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A traditional remodel: J and J Design Group

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So many folks complain about the lack of architectural details in their cookie cutter homes.
 A huge common problem in those cookie cutter houses seems to be the 'built-ins beside the fireplace situation'. In a builders basic home, I just don't think a lot of thought gets put into this enormous detail. Which is really too bad because it is, usually, the focal point of a room or even a house, and yet, a lot of times, when you look at one you are left scratching your head.   


I love what the designers of J and J Design Group achieved with this makeover. They covered all of that built-in silliness up! Doors outfitted with beautiful moldings, trims and hardware make such a huge impact in the look of this room. It is now timeless and beautifully fresh. 

And in the same clients house, they were blessed with another fireplace in a different room. Unfortunately, it was covered in the same tile as the floors and a rather dated mantle which really left it lacking warmth.

What a difference adding painted wood, trim, a rustic mantle and simple stacked stone can do! Of course the gorgeous lighting, furniture, drapery and rug takes the look over the top! 


To the right of the fireplace, you get a glimpse into the master. But, you want to see more than just a glimpse, right?

So pretty. But let's look at the challenges in this room. There are a number of different ways to tackle these windows, but I love what they did. The windows that flank the bed aren't so tall, and they are low. The rods were hung high to draw your eye up. The bed side tables were pulled away from the wall a bit to accommodate panels that fall to the floor behind them. The right window is also so close to the corner that the drapery rods were connected in the corner. This allows the drapery to function seamlessly with the 'door wall' windows.  

What they ended up with is a room that is very traditional and updated even though there is a lack of any windows moldings. Not easy to do!

  And the other side of the room.

I am still a lover of neutral homes and this just proves that neutral doesn't have to be boring. I love it all!

 all images via John Woodcock Photography 

Breathing room

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Have you seen this gorgeous living room that Lauren Liess just completed? I kind of feel like she's my designer doppleganger.




 The natural elements -- linen, seagrass, raw woods, and the gorgeous geeens are my happy place, but I also think there is another great technique Lauren utilizes and that's the feeling of 'breathing room'. The curtains are taken all the way up to the ceiling to not create any divisions in an already fairly busy comination of window styles. 



When you walk into this space, you face the fireplace. Instead of blocking that view with a sofa, she used a pair of open woven chairs that offer additional seating, but, allows an unobstructed view of the whole room. Sometimes, it isn't possible to apply this 'open concept' if your room functions differently {say, TV watching, the size of the room, or the location of a feature wall }. And sometimes, in design, we actually place a sofa, with a console behind it, to create a division in the space.      



But, in this instance, it is just the icing on the cake, the moss between my sidewalk, the creamer in my get the picture...I love it!

To see more of Lauren's project visit her at Pure Style Home 

{all images by Helen Norman via Pure Style Home}





Laundry re-do: Part 1

Monday, January 07, 2013


So this is how my laundry room looked last year. Exactly the way it appeared when we bought the house minus the washer and dryer.


It's a very small room but it has great natural light! It's hard to tell, but those tiles on the floor are a glue on linoleum type with pretend grout lines on the edges. These same tiles were in my entrance and in my guest bath and they were replaced years ago. This room is right off of the kitchen and in between the guest room and guest bath so it's got a prominent spot in the house. And the door is almost always open.



I knew it wouldn't take a lot to make it pretty, but what I really needed was to make it functional. If you have been reading this little blog for a while, you know that I am the mom of 2 athletes. Our games can be hours away so each mom fixes dinner for an away game. Each time it's my turn, I am forever looking for my stash of cups, napkins, plastic silverware, etc. Some items would be in the hall pantry, some would be in the drawers in the dining room, some in the kitchen cabinet...frustrating. Not to mention that my baking items, my tablecloths, my Christmas dishes, were also stored here there and everywhere.



These cabinets were only inches deep and I couldn't reach the back. They just were not practical to hold all of the big things that I needed to store in here. These are actually the same cabinets that are in my kitchen. if you want to see them all painted up, visit this post. I wanted to take these off and use them in the garage to store tools. Then I could use the entire height and depth above the washer and dryer to create a 'pantry' so everything would be in one spot.










I painted the walls with one of my very favorite whites - Natural Choice. It has a touch of gray and is just warm enough.  



At this point, I searched for baskets to line the shelves. I needed specific sizes and cheap they were not. I was not willing to drop $100+ on baskets. So, I searched through old plastic storage bins that I had once used in my store. 












There were lots of these plus others. They were the right depth, there were plenty of them, and they were free! Because they aren't the prettiest things to look at, I decided to hang a curtain that could be pulled to cover them up. This way I could leave the door open to enjoy the great sunlight and not be embarrassed!



The curtains are a cute coordinating little green check number.  Tomorrow I'll show you how I hung the curtains and a break down of the ton of everything that is now being stored here. Oh, and did I mention that there's a new floor up in here AND that I did a little big painting for the opposing wall?? 


Eddie Ross's yard sale bedroom

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some of you may recall that last summer Eddie Ross put out a facebook message that announced he was looking for a room that he could makeover using items from the up and coming 127 Corridor Sale {aka the World's Longest Yard Sale}.

Elizabeth Harris was the lucky High Point gal that Eddie selected. She had lived with her very traditional bedroom since getting married. But, with the years that passed, she craved a room that was lighter and brighter. Eddie saw huge potential.


Saving money, Eddie kept the bed and bedside table and lacquered it with fresh white paint. He added canopy rails on which he tied blue buffalo check fabric panels.



Dark bedding was traded in for a white duvet and pillows in coral, floral and blues.


Elizabeth got rid of the TV, and now the space is used as a beautiful work space.  

The fireplace wasn't given a lot of love or attention before.  

Now it's the focal point of the room with the addition of coral matted art, a patterned rug, painted and reupholstered vintage chairs, and colorful accessories. The awkward little space to the right of the fireplace became the new home for an antique screen that Eddie painted and added the same coral color with little painted inserts.  


The original dresser was lacquered white and got a new menagerie of accessories thanks to more yard sale deals. A bamboo mirror, wall pediments, and figurines--also received a new color. The lamps were garden canisters when Eddie found them. After he had them wired, they became lovely lamps that he topped with ribbon trimmed shades.  

And one last before shot:

Such a beautiful transformation. He continues to inspire me.

You can read more about Eddie's process and his shopping deals on his blog. And you can also check out Southern Living's story.  

{all images via Eddie Ross}

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