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Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm back!! We moved my girl to NC State over the weekend and I feel so at peace that she has a fun comfortable dorm room, a great roommate and a giddy excitement about her new town, her classes and the upcoming Rush festivities. Before moving in, Maris' dorm looked like this:

Then we got busy sketching out furniture arrangements.


And we collected ideas


And here it is now! 

The giant Wolfpack I painted got command stripped {as many as I used, I have now turned it into a verb} over their futon {which came from Big Lots..and which I completely and thoroughly objected to. I tried desperately to find a gently used sleeper sofa. Didn't happen. Not to mention, sleeper sofas are ridiculously heavy and don't always fit through never-before-seen dorm halls/doors/elevators. Maris has lots of friends that will be visiting and she really wanted a futon. Futons are cheap,so we (I) sucked it up and bought a futon. whatever. The citron yellow pillows and throw came from Homegoods, the blue chevrons I made, the citron mirror came from Wal-Mart, and the 8x12 gray rug from Lowes.} 

In texts, the girls found out that they both loved chevron and monograms {and her roommate is not even southern!! score!} So, they selected coordinating bedding from Urban Outfitters and I painted them monogram pillows.   




There are no closets, just 2 large armoires. The girls hung a full length mirror on one door and I attached chalkboard contact paper on the other one. {This stuff actually works great!}   

Every room has their own bathroom! And, these girls some how lucked out and got a 'handicapped room' which gives them a really tall, super long 6' countertop as well as an enormous shower and bathroom.

They were also provided with a refrigerator and a microwave. Not my college days!


 {The chevron lamp is from Homegoods, the fabric is from Premier Prints, the corkboard is from Michaels and the frame around it is vintage} 


They can not put any nails in any walls so this was a huge challenge! I bet we went through more than 50 command strips! Did you know you can hang curtains with command hooks?? Yup, it works {she says as she looks for wood to knock on!}


 I made a skirt to cover up all of the additional shoes, toiletries, etc. with leftover curtain fabric. It is attached with stick-on Velcro. And yes, my sewing machine travels to all of my installs--you never know when you will need to do a little hemming :)

 12" cork tiles inserted into wooden frames creates the perfect necklace storage. The cabinet knobs came from Lowes {unfinished that we painted} and World Market.


Tomorrow I will show you how we made the cute freestanding vanity.  


Sleeping in the Garage

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I saw this image on Pinterest and thought it was the exterior of a beautiful little French boutique. I was so intrigued and I wanted to see the inside! 

Believe it or not, it used to look like this:



It started out as a modest 550 sq ft storage shed in the back yard when the Evans bought the property in Birmingham, Alabama. They knew instantly they wanted to turn it into a guest house/office. They made a few changes--a new roof, new windows and added an additional 250 sq ft. to the front of the space, just to name a few.  



Working with a yellow, gray and white color scheme throughout, it feels much bigger than it's actual square footage. As soon as you walk through the oversized sliding doors, you enter the office area.  Architect/homeowner Anna has the perfect spot for rolling out blueprints on this large table and an inspiration corkboard big enough for multiple projects. A wall of filing cabinets tucked under windows offers storage as well as a great drafting spot.   



The back of the building houses the guest suite which offers a kitchenette with a wall of shelves installed right on top of the windows. 

I love the way the sunlight lights up the glasses and dishware. The floors in the kitchen are painted with yellow and white stripes while the bedroom offers wall-to-wall sisal.  



A workspace, a bedroom, a seating area, a kitchen and a bathroom -- a beautiful, yet smart use of 800 sq feet wouldn't you say?


{all images via Southern Living}


I'm in Refresh Magazine!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Remember back in January, when a flood went through my little valley and we lost power on the day of our photo shoot??? Well, our generator rescued the lights and camera that day and now my pretty potty is in newsstands!! The Magazine is a Special Publications Summer Issue by Better Homes and Gardens called Refresh. 


Now you can't go and google Refresh Magazine and expect to find this. You will instead find a magazine that you aren't wanting. Well, unless photos of gay British men is your thang. Apparently there are 2 Refresh magazines and just to clarify, I'm not in the British one.

This is the one I'm in.


