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Feeling fresh: Amory Brown

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We are awaiting the 'snow of the century' here in my little valley. We did have snow fall yesterday that turned to rain. This, of course, caused school to be cut short. And due to the predictions, school was canceled for today. And yet, so far, we have nothing....just grey gloomy skies and a wet ground.  

When the snow does fall, I love the way it blankets us and creates almost another dimension. You are allowed to see deeper, farther, with the addition of the textured layer of snow. It's magical. You know what's not magical? A wet, soggy day.... so while we wait for the snow, I thought we would browse the beautiful interiors of the talented London design firm, Amory Brown

I was introduced to their talents on House of Turquoise and I think that their rooms feel fresh, clean and colorful. All of the things that Spring will very soon be providing us.

To enjoy more of their portfolio visit here.

A traditional remodel: J and J Design Group

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So many folks complain about the lack of architectural details in their cookie cutter homes.
 A huge common problem in those cookie cutter houses seems to be the 'built-ins beside the fireplace situation'. In a builders basic home, I just don't think a lot of thought gets put into this enormous detail. Which is really too bad because it is, usually, the focal point of a room or even a house, and yet, a lot of times, when you look at one you are left scratching your head.   


I love what the designers of J and J Design Group achieved with this makeover. They covered all of that built-in silliness up! Doors outfitted with beautiful moldings, trims and hardware make such a huge impact in the look of this room. It is now timeless and beautifully fresh. 

And in the same clients house, they were blessed with another fireplace in a different room. Unfortunately, it was covered in the same tile as the floors and a rather dated mantle which really left it lacking warmth.

What a difference adding painted wood, trim, a rustic mantle and simple stacked stone can do! Of course the gorgeous lighting, furniture, drapery and rug takes the look over the top! 


To the right of the fireplace, you get a glimpse into the master. But, you want to see more than just a glimpse, right?

So pretty. But let's look at the challenges in this room. There are a number of different ways to tackle these windows, but I love what they did. The windows that flank the bed aren't so tall, and they are low. The rods were hung high to draw your eye up. The bed side tables were pulled away from the wall a bit to accommodate panels that fall to the floor behind them. The right window is also so close to the corner that the drapery rods were connected in the corner. This allows the drapery to function seamlessly with the 'door wall' windows.  

What they ended up with is a room that is very traditional and updated even though there is a lack of any windows moldings. Not easy to do!

  And the other side of the room.

I am still a lover of neutral homes and this just proves that neutral doesn't have to be boring. I love it all!

 all images via John Woodcock Photography 

Favorite recent before and afters

Friday, October 25, 2013

Before and afters are always so inspiring. Here's a little round-up of some of my recent favorites.  





It's very very rare to showcase a makeover where the 'Before' could be considered much better than the  'After', but here you go....

{1-6 via Country Living, 7-8 and 9-10 via Emily Henderson, 11-12 via Duck Dynasty } 

Colorful trim

Thursday, August 08, 2013


I love the idea of painting the trim and windows in a house a color other than white. I am trying to convince a client that this is the way to go in her new builder basic home. It adds instant character and a lot of linear interest, which I am a huge fan of. Take a look at some of my persuasive tools:    





 Tim Cuppett Architects


Coastal Living via Lily Kanter

 Peppermint Bliss


 Jay Jeffers via Apartment Therapy

 Shannon Malone via Houzz

Shannon Malone via Houzz

House and Home 

And how great is the bubblegum pink trim used in this girls room designed by Natalie Clayman?!  It's too cute to show you only one image.   




Natalie Clayman 


 It really is such a great way to create continuity in a room. Would you ever try it?  


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