Yankee





but, only for today.


Twin Day is tomorrow followed by the Talent Show and Homecoming on Friday.

I guess Mr. Sewing Machine and I will have yet another midnight rendevous. 


* we actually first heard {and loved} the name Maris on the TV show Frasier. Maris was Miles' never-seen


Fall ing

Thursday, September 08, 2011


It has been in the 60’s here this week. With a little nip in the air, it finally feels like Fall

is really close. Some of my flowers are still hanging on—but just barely. But, I don’t

 mind because I know that soon the turning leaves will paint my mountainsides.

Until then, let’s enjoy these beauties.







I don’t know anything about this installation other than it completely intrigues me.



I can't wait to kick around in the leaves. And when I do, I would love to win a big fat

 Sundance lottery and sport these winners.


 Oh Fall, I can't wait to hang out with you again....


{pics 1,2,3 via Colour My Life}

Christmas in June

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

                                   Maris and Jack were in the kitchen deciding on lunch options.
                       Jack discovered the {never before eaten} Velveeta Macaroni bowls that his
                                                       sister had just purchased at the store.

Jack:  Cool...
           He then proceeded to add water and put it in the microwave. 
           About 4 minutes later, Jack is eating the macaroni and I overhear this:
Jack:    Holy Cow!
Maris:  what?!
Jack:   Oh my goodness!!
Maris:  WHAT?!
Jack:    It's like CHRISTMAS IN MY MOUTH!!
Maris:  Yep.

  Go get you some.

Remember me telling you about the wellies I ordered

Thought you might like to see how pretty they are:  

Considering the crazy storms we have been enduring lately, they are actually getting quite a bit of wear.

Happy Holidays, peeps.

Favorite Things: Stay Gold Mary Rose

Monday, June 13, 2011

These bracelets are pretty fantastic. StayGoldMaryRose is a collection of creations by British
designer Abigail MaryRose Clark. These stunning vintage china bracelets are bangles cut from
 vintage miniature vases and teacups.

Only the strongest, thickest and prettiest vases and teacups are chosen for their durability as bangles.
 Do you have a special teacup that would make a beautiful bracelet--then send it to Abigail and she
 will work her jewelry magic. 

To see all that Abigail has to offer, check out her Etsy shop.

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