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Inside Laurel Nest

Monday, September 08, 2014

After seeing the beautiful exterior of Laurel Nest, it definitely sets the scene that inside will be just as special. Entering Laurel Nest, you are welcomed into a vaulted ceiling foyer bathed in light. The staircases newel post is actually a rustic Goldilocks and the 3 Bears inspired carved walnut coat rack. 'Once upon a time they lived happily ever after' is stenciled up the risers of the stairs. 

In the Living room, architect Michael Faust designed this large fireplace to mimic a riverbed. Look closely and you will see driftwood woven throughout, including sculptural roots in the corners. I would have loved to watch this being installed! 

There is something so inviting when numerous finishes are used in a kitchen. All of the earthy textural components of this kitchen - the plastered walls, the reclaimed beams, the stacked stones, the slick farmhouse sink, and the limestone floors, combine so beautifully. And I love the unexpected accordion steel light pendants. 

The Master is Bill's favorite room. It truly reflects his Scottish heritage as well as the culture of the Highlands area. 

The see-through fireplace in the master, can also be enjoyed here, in the master bath. The sunken silver travertine covered soaking tub is at the base of the fireplace - so wonderfully inviting. It also features heated floors and a wine fridge 

More beautiful stonework is featured in the shower as well as a river rock floor which is simply open, no shower door needed! It feels just like a rustic spa.

When designing the guest room, Bill kept his mom, as well as Little Red Riding Hoods grandmother in mind. It's loaded with English antiques, floral wallpaper and tons of embellishments. 

Layers of vintage rugs, needlepoint pillows, stacks of oil paintings, handmade tiles inset into the fireplace, and multiple ornate mirrors -- It's all soooooo good!

And what may be my favorite room, this guest room features lots of whimsy - from the old advertising signs to the suspended bicycle. I also love the sketches of their dogs and that great duvet. 

The mix of luxury and comfort, the incredible attention to detail -- all tucked into the woods. It really does feel like a fairy tale!

100 Days of Happy

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Have you guys heard about the 100 Happy Days Challenge?  

It's a simple project that invites you to share a photo of something that makes you happy, every day for 100 days. You post it on your social media of choice {or you can email it privately if you don't want to share} with the hashtag 100HappyDays.   

I certainly want to slow down and appreciate how much happiness I have, so, today is Day 1 for me. If you want to follow along I am posting on instagram at shannonberreydesign or, better yet, join me and sign up here.

My first picture is of Beau and me enjoying Jack's baseball game. I can only wonder how many hours I have spent cheering on my favorite catcher over the past 10 years. Happy moments!!!

New Years Inspirations

Tuesday, January 01, 2013



I hope your New Years Eve was full of fun! Our crew gathered with Ryan Seacrest and watched the highlights of the past decades with Dick Clark. Since those were my people and my youth, I could vividly remember so many of the 'old' performances they shared and even where I was when the songs became hits. It's always so funny to see the look on my kids faces when I break out into singing along with an old Madonna, Prince or Cyndi Lauper song. 'How do you know the words to this ??!' they ask. 








 Max, our Corgi, thought it was all really fun until midnight struck and the horns and poppers were let loose... 



And then we found the party animal behind the ottoman in a little less of a party mood.   




I don't make resolutions per say, instead I become extremely introspective and really evaluate what this past year has taught me. I look at what has worked and what needs to be reconsidered. Just a bit of what 2012 has shown me: 

1) Happiness is imperative to creativity. No one can force happiness, but, its necessary to be at peace with ones self and ones life. Happiness = creativity = great design.

2. I can do with less. I always thought I could, but I also thought my metabolism would always keep me in a size 6. sigh...  and well...that's just not the case. But, this year I proved that I can survive without spending $. In fact, until the last week of 2012 {due to the gift of Christmas money}, I didn't buy a pair of shoes, a top, a dress--nu-thing for myself....the entire year. Only a new pair of jeans (because of the stupid metabolism thing mentioned above}. And I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself.    

3. Only work with the perfect client. I have been doing this design bit a long time. I used to say 'yes' to everyone who wanted to hire me. Saying 'yes' does not always equal big bucks, more business or a project that I am proud of. As a matter of fact, it can be just the opposite. I really learned my lesson on some projects this year and I feel very confident that I have a real clarity now to recognize my ideal client.

4. I love a challenge. I think people who love challenges also embrace change and are open to new experiences. Maybe that's why I don't create resolutions...I have always feared that if I created a specific goal and then I reached it, then I would stop, pat myself on the back, and move on to something else. A goal has a beginning and and end. That scares me. Because what if that 'goal' was only a step, a baby step, into a new bigger, greater experience???       

5. Being a successful designer is awesome, being a successful mom is awesomer (new year, new made up words). I have been present for every part--from the biggest to the tee-tiniest of my kiddos exciting 2012. And the best part--they wanted me there {!!} I must say, it feels pretty fantastic. I honestly have never ended a year feeling so good at this 'momming' thing. It's only taken 17 years--call me a slow learner.



Diesel & Juice {and Autumn!}

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


One of the local news channels we get here in the NC mountains is one based out of Greenville, SC. Last week, they did a story about a giraffe that is pregnant in their zoo and has gone into labor. As giraffe births are rare -- they have live cameras set up so that we can watch it!! I have been faithfully checking in on this sweet mama giraffe since I found out about her. You can also catch glimpses of her handsome lurver, Walter, in the next stall. They have separated the 2 so that miss mama can focus on the task at cervix hand. I want so desperately to view the birth as I now feel a special bond to Autumn. I give daily updates to my not nearly as interested family as she is referred to as 'my giraffe'.     



I have learned so much about giraffes over the past week! Did you know that they are pregnant for 15 months but have very short labors once the baby starts to come out. They are unusual in that they give birth while standing and the baby will come out hooves first. A newborn calf, which can weigh between 120-150 pounds and stand 6-feet tall at birth, will usually take its first steps within an hour of its birth.

 If you want to join in and watch Autumn, along with me and several hundred thousand anxious wanna- be aunts, uncles, and cousins, visit the live cam here: And, if you see tiny hooves start to descend, PLEASE be a friend and email me asap (shannon {at} shannon berrey dot com) !!

You know I am a huge animal lover {with 3 of my own....dogs...not giraffes :) } so while we are all impatiently waiting, let's take a look at the delightful illustrations of the talented artist, Michele, of Diesel & Juice 

 Diesel & Juice is an illustration project that was inspired by her love for her English Bulldog Diesel and feisty feline, Juice. She offers both custom and pre-made prints of the most adorable pets, creatures, and objects. All illustrations are drawn using Adobe Illustrator and printed in house with UltraChrome archival inks on premium archival paper. 








Diesel and Juice

Are they not fantastic?!! She offers a ton of sizes and her mini-prints are only $5!! She also has an etsy site and you can learn more about her and her process on her blog. Or contact her to commission a print of your own best friend!  

{Maybe we can convince Michele to do an illustration of 'my' new baby giraffe!}  


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