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House Staging--behind the scenes

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I showed you a Condo I remodeled and staged in yesterday's post. Today, I wanted to share
 with you some great sources that I used.

The living room had a big back wall so I needed pieces that were substantial. I used the Ikea Ektorp
slipcovered sofa. It's a great price, perfect size, it looks great--it's terribly uncomfortable {sorry, but let's
 call it like it is}.$499. I flanked the sofa with a pair of Ikea Hemnes Bookcases $180/pc. To jazz them up a little, I attached lattice fabric to the back of the bookcases with spray adhesive. The sconces were a steal from Shades of Light. They were a horrible chartreuse color that I spray painted turquoise. They were originally @$175 but I scored them for $24 {unfortunately they are no longer available}. The console I made out of 2 1/2 yds of fabric {$25}, a 5' x15" piece of plywood for the top {already had} and 2 Mainstays Modular storage bases from Wal-Mart.$19/pc. I added a little of the lattice fabric along the hem. 

The 2 chairs are from Overstock. $261!!! They are really cute AND they sit really nice. The large mirror
is from an auction. $15. It got painted. The small round mirror was on clearance at Homegoods for $15.
 I velcroed it on to the larger mirror. The small cute white table is also from Homegoods. $49. The glass vase on top is filled with vintage pool balls {ebay]. The Parson's coffee table is from Wal-Mart $29! {You do have to put it together, and, I must insist that you cover it with something, but it makes a great 'base'} I cut a piece of foam for the top and then I slipcovered the whole thing with 2 yards of turquoise fabric piped with a terra cotta fabric. The butterfly prints were $50 for the pair from Homegoods. I made all the pillows and the curtains. The curtain hardware came from BigLots. All the accessories in the bookcases came from Homegoods and an Antique/junk store in Sylva {most got spray painted}. 

The kitchen furniture was bought at an unfinished furniture store in Franklin. The store had a drip in the
ceiling that caused some damage. So I got the table, 3 chairs and a bench for $300. I stained the 
table top and painted/glazed the chairs.

The Roman shade is faux--I ironed the folds and then they were sewn in place {I's hung about 10" above the window trim to make the room/window appear taller}. The oil-rubbed bronze cabinet hardware knobs are $1/pc on Ebay.

The bathroom mirror was reused by simply adding some molding to frame it. New oil-rubbed bronze
light fixture, $45 and the faucet,$75 both came from Lowes. I found a 'kit' from Wal-Mart that had the
oil-rubbed-bronze towel bar, towel ring, and TP holder for $29 {score!!} That's Giallo Ornamental
formica on the gotta do what cha got to do...$$ {that back wall isn't blue--it's the camera] 

Here's where you can save a ton if you are staging. The mattress is actually a queen size air mattress from Big Lots, $39 {I know, right!} It is really, really thick so it makes a great looking finished bed. I made a 'bed frame' out of 1"x 12" pine boards, turned on their sides and screwed together, $32. The dresser is the Hemnes from Ikea in gray-brown. I love this color and you can not beat the $149 price tag. The mirror is from Homegoods, $30 {painted} as well as the artwork, $50. The curtains are actually shower
 curtains from  target. They were really wide so I cut them in half, $25 per window {cha-ching!} 
I don't think they are still available.

 The bedding is Dwell from Target $80. I can't remember if the lamp came from Target or Homegoods.
 It's a really pretty milky blue. I added some trim to the bottom of the lampshade. My hubby and I made
the headboard. It is a piece of plywood, painted a deep navy, with small molding added around the edge.
 A piece of foam covered in batting, then covered in fabric, was glued to the middle and then a piece of
 rope was glued around the edge of the fabric, $50. The side table is from Target $49.

In the master, the same mattress trick was used. Because you can't use a bedskirt on a homemade
 air mattress/pine bed frame, I bought a sheet set from Overstock {for each bedroom $30}, cut the flat
 sheet into 18" strips and then hemmed the bottom. I then glued them onto the air mattress creating the
 bedskirt. It's staging people--it doesn't have to be 'for reals'. The white comforter is from Overstock.
The little square storage ottomans are the perfect little accent at the end of the bed, $49. The lamps are
 from Target, $39. The side tables {Target} were originally a really bad creamy sponged treatment that
 I sanded and painted white.$79.


I had a little bit of the floral fabric left over from the living room curtains. So, I cut it a little smaller than
 the front of the drawer and spray glued on. I painted the knobs orangy-red. This combo adds a little
 punch to the plain white tables.  

The dresser is also the Ikea Hemnes in white. The print is from Homegoods $59. I like the way it brings
 this side of the room a great dose of color. {I didn't hang the pics because I hated to put holes in the walls!} Accessories are from Homegoods.

Ribba frames from Ikea filled with scrapbook paper from Michaels. $15 +.50 {LOVE this frame}.

