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Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm back!! We moved my girl to NC State over the weekend and I feel so at peace that she has a fun comfortable dorm room, a great roommate and a giddy excitement about her new town, her classes and the upcoming Rush festivities. Before moving in, Maris' dorm looked like this:

Then we got busy sketching out furniture arrangements.


And we collected ideas


And here it is now! 

The giant Wolfpack I painted got command stripped {as many as I used, I have now turned it into a verb} over their futon {which came from Big Lots..and which I completely and thoroughly objected to. I tried desperately to find a gently used sleeper sofa. Didn't happen. Not to mention, sleeper sofas are ridiculously heavy and don't always fit through never-before-seen dorm halls/doors/elevators. Maris has lots of friends that will be visiting and she really wanted a futon. Futons are cheap,so we (I) sucked it up and bought a futon. whatever. The citron yellow pillows and throw came from Homegoods, the blue chevrons I made, the citron mirror came from Wal-Mart, and the 8x12 gray rug from Lowes.} 

In texts, the girls found out that they both loved chevron and monograms {and her roommate is not even southern!! score!} So, they selected coordinating bedding from Urban Outfitters and I painted them monogram pillows.   




There are no closets, just 2 large armoires. The girls hung a full length mirror on one door and I attached chalkboard contact paper on the other one. {This stuff actually works great!}   

Every room has their own bathroom! And, these girls some how lucked out and got a 'handicapped room' which gives them a really tall, super long 6' countertop as well as an enormous shower and bathroom.

They were also provided with a refrigerator and a microwave. Not my college days!


 {The chevron lamp is from Homegoods, the fabric is from Premier Prints, the corkboard is from Michaels and the frame around it is vintage} 


They can not put any nails in any walls so this was a huge challenge! I bet we went through more than 50 command strips! Did you know you can hang curtains with command hooks?? Yup, it works {she says as she looks for wood to knock on!}


 I made a skirt to cover up all of the additional shoes, toiletries, etc. with leftover curtain fabric. It is attached with stick-on Velcro. And yes, my sewing machine travels to all of my installs--you never know when you will need to do a little hemming :)

 12" cork tiles inserted into wooden frames creates the perfect necklace storage. The cabinet knobs came from Lowes {unfinished that we painted} and World Market.


Tomorrow I will show you how we made the cute freestanding vanity.  


The wedding at Lonesome Valley: Dinner and Dancing

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On Monday, I shared Zach and Rebecca's wedding ceremony. 

I had the pleasure of creating and personalizing their special day and today I want to show you the details of the dinner and dancing, 

The restaurant and tent were just a short walk through the garden.

One of my very favorite details of the wedding was this tall pen and ink guest tree that I drew. The couple ditched the traditional guest book and had each guest sign a branch of the bare pine tree. I had to actually add branches as the night went on because I was unsure how big people would sign. I just got it back from the framers and now it is complete with glass. Now the couple can hang it on their wall and daily recall every person that was part of their special day. 

***This wedding tree drawing has been very popular! If you would like one for your wedding or special party,  simply contact me through the blog and I can explain how I can customize one for you!

There were a lot of kids at the Kennedy's wedding, so I created a custom activity book accompanied with branch crayons to keep them occupied.   

I'll share the whole book in a later post. 

Believe it or night, it was a chilly June evening when the sun set. A combination of throws and pashminas were perfect to wrap up in as the guests sat in front of the fire.  

The Adirondacks were outfitted with a custom hand painted chevron pillow.

Even one of my fantastic assistants was outfitted in chevron! {Please Lord, let her fall in love with interior design, change majors. and come work with her mama!!}

I painted a little watercolor of Canyon Kitchen at the beginning of our planning process that became a unifying element that we were able to use on the invites, napkins, and pillows.

A standing chalkboard listed the delicious appetizer offerings.  

The cutest mother of the bride and big sister of the bride! 

Tea towels were customized with the logo and used as oversized napkins. And did you know that you can buy vintage silverware for the same price {or even cheaper!} than renting? Ours were found at Scotts Market in Atlanta. The eclectic collected look is perfect for an outside rustic event.   


Mason jars were filled with lots of draft and sweet tea.

When you find old bad framed artwork at a flea market or garage sale, buy it! Take out the artwork, and use it as your template. Cut out a piece of Masonite and paint it with chalkboard paint. Then throw away the artwork! If needed, give the frame a little spray paint. I used a very light coat of Krylon Fusion Brown Metallic Hammered spray paint here and I loved the results.    


See the twig chandeliers in the tent? I don't have good close-ups of them, but I created 3 of these 6' rustic chandies using branches, irrigation hose, thick rope, black electrical tape, and Christmas lights. I also tucked some leafy branches in them the day of. They were so pretty when the sun went down and they were all lit up.

I just love the combination of the zinc and wood topped farm tables.

