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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

 I received this question on my FB page {thanks Donna!}. I get asked this question a lot and 
know it is a decision many struggle with. Almost every home has a small powder room. And
for the most part, everyone attempts to make the room feel larger. Tile can certainly fool the
eye into thinking a space is larger or smaller than it actually is.
I don't know the exact layout of Donna's bathroom so I sketched out a typical 5'x8' bathroom.

Here is the room with a 12" tile:

The idea is that laying the straight pattern {left} creates a definite edge or outline to the
 space. While laying the tile on the diagonal allows the eye to continue beyond the actual
 borders of the room creating an illusion of a larger space. 

Below are examples of an 18" tile

This size has become increasingly more popular. Using a larger tile also means less
 grout lines to 'busy' the eye.

Here is a 6" tile:

This smaller size does have a much busier appearance. But, if your grout is done in a very 
similar color to your tiles then it is not as distracting.    

  Here are some other things to consider:

*An unlevel subfloor floor makes it extremely hard to use a large tile. They can crack. 

       *Obviously, the point is not to simply create the illusion of space. Your tile choice needs to
have a connection to the style and age of your home.

     *You are not limited to the above sizes and patterns. There are others to consider. I have 
used large rectangular tiles in a subway pattern which is a great look.

 *A floor is only one part of an overall design. Don't get too overly caught up with it. Great
 lighting, glass shower doors, pedestal sinks and paint color can all work with a floor to
 open up a bathroom.
 *Bigger isn't always better. Small jewel box bathrooms can be just as beautiful as 
expansive 'non-tastefully' designed bathrooms. 


P.S. Super excited to be featured over at Ohdeedoh yesterday! If you came over as a result--Welcome!!


And please feel free to become a 'liker' of SB Design over on my Facebook page! 

Best in Show

Friday, April 15, 2011


{rue magazine via pininterest}

 I just love this black flock silhouette dog wallpaper in a guest bath....

It's available, for a pretty penny, at Fabrics& Paper.  

Where do I hang my bathroom wall sconces?

Thursday, April 07, 2011

I showed you my new sconces yesterday and I had a few questions from folks
                        as to what height is best to hang their own sconces.                     


   1. The sconce location goes hand in hand with the selection of your mirror. Ideally, you 
would have the mirror on hand so that the placement of the sconces has a correlation
with the size of the mirror.

{House of Turquoise}

2. Generally, sconces are placed 64-66" from the floor.

{Nest Interior Design}

3. When you are flanking a mirror with sconces, they need to be the same distance from each side
of the mirror. You do not want to go beyond the width of your vanity {a pedestal sink would
be the exception}.  I generally try to keep the sconces within 36" of each other. 

{Phoebe Howard}

{new faucet, propped and ready!} 


I promise I am going to share market pics and stories with you as soon as I can catch up!  

Let there be light!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Today I wanted to share with you one of my very favorite parts of our guest bathroom
-- my new {old} sconces. Here they are before:

I found the pair on etsy, and it was love at first sight. The patina appeared perfect, the size, 
although a tiny bit taller than ideal was workable, and the price was great. 

They arrived and opening the box was accompanied by the 'happy dance' ! I immediately had
my electrician come over and he transformed them from plug-ins to hard wired and they
were in the perfect spot in no time. 

And you know I couldn't leave them 'as is', so I bought new shades, added a ribbon trim and
painted our monogram in black.


As soon as my new faucet arrives, I will post the entire room!


I can't wait to share with you pictures from Market and tell you who I got to meet!      

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