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Thanksgiving prayer

Friday, October 22, 2010
Eight years ago, Traditional Home featured Garrison Keillor's {the Prairie Home Companion guy} home in Minnesota. I fell in love with his dining room art. It was simply an oversized prayer done on a black background. Does anyone else remember this March 2002 feature?

I ripped it out and it lived in my 'to do' file for a long time. I thought this would be great inexpensive art that would be easy to recreate.  Only one problem--I couldn't for the life of me make out the entire poem due to the chandelier..grrrr.  

It must have been popular with a lot of people because I read a 'letter to the editor' in the magazine a few years later asking for the prayer to be shared in it's entirety {YES!} The editor stated that they had been asked for the prayer many times since the issue hit the newsstand and they would be glad to share it.....Now we were in business!

Oh Lord we thank thee for this food
For every blessing, every good.
For earthly sustenance and love
Bestowed on us from heav'n above. 
Be present at our table Lord
Be here and everywhere adored.
Thy children bless and grant that we
May live in paradise with thee. 


I used a 36" x 48" canvas from Michaels {with my 50%off coupon}. I painted it black and then 
placed blue tape to create my horizontal lines. Then I freehanded the prayer with white paint. 

It comes out for the holidays. I rotate my art a lot.

** sidenote: I got to see Garrison live at WCU's Performing Art Center last year. He is so entertaining--go if you get the chance!

Happy Weekend!


Rustic Hardware

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love these hardware ideas featured in a recent post at Design Sponge. I'm a big detail person and I think that this is a great place to really interject your own personality. Living in the mountains, a majority of my clients are folks who have purchased or built a 2nd home in our area. Since nature and the beauty of our mountains are what drew them to the area, it only makes sense that nature be included in the design of their interiors. Plus, if I can convince people that a carved bear or moose toilet paper holder DOES NOT have to be in their house simply because they now are living in the mountains, well then, I sleep a little better at night....     

[Image above: 1. 
Golden Forever Knob $12; 2. Calico Owl Knob $12; 3. Interlaced Twig Handle $18; 4. Sly Fox Door Knocker $24; 5. Woodpecker Door Knocker $40; 6. Octopus Pull $39; 7. Owl Hook $20; 8. Floral Knob $43; 9. Coiled Rope Knob $10; 10. Twig House Number $12.51; 11. Bronze Egg Knob $100]


DIY monogram lampshade

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I bought a pair of these for bedside lamps in my room at the Showhouse.  Only when I put them in place, the shades just didn’t feel like the right scale. My headboard was really oversized and the ceilings were vaulted and I just felt that proportionately, my shades had to be bigger. So, I decided to search for larger ones.  And since I thought a large white shade on a white lamp would be pretty blah, I decided that I would monogram the shades (and paint the birds).

   Linen Tapered Drum Lamp Shade

I really had hoped to score some inexpensive shades but I searched and searched. For an embarrassingly long time I searched. So, my back-up—‘Pottery Barn white linen large’ ended up being the (expensive) winner.

I didn’t want to paint the monogram on. I have done this in the past. They work out ok, but when you paint on an open weave fabric such as linen, you have to use about ½ dozen coats of paint so that they look just as good when the lamp is turned on as it does off. 

Here is an example of another painted project. This is with the chandelier off: 


  And this is with it on (and I used A LOT of coats of paint):


 I decided to make my monogram out of felt. Felt comes in a ton of great colors,
 it’s cheap and most importantly--it doesn’t ravel when it’s cut.

My felt came from Foam and Fabrics in Asheville. They are sold in 9x12 rectangles
and I think they cost about 30 cents. (I have also seen them at Michaels)

Then my search began for the style of monogram to use. My daughter was the inspiration for the room so I was using her monogram--MRL. I played with different fonts on the computer.


 They were feeling a bit too mature. So, I went on a google search
to see what other ideas were available.

I loved this idea. This was the one. 

 I started playing with my letters and the sizes. After creating one, I placed it in the copier
and created different sizes. I then placed each one on the lampshade to see how I liked it.
{sorry the trim at the bottom is already attached--I failed to take the pics before it was attached so I am 'recreating'}


After I found the right size for the monogram, I needed to find the correct size circle
for the scalloped border. I searched where I always do for my circles—my kitchen cabinets.

This pottery plate was perfect.

Then I needed to find the ‘scallop’ shape? Where would you look?
 The refrigerator, of course! (who needs expensive Martha tools—not this gal!)



 The lid of my V8 worked perfectly! 

Then, I cut out the paper template.

Because they don't lay down flat, I lightly spray glued the backs and then stuck them to the felt temporarily.

This way, you don't have to trace them--you simply cut out around the paper and the felt. I highly recommend this step, it really allows you to fine tune your cutting AND it doesn't leave any outlines.

  To find the placement of the monogram,  make sure that the seam of the lampshade is in the back. Then measure to find the middle of the lampshade.

 Start with the middle initial. The felt actually ‘sticks’ to the linen, so you can place them and then mark the top, bottom and sides of each letter on the lampshade with a very light pencil mark.  This way, when you remove them to spray them with glue, they get put back in the correct spot. (These can be erased when you are done)

Spray and attach the middle initial first, then the outside initials, and then the scalloped circle.


Look really carefully and you can see the light pencil marks.

The felt has some give to it so you can shape it a little bit if you don’t attach it exactly straight.  

The last thing I did was to glue some sweet trim to the bottom edge. I was so excited when I found this trim (also at Foam and Fabric). It’s a combination of rick-rack and tatting—reminds me of my grandmother!


This is the glue I used to attach the trim: 



These lamp bases are paper mache. I decided to paint the little birds pink and green.


  That’s it! If you try it, please send me a picture of your project!


Favorite Things

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Apartment Therapy recently did a post about designers favorite things---which objects or trends they choose to display in their own homes. It's fun to see what personal items make it into their casas. I was thinking about my favorites..... I realized that several of my favorites actually share the same space. So, I'm posting one of my favorite spaces filled with several of my favorite things. 

I love decorating with nature ...looooove....there is nothing more beautiful. And, I especially love decorating with birds. So, when I spotted this guy many years ago, I was head over heels. He's made of metal. He's super heavy and super sturdy. Even so, he probably was not intended to hold 75 pounds of baubles and beads, but (thankfully) the birds haven't given me any lip (er...chirps). 


One of my other faves is the mirror behind my flock. I got this guy as a 'bundle package' when many years ago,  I was searching for a sofa for my kids playroom. I answered an ad from a lady in Asheville who was selling not only a sofa, but pretty much everything she owned. I ended up with several side tables, a coffee table, and a FABULOUS sofa--we are still using that beauty!

The kind lady actually gave me the mirror. She thought it was not repairable (my favorite finds!) It was unpainted and had a few cracks that needed some filling. I primed, used a gray-blue paint and a glaze to give it a rich patina.

The little silver tray came from Pottery Barn Outlet ($5) It holds some little glass boxes filled with odd buttons and pictures of my kiddos. The frame holds a school picture of my hubs (I know it doesn't fit perfectly in the frame). The conch shell held our wedding rings when we got married on the beach. And under the tiny cloche--a beautiful little feather (I really like that its 'spotty' just like the lampshade!!)  


And, speaking of the lampshade, here is my silly oriental lamp (don't judge.....)

He was a gift from my mom about a decade ago. I do love him so.  He started out life with a much more serious silk shade, but it just didn't match his smitten personality. I'm pretty sure he's holding his little bundle of greenery a little less tightly, as a result.

And my most recent addition to this area--my petite vintage chandelier that I scored from The Whistle Stop Antique Mall. It took 2 trips to convince myself that it was beyond perfect.


So, that's of my favorite areas......the spot which is my last stop before heading out for the day. I grab my jewels, check the curls and I'm off..

Do you have a favorite spot in your house? Where is it?

(on a side note: I bought my bird sculpture from Midnight Farms in Cashiers (a looong time ago). It just so happens that I spotted it in Charleston Gardens most recent catalog:

I promise I didn't pay that for mine!! 

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