A riddling rack became a fun way to create a 'K' using the bridesmaids bouquets.  

The 4' moss 'k' started with a sketch on a piece of plywood and then, thanks to a wonderful wet creek in my back yard, it was covered in plush green mosses in lots of different varieties.   

Zach dancing with his wonderfully sweet mom, Becky. {Dad's in back with that great smile} I so enjoyed getting to know his family!

The evening ended with a beautiful sparkler send-off.

Congratulations Rebecca and Zach!!


Photos via Terri Clark Photography as well as moi.


Don't forget that today is the last day to enter the Fetch Eyewear give away!! Click here. I'll announce a winner tonight.

The wedding at Lonesome Valley

Monday, June 10, 2013


It's hard to believe that a week has already passed since I got to share in the festivities of Rebecca and Zach's big day. I first met Rebecca's parents, Sally and John, several years ago when they visited my store. They then became clients and we have worked renovating and redecorating many rooms in their summer mountain house. As is the bonus in my business, when you work so closely on something as personal and intimate as ones home, then many times, clients also become good friends. I was so honored when last fall, they asked me to coordinate and design a special wedding for their middle daughter.


You may recall this image of the Jennings Barn that I shared last year of the wedding location, Lonesome Valley. It is a beautiful property in the mountains of Cashiers, NC. It's the only picture that I have posted because I didn't want to share any of the details before the big day. But, now I have tons to show you! So much, in fact, that I am going to divide all of the pics into several posts so I don't overload you!


The ceremony was outside among the majestic tall trees on the left. They wanted the décor to embrace the simple, unfussy and relaxed feeling of the property. Now is this not an unbelievable reminder of our artistic Creator?  



The couple are both foodies and are big fans of Lonesome Valley's Chef, John Fleer. Selecting John's restaurant, Canyon Kitchen, {inside the barn} to prepare the wedding dinner, as well as host the dance party, was a simple choice. 



The brides younger sister, Mary, gifted the bride her calligraphy skills. She scripted the invites, and all correspondence, as well as the program. I am so impressed with her recently acquired skills and I am thrilled that she has just opened her own etsy store, love, Louise, offering her talents to other brides.  



The Rehearsal Dinner was on the back veranda at the Clubhouse of Sapphire Valley, overlooking the golf course .  



A little trick I used was to use a piece of black artists paper and cut it to fit the size of the chalkboard easel that Robert made. I used white paint to create my words which appeared to look just like chalk on a chalkboard. This way, I was able to write the directions to the dinner, in chalk, on the actual chalkboard underneath that we then reused at the ceremony the next day. I simply removed the black paper and my easel was ready to go! This saved a lot of prep work.



Using cut pieces of beech plywood, I stained and then painted chair signs for the couple. Zach is a NC State alumni as well as an avid golfer. So, I glued Wolfpack golf balls onto tall tees and tucked them into the centerpieces. 





 I love this delicate vintage wicker frame that previously housed a mirror. I found it locally at one of my favorite antiques stores, Finders Keepers. It works perfectly now as a kitchy chalkboard.





The brides dad crafted the ceremony cross from mountain laurel out of their back yard. Isn't it wonderful?!   I added a few cut branches and some ranunculus. It has now been returned to the backyard where it will provide wonderful memories. With all of the discussion that I overheard from the guests, I wouldn't be surprised if it makes a recurrence in another wedding down the road.





 I adore Rebecca's bouquet made of white peonies, hydrangea, velvety lambs ear, succulents and hypericum berries. It felt like she simply reached over the fence and collected this handful of blooms.










A sliced wood disc {if you can't cut your own, Michael's sells them} replaced the traditional ring bearers pillow. After I painted the couples names, I drilled 2 tiny holes and threaded on a piece of twine. The rings were then secured and tied in place.





The bride, escorted by both mom and dad, walked in to the music of the bagpipe. The bagpipe has great tradition in these mountains and it was so awesome listening to the penetrating pipes echo through the enormous box canyon.    








 Up next--the dinner and dancing....




My friend and photographer, Terri Clark, collaborated with me on this event. She wasn't the event photographer, but rather, the details photographer. The images here are a combination of her shots as well as some of mine.   


Do you a special event on the horizon? From concept to execution, I can create it! Contact me and we can discuss your one-of-a-kind designed event.     


Love Inspired: Red Hot Valentine

Thursday, February 07, 2013


Here's a sweet little valentine gift that can be given out to little kids or big kids alike. I first spotted it on pinterest here. All you need are matches, chalkboard paint, a paintbrush, and some redhots.   




Buy a pack of matches {these were sold in a set of 10}



Empty out the matches. Using a small paintbrush, paint the box with chalkboard paint. Let it cure for at least a day. Using the side of a piece of chalk, cover all the paint on the box with the chalk and wipe it off with your finger. Write your love message and fill with red hots.










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