For consistency, I used the same color scheme throughout the entire condo.I like the flow that it gave and it also allowed me to shop faster because I didn't have to be specific in following a room by room plan. I knew if a piece didn't work in one room then I could easily use it in another.
This became a whopper of a long post--sorry. If there is anything I left out that you are curious
about, then shoot me a comment below.  

designing a guest bathroom

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thought I would share a little behind the scenes of a recent new construction bathroom.
 The house is a vacation home in our mountains. The clients wanted rustic and comfortable.

All the walls on the main floor are horizontal 10" wood. The contractor really didn't
 want to use the wood on the bathroom walls--guess who won ;) 

The inspiration for this room were the handmade leaf tiles. We wanted to use them on the shower wall as well as a few on the floor. We purchased quite a few. I decided that a 2' {give or take} accent area would work nicely on the 5' wall.
 Like a puzzle, I placed them on the ground and rearranged them {a lot} until I got a composition I was happy with. 
{Tip: After you get a look you like, whether it be for a kitchen backsplash or a shower wall -- take a picture.
Print off the picture and then tape it to the bathroom/kitchen wall so that there is absolutely, positively no confusion
 as to what the tile installer is to do. Live and Learn}

I needed to select a tile for the floor and shower walls that would compliment all of the colors going on in the leaf tiles. This one had the right colors, but it had too much movement--it almost fought the leaf tiles for importance. I knew I needed a tile that would just be the subtle backdrop.  


This is a small guest bath which meant we were very limited on the size of the vanity. We didn't want to do a standard vanity base. What we really were after was an antique dresser that we could reconfigure into a vanity. Not only did we need to love the look of it but it had to be a specific width, depth and height. Not easy....

Liked it, but the top was supported straight in the middle underneath which would
cause serious problems for the plumber. 

I LOVED this piece from Natural Curiosities at market. It wasn't old but it fit all the other criteria.
Except that it was way too expensive and it wasn't going to be in production for months...


This one had the same problems as the first one. 

I loved this beauty! Know what I loved about it??? It's metal!!
 Know why we couldn't use it in a bathroom?? It's metal...
The finish was beautiful, but it would come off if you rubbed it.
Not good for a top that would need to be routinely cleaned.

Rustic yes, but a little too 'engineered rustic' and too much color. 

And I think we have a winner-winner-chicken-dinner!!!
Dimensions were right. Its a great look. I love the metal details. And they were willing to
ship me the floor model from California immediately It's not an antique but it looks like it is.

The vessel sink was made from my go-to-local-pottery guy, Gordon Batten of Two Rivers Studio.    

Notice that I ended up adding a few river rocks to the leaf mosaic? Some of the areas in between 
the leaves were a little too big large for my liking. The rocks did the trick!   

Tip #2--to make a small space appear larger, install your floor tiles on the diagonal.   


Hope you had a fabulous weekend! 

Rustic bathroom

Monday, November 08, 2010

If given my choice, nature is my first go-to in design. I love taken inspiration from our mountains and tweaking it in an unexpected way. One of my favorite 'nature' projects I've done was a bathroom for the Cashiers Showhouse last year. The theme was 'Green - Leaving a Legacy'. While some designers interpretation was modest, mine was 'full out'!

The big piece in the room was my sliced wood sculpture. In the bathroom,
 I designed it to be a towel/robe hook  {I left a few pieces longer than the rest}.
But, it could be used in lots of other ways:
  headboard, tabletop {with a piece of glass on top}, a room divider. 

These prints were a big hit from Spicher & Company. Koleen Spicher has a great folk-art style that includes lots of bugs, trees, and butterflies. Her work has been seen in sets of TV shows like 'The Sopranos' and 'Even Stevens' as well as the movie 'Deep End of the Ocean'. I use her art in lots of projects.  

I love that rustic can be interpreted so many ways. It can be extremely sleek and contemporary or warm and cozy. In keeping with the tradition of the Cashiers area and the rich history with the heritage of this particular home, traditional rustic was my choice. This was accomplished by using traditional toile fabric, handmade pottery and antique accessories.  

I scored this great lamp for $20 {!!!} at Sweeten Creek Antiques in Asheville. I added the bird shade
and planted it like a terrarium. A little turtle lives happily amongst the mushrooms, river rocks, and ferns.  

I know my take on the 'green theme' was a little more literal than some some of the other designers. Obviously one wouldn't use a real moss bathmat or grow ferns in ones tub :) but, it was a showhouse so I felt at liberty to go a little over the top. The roller shade is made from an old map, jute webbing and some covered buttons.  

I got the great sign at an auction from an old Country Club.
No one else even wanted to bid on it so I got it for free--score!
  The pencil drawing of the 3 judgemental ladies is one I did in high school. 
 I guess you could say that this is my idea of bathroom humor...

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