Last year, blog friend, Sherry Hart, shared my blog with her friend and magazine field editor, Lisa Mowry. Lisa's job is to find the right location for the right magazine. Every magazine has a different feel and a different target audience. Lisa then contacted me to see if I was interested in being considered for one of the many magazines she represents.Then, a few months later, I got an email from her saying that BHG wanted to feature my bathroom in a new magazine that would be coming out this summer. 

Communication with all of the different folks involved began shortly thereafter. There was the editor, writers, a stylist, and photographers. They wanted before pics of my bathroom and every detail that went into remodeling it. They also wanted to know where everything in the bathroom came from. There were lots of emails and a few phone calls.     

A month before the shoot, they sent me some BHG white towels and a blue ceramic garden stool. They ended up only using the towels. They really don't do a lot of rearranging or redoing. Nicole, the stylist, shopped my house to see if there was anything she wanted to include. They are very honest to the original design of what is there and there is very little photoshop work done.    


That's Brie {head photographer} using my potty as her work desk. Pat {assistant photographer} is sitting on the shower, and Nicole is the stylish stylist doing styling things. 

They came with copies of the shots that they wanted to get. They would look at each picture on their computer, study it, and then Nicole would make minor little changes before taking another shot.

**Photography tip for taking pictures of your own home: Turn off the lights! They want no overhead, lamps or even hall lights on. They want to use honest pure light combined with a very diffused expensive flash that bounces light. {This was perfect since we had no power and the whole house was in the dark.}  



This best be the only time that I ever walk in on 3 people in my shower. 



They would bounce diffused light off of the ceiling. It's so cool to hear that big enormous flash fire. It sounds so 'old school', like the little cube flashes on the old polaroid camera. Remember those?? {all of you young-uns look up what a 'polaroid camera' is..}  


 And here it is on the glossy pages! 



I am pleased as punch with the details of the articles and the instructions that they correctly conveyed. The magazines premise is to explain how to implement great design ideas in your home on a low budget. And, I have to say that the magazine is packed full of really great tips that are so detailed and are explained in a way that anyone can achieve. It may actually be the most informative how-to magazine I have ever seen {good job, Lacey Howard!} 

 I also have some very fun neighbors in the magazine! You will probably recognize designer and blogger, Jill Sorensen of Live Like You, and Centsational Girl herself, Kate Riley.

Kate also wrote a great post on tips on getting your house in a magazine.

Thanks BHG for including me in your issue!!  


{Sylva folks--I found them in Ingles, but haven't checked other places yet}




Stepping up their game: The Land of Nod

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It's so refreshing to see a company that sells great products {ie great buyers} up their game by pulling out innovative new marketing. I feel like Land of Nod has done a little 'reinvention' this year. I have always been a big fan of the company. Jack still has LON furniture in his bedroom {I promise Jack that we are redoing your room this year} that is 10 years old...but, it's so well made that it's been hard to part with.




Last months catalog came and I knew it looked different...but then I opened it and I was like 'this is goooood!!!' It felt more like a magazine than a catalog. They have started a new monthly feature called Real Families/ Real Kids where they visit bloggers {!!} homes and shoot their catalog photos from here. Great. Great. Great. idea.




We get to watch as Rachel Myers of the sweet blog, Finding My Feet, transform her daughters room with the help of  accessories and textiles {and stylists!} from the Land of Nod.





February's catalog arrived over the weekend and I got just as excited. This month they visit the home of Trina McNeilly of LaLaLovely. 





It hasn't made it to their website yet, so you will need to get on your bifocals and check out my photos :)



And they even got the talented chalkboard artist, Dana Tanamachi {remember this post} to personalize the space.



Trina also helped to redecorate the home of her friends, the Lyons family, with some LON love.





Not only is the catalog full of LON products but, they are combined with the homeowners lovely existing items which make it so much more personal and believable. There are also links to learn tips and how-to's to create the accessories made by the bloggers. Did you know LON had their own blog???

    Very, very impressive Land of Nod. I hope this will be a series that they plan on continuing with each catalog this year.  


{I am in no way connected to or endorsed by LON--just giving kudos to a well deserved creative company. BUT, if they want to work with me...}



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