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My newest obsession: Spoon flowers

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Disclaimer: You {I} can't make just one !!  


I told you last week that I found a photo of an Anthro looking flower vase made with a plastic spoon {!} Luckily, I have lots of plastic spoons and had to give this little idea a try.

 I first used a candle to melt my spoons.  It takes just a few seconds for the melting to begin, and once it does, I took it away from the flame and let it curl and cool for a second. Then I would flip it over and heat another section. Just like in nature, they are all different and there is no right way to form the petals. The candle does leave a soot residue, some which wipes off, but some is permanent. It's not a big deal, it covers up with paint.  


The little bits are the ends of the spoons and they become the stamens.  With hot glue, I stated forming the flower from the back , one petal at a time, working inward and finishing with the stamens. You have to hold the petal in place until the petal 'sets' because it wants to slide around when it is hot. I blew on the hot glue while holding it to quicken the cooling and setting.   


I also experimented with some transparent gray spoons and using my gas stove top. The stovetop eliminates the sooting and has a different more spread out heat which causes a different melting reaction. The gray spoons were more heavy duty and therefore took a bit longer to melt and they were more pliable. You could actually manipulate them a bit with your fingers when they cooled a second.   



I loved the way the gray ones looked, so I didn't paint them. But all of the other ones got several coats of spray paint, making sure to turn them over and cover all the little grooves and crevices.



All of these vases came from the Dollar Tree. They also got several coats of spray paint. 




And see the blue guy in the rear? That crazy daisy is actually a spork flower! The forks are really fun to watch melt because they curl and bend slowly.






And because every little photo shoot ends with my helper making sure everything smells just so, I thought you might enjoy seeing some 'behind the scenes' shots.




These would be great Mother's Day or Graduation Gifts! 


*** Update: I have had several concerned readers contact me that plastics release toxic chemicals when heated, including dioxin, benzo(a)pyrene, and polyaromatics hydrocarbons which are known cancer-causing agents. Please make sure that you wear a mask and do this craft outside. Thank-you to everyone who was concerned enough to look out for me and all of my other readers!



Friday, April 05, 2013


I know we have all seen these cute vases from Anthropologie. I own a few and I still love them as much as when I first spotted them. 


But, I just spotted a DIY shared on Emily's blog on how to create these with plastic spoons and a vase from the dollar store!! 



{via Less than Perfect} 

Seriously, would you ever guess those are plastic spoons?? Guess what I am attempting this weekend??!!



It's a Bugs Life

Tuesday, March 12, 2013



Remember these adorable plates that were sold at Anthropologie a while back? I loved them instantly and bought several.



I have long been a lover of insects and botanical artwork. I loved this collection of folk art bugs I used in a clients vacation home.   




I have a collection of small framed bugs myself. 



So when I was flipping through the newest issue of Heart Home Magazine, I was excited to see the title of this story:  



As I was looking at the beautiful pictures of the home of this 'bug lover', I spotted a familiar plate on the wall of Lou Rota's kitchen.




I immediately made the connection..this was the Anthro plate artist's home!! I LOVE seeing the homes of artists, especially artists whose work I am so fond of.  And this house does not disappoint.




 I can't tell you how much I love this hand-me-down sofa that she recovered in 6+ different fabrics. It's so 'granny chic'!! It is so perfect in this house.



To see more of Lou's home and to see her process of recycling vintage dishes with her artwork, visit Home Heart Magazine here.


A trip through Anthro

Monday, May 14, 2012


Of course I hit up Anthropologie while I was in Greensboro over the weekend. It's not a huge store, but it was packed full of the always exciting creative work of their talented design team.

Ombre string wound around an open frame creates a simple and yet powerful display. Anthro's consistent use of whimsy paired with enormous scale always provides such a fabulously inspiring shopping experience.       

The wall treatment behind the dish display was really cool. It was covered with thick papers that were painted with what appeared to be poster paint. They were layered on top of each other with mod podge {I'm guessing} and then some of the edges were ripped or curled back to expose a different color layer underneath. The whole thing was sealed with a clear matte sealer.

In one corner of this display, a faucet slowly dripped into an antique sink that was full of great smelling soaps