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Autumn brings us pretty color and a brand new store: Humanite Boutique

Monday, November 04, 2013

Did you enjoy your extra hour this weekend? We sure did! It was a busy one with mostly pretty weather. I got to enjoy the pottery festival in Dillsboro and mom came to town for a quick visit. The leaves were so deep in the yard that my chihuahua's were to watch but I'm not sure they loved it. I tried to conquer the leaf blanket with the blower but my arms starting aching and the blower ran out of gas. Those leaves are so pretty - on the trees, and there aren't many left. I cut a few of the remaining leafy branches and placed them around the house.   

These got the addition of some pretty crimson day lilies I picked up at Wal-Mart. I love grabbing a 4$ bundle of whatever flower variety they happen to have in the grocery store and then adding greenery from the yard. 

Behind the pheasants are some maple branches. My maple tree is still hanging on to quite a few of it's leaves.

And speaking of that maple has proven to be a fantastic jungle gym for this pretty face. Whenever I am in the yard, she is never more than a few feet away. She is loving learning how to climb trees. She's awfully fun to have around.

My glass pumpkin candle holder {currently minus the candle} catches the afternoon sun so beautifully on the window sill. 


Isn't it nice how long these little pumpkins and squash will last? I always leave them around until Thanksgiving. 

And here are a few more pumpkins -- in a new store window... In downtown Sylva!!!! It may not be a big deal when a new store opens in your big fancypants city, but in my little town of 2000, it's big ya'll!!

{a few weeks ago we got a brand new, freestanding Dollar Tree. I may or may not have tried to enter before they were open for business. Don't judge. Seriously, it's craft DIY heaven}

You may remember that I wrote about Humanite Boutique in Bryson City a few years ago. Bryson is about 20 miles away and we have made many a trip to shop in this sweet boutique. We were thrilled when we found out Erin was opening a 2nd location in Sylva.   

They are the best place to get fun chunky jewelry at great price points.

I love heathered gray and I am so happy it is in abundance in fashion this fall.

And my very favorite candle ever -- Seda France Japanese Quince. This is an expensive splurge, but your nose will love you for it. I even have a diffuser with this wafting through my house. But my supplies are getting low. {You listening, Santa?}

Stop by and tell Erin and her belly full of twins {!!} that I sent you in! 

{And if you stop in during Thanksgiving week or the weeks around Christmas, you may just spot a tall, curly-headed cute college gal working the register :) 

A Furbish Makeover

Monday, August 05, 2013


Well we shopped til we dropped, literally right into the seats of some pedicure chairs. It was a great way to end a day of dorm room shopping. We accomplished a ton on Friday, and it helped that my 'power shopper' mom was in town.

When we move Maris to Raleigh next week, it will be the first time in many years that I have spent time there. I am usually just driving through on our way to the beach or to visit relatives in another state. I can't remember a time when it was the destination. I am so excited to explore the big city and one of the places I am dying to visit -- Furbish!!       

       I knew immediately when I saw this home in HGTV magazine that Jamie Meares must have had a hand in its loveliness. Jamie, owner of Furbish, also documents her fabulous style in her eclectic blog, i suwanee. I have followed her blog since its beginning and I think she is pretty fantastic.  






{jamie's lucky friends}  


I can't wait to visit her store in person!! 


{images via i suwanee via hgtv}


Anna Bedell's: fashion~heart~home

Friday, February 22, 2013



You can take the girl out of the mountains, but even after many years go by, those mountains may just pull her back. Such is the case with Brooke Tastinger Smith, owner of the new boutique in Franklin, NC, Anna Bedell's. After graduating from high school, Brooke traveled the country. She attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia as well as SCAD. A decade later, she returned to her mountains, and her family, and earned a degree in interior design from WCU.  




Anna Tastinger, Brooke's grandma {on the back of the motorcycle in the image on the left}, was a German immigrant. She left her family at 16 and never saw them again. Brooke says she has never met a stonger lady and she loved listening to her grandma's stories in her thick german accent. 

Her great grandma Bedell Raby {sitting in the field} was the wife of a farmer, tended her own garden, mothered 12 children, and was the most humble, funny woman Brooke ever knew. I love that images of these important women hang high above the store, their namesake, feeling what I can only imagine is an incredible sense of pride.  




 After Anna passed away a few years ago, Brooke found therapy in sorting through her beloved Grandma's photos and postcards and printing them on fabrics and canvas. She felt compelled to open her store, in the honor of these wonderful ladies, and their beautiful images are found throughout the store. 





The store is filled with a fantastic selection of clothing, shoes, beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry from local artists, kids clothes, gifts, stationary and books, pillows, purses, photographs, and local artwork.  







A friend from her days at WCU, photographer and artist Ian Michael Ward, showcases his talents throughout the boutique. I was so drawn to his large photo of a local Sylva gas station with the Scott's Creek Church steeple peeking in-between the pumps. Ian states, 'I create work that integrates both photography and sculpture. I am mainly interested in the dynamic between audience and author by objectifying emotions and investigating the duality that results. My latest work is a direct response to the rapid expansion of community and characteristics that make up its foundation. By removing the content and reframing it, I am able to represent a new idea of community.' Now I may have a totally different vision from Ian, {the beauty of art, right?!!} but my take away from his image is: the church is what refuels me. I love it!    



Just this week, Ian was high above the boutique floor, mounting an art installation that connects images of Anna and Bedell encased in a colorful honeycomb. How perfect that the honeycomb definiton includes: to penetrate thoroughly and into every part. What better shape to frame those people who influence us the most.     




Tucked beneath the stairs is a fun childrens escape. 







"She" and "Hope" are inspiring books focusing on the celebration and life of women. It celebrates the many roles that women take on and honors the beauty and strength that women possess. As Brooke states, "Anna Bedells encompasses the same message -- Women rock! We need to embrace our inner beauty and strength!" 





Perhaps my favorite part of the store -- the dressing room!  It's dark and reflective and wonderfully moody.



I just want to wrap myself in those delicious walls that are covered in Thibaut's Anna French Songbird wallpaper! Gor-gis !!!




And speaking of gorgeous, Brooke says that she has so many exciting things planned for the future --details to come! As for the Spring, the new collection consists of 15 new lines of clothing, vintage clothing, more shoes, as well as sweet little girls dresses. And, as always, she will continue to fully support and showcase local artists, promote local talent, and bring in as much community involvement as possible.



Check her out on facebook or visit in person at 24 East Main Street in downtown Franklin. 



The colorful Barrie Benson

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do you remember the fantastic home of Charlotte Interior designer, Barrie Benson and her architect husband, Matt? i love it today as much as when I first saw it in Domino years ago. Barrie loves color and she uses it everywhere--on the walls, upholstery and large oversized artwork. It feels like my yard right now--just bursting with color! Not only is her house fantastic, but take a look at some of my favorites from her portfolio.       














 Barrie has also designed some beautiful commercial projects which are just as incredible and youthful and full of saturated happiness. Poole Boutique in Charlotte is gorgeous is one of Barrie's projects and it is one of those boutiques where upon entering, I would gasp a little and wouldn't be able to look at the goods until I did complete 360's many, many times.          





To see more of Barrie's portfolio, click here.  

{all images via Barrie Benson}

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