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Thursday, January 16, 2014

I've been a bad blogger this week, but luckily there are lots of others who are cranking out good stuff! Here is a collection of projects and pretties that are pinterest worthy, for sure.

The creative Dana shows a great way to showcase a special scarf or favorite fabric piece using supplies from the hardware store.  

To see her detailed directions visit here. So chic and definitely cheaper than having it framed.


I love these prints that are available in Lindsay's new online shop, Feathered. Each print features a painting of a different collection of books. Their are 4 different prints and the Fashion collection and Food Collection are my faves.


 I am loving this new makeup line created by the beauty blogger, Cara, at Maskara. It is called the HAC {Highlight and Contour} Pac which contains a creme contouring foundation and a highlighting concealer. Also included, is a cream blush and an illuminator.   

On her blog, she has tons of videos and how-to's on how to use this for your specific face shape. This is the only beauty blogger I follow -- she's awesome. 
When a bunch of Maris' friends were home from college at Christmas, they all stayed the night at our house and got ready here to go out to a party. They asked me to to do their make-up with my new HAC stash! I wish I had taken a before and after photo -- they looked fabulous. {FYI - in college, I was a make-up artist at Glamour Shots :)   


 The Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Holiday Showhouse is on the market {just shy of 3 million}. I love seeing the images of the real estate listing and the same rooms as they was transformed for the Showhouse.

Master Bath Before:



Guest Bedroom Before:


To see the rest of the home visit, Things That Inspire


I think I'm going to try and watch American Idol this season. Did you see the premiere? I love Harry Connick Jr as much as I love not having to watch Simon or Nicki! 

Custom Shower Curtain

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When I redid the kids bath, I was in search of a simple white shower curtain. I knew I wanted to add some orange to it and first thought that I would sew on a ribbon trim. But, I really wanted it the same color orange that was on the opposite wall a few feet away. Finding a perfect orange match proved as hard as watching Snooki get voted off of DWTS. So, I thought, why not paint it? Problem solved. 
 And then..
 dang, if it wasn't impossible to find a white cotton shower curtain!! I looked at Wal-Mart, Target, Homegoods, and Bed, Bath and Beyond {really, Bed, Bath and Beyond?? that's like Dairy Queen not having chocolate syrup. dumb} 
So, I decided to sew it up. I grabbed my favorite 60" white duck fabric from Wal-Mart {yep, you heard right} 

How about that price?? I use this stuff a lot. This one is 9.3 oz, so it has a really nice weight to it. I made these pillows for Maris' dorm room out of it: 


I also made curtains out of it for my bedroom:

I added a double layer of trim -- fabric with ribbon on top, and they look a whole lot more than $80 bucks!!
But, lets get back to the shower curtain.

I ironed a small hem on the sides and a 3" hem on the top and bottom {I like my shower curtains to be long, so this one ended up being @80" finished length.} Then, I made small button holes with my sewing machine, about 1 1/2" long for the rings to slip through. They were spaced @4" apart.  

Then using a pencil, I made little marks at 4" in, around the whole perimeter. Then I taped it off with frog tape, pressing it down really well.

Using a 3" foam paint roller {used for cabinet painting}, I rolled on the Valspar Longhorn semi gloss paint. 

It took 2 coats. I used the hair dryer to speed it up. 

Cute and custom for only about $14. 


Modern and Fresh Fall Home Tour

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I am so excited that Kristen and Lindsay have asked me to be a part of their blog series this month! The tours and projects have been so great and it's always fun peeking into bloggers homes, right? Yesterday, Ally shared her beautiful Dining room with us:

Just like the rest of you guys, when somebody says 'which room should we put a little fall decor into', the first thing that comes to mind is the potty, of course.   

I know, ridiculous...BUT, this room just got a little do over -- it's now orange and green and black {hello, Halloween, anybody?} and I figured no one else in this stylish group would be putting the potty out there.... so, here we are. 

This is a crazy room full of a long wall, angled ceilings, and a huge skylight. I explain all of this because it made picture taking super hard. play along.

The shower curtain was made out of $5/yd cotton duck cloth from Wal-Mart {I love this stuff and use it all the time} It's 60" wide so there was no need to seam. I hemmed the edges and sewed buttonholes in the top. Then I taped off the edges and rolled on several coats of the orange wall paint. A custom shower curtain for only 10$!! 

I don't do a whole lot of fall decorating, but it was fun to add some touches to this room. My wig head was scored in a thrift store eons ago. She was plain when I got her so I painted her some features and some curly locks. My son was a huge superhero fan as a little boy so it seemed only fitting that this lovely lady sport her own mask for the holidays. And the vase was one I made when I decided to melt all the plastic spoons in my house. 

My kids artwork gets rotated here, there and everywhere. I love pulling out the 'Big green monster' for October. I probably have at least 60 of the little moveable toys {surely these things have a name? and surely me, of all people--owning 60 and all, should know the name} You push up on the bottom and the figures move. I have flowers, and Christmas, and animals, and circus...I started buying them for the kids and bought one everytime I came across one. They all sit on a shelf in the kids room and I spotted some Halloween ones when I walked by the shelf the other day.  

Inside my newly painted green drawers, I added some polka-dot paper to the bottom of each. This is thick awesome paper left over from decorating this event. 

The little green metal stool was in Targets college collection. I grabbed it on clearance for $10. It can easily get a new color and I could even recover/paint the cushion. 

Love the way my ombre pinecones turned out! I have quite a few left over from this wedding. I cleaned them a bit with a small dry paint brush by just dusting off any yucky stuff. Then I collected 4 shades of green paint {one from the cabinets} and 4 shades of orange {from the stripes on the walls}    

I visually divided the pinecone into 4 sections and starting with the darkest color at the bottom, I painted the tips. Aren't they fun?

These little knobs came from Anthro. I think they look great with Mr. Bubbles. 


And speaking of Mr. Bubbles, I painted this homage a while ago {I used to paint alot!}  The little square ottoman came from Homegoods several years ago. I used an old polka dot shower curtain {I throw nothing away} to make a little slipcover for it.

It's like a bowling alley in here, I wish I could fit the whole wall in a shot. 

The rugs were on clearance at Target. I think they were $9.

I posted about Jacks first swimsuit that I made a shadowbox for, here. I LOVE this thing. 

Silly, I know. I am trying to sidetrack you so you won't be grossed out that I am showing you a picture of my potty. A huge no-no, I know-know, but I am making a concession {and a tight crop}.  

I love adding just a pop of color to the edge of a door. 

 I think anytime you spend a fair amount of time in a bathroom with someone, you have a new level to your friendship, agreed? Thanks for visiting! 

Make sure you check out all the other ladies who are a part of the tour:        

1 - Kristen from

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Can't wait to see what my girl, Danika has in store for us tomorrow! Probably something gorgeous and shiny ;)


Where do I find it?

Friday, August 02, 2013


Lots of you sweet readers have contacted me about not being able to find the Refresh Magazine I am in. It's supposed to be on sale wherever Better Homes and Gardens Magazines are sold until September, but, I have heard rumors that some are having problems tracking them down.  


Good news! It can now be ordered on Amazon:



as well as for your nook at Barnes and Noble:



 We are doing a little dorm room shopping today. It's actually tax-free weekend in NC, which is only coincidence. I seriously would pay double the amount of taxes to not have to be in the mess of shopping frenzy that will be happening over the next few days. But, we are down to the wire and girlie needs goods!

Have a great weekend!!




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