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Love Inspired: Decor

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


In case you are in need of some simple Valentines decorating ideas, then you'll love todays


Valentine Decor!


If you can tap some nails and wrap some string then you can easily tackle this String Art heart. For full instructions, visit here.



A sweet dimensional heart garland can drape across your mantle, on your headboard, or across a window. To make one, visit here.




If you are planning a sweethearts party, I love the idea of spraypainting these inexpensive IKEA frames, print off a sweet saying and place in the frames. An easy table backdrop.  



Go all white with your tablecloth and add some inexpensive white dishes, pop it with a red napkin and instant table decor.



If you a kabillion pieces of scrap fabric like myself, you can purchase some embroidery hoops, frame your scraps, and embellish with simple stitches, stamped letters, or attach some trim. A sweet little gallery arrangement.


{Shannon Berrey Design}

I shared this simple project with you a few years ago. Empty some wine bottles {enjoy!}, spray them with primer and then flat black paint {cheaper than chalkboard paint and works just as well for this project} and you can write a message to your sweetheart.

{Shannon Berrey Design}

If you want to put some pretties in these 'vases', then create a few paper flowers. 


{Shannon Berrey Design}

For added height to your arrangement, hot glue some smaller tissue flowers and green construction paper leaves onto branches. You can save them and reuse each year.  



. If you want a little more drama, drape paper pom-poms, lanterns and twisted crepe paper streamers over wooden dowels. This was for an anniversary party, but, I think it would be perfect for a Valentine soiree!!



If you are luck enough to have a warm February 14th, then take your party of 2 outside and set up a little picnic surrounded with little hand made heart stakes.



And if you need a blanket to lay down for your picnic, grab a few yards of linen and some red embroidery floss and with big cross stitches create yourself a big heart blanket.





Peacegoods Shop: inspired by earth and child

Friday, June 22, 2012

James Stewart-Payne is the outgoing, gregarious creative behind the shop, Peacegoods. And, she just so happens to live just a few miles down the road. She shows her sweet wares at our Jackson County Farmers Market each Saturday, among other venues. James says 'I believe that art should be inspiring, invigorating and glorious and should not be relegated to just one's wall. Therefore, that selfsame inspiration and fine artistic execution is found in everything I create, from aprons to wall hangings to pin cushions or a child's plush toy. Bringing heart and art into one's life and home.'

In James words: 'In this little shop, you will find exquisitely made toys, owls, and children's wear for your little people. For you, we have bags, studio gear, from journal covers to pincushions and artist's rolls, as well as aprons and sweet sundries. There are also fabulous creations for your home as well: pillow covers, placemats and table runners, art for your wall or your shelf, among the many offerings. Each day I create and craft something beautifully and uniquely made. And my creations change daily. One day I may be inspired to craft tea cozies. Yet the next day may find me elbow deep in wool making goblins or pincushions or perhaps monster hats. It does change. Each day is new. Each day presents itself as a new day to explore, connect and create.'





 James creates lots of dolls, but refuses to make the same doll twice. They are all one-of-a-kind, so if you see one you love, snag it! 






Check out her etsy shop here or visit her at the Farmers Market on Saturdays. 


{No compensation was received, I just love promoting awesome stuff and local peeps!}   


Needlework paintings

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Did you get a chance to take a look at the impressive portraits created by artist, Cayce Zavaglia in this month's Elle Decor? Holy Love!! These are not paintings, dear readers, but thousands of stitches that Cayce refers to as 'renegade embroidery' that she layers to create these stunning realistic works of art.   

 The back of the above portrait:

'Zavaglia begins each piece by taking photographs of her subject against a plain gray background. After selecting an image, she transfers it to fabric, draws over it in sharp detail--every line, hair, wrinkle--then starts to sew. The hair comes first, followed by the forehead, as she works her way down the face.'  

She does paint the background but then puts the paints away. After becoming pregnant with her first child, she wanted to work less with oils and turpentine and turned to a different medium--needlework.  A large work can consist of 80-100 colors of crewel wool and take up to 7 months to complete.    





To see more of her amazing work, check out her website here.

{images via Cayce Zavaglia}

Penguin Threads

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Penguin Books has done it again. This time, with a new collection called Penguin Threads. They are offering 3 classics in covers designed by artist, Jillian Tamaki. She was given the creative task of hand embroidering all 3 covers in just 2 months. The books are sold with sculptural-embossed, full wrap around covers.


I think these are just exquisite. I have studied these images, enlarged them, and studied them some more. I love Jillian's color combinations, the thick details, the tiny knots that comprise Mary's fuschia skirt...and just look at the loose flowing mane of Black Beauty and the tiny little knots and stitches that create his strong body. 

How sweet are Emma's multi-colored curls and the twists of her braids..the teeny little pink freckles.

The original classics already live on my bookshelves, but I can not wait to add these to my collection!

{To purchase, please check out your own local bookstore!}

{images via jillian tamaki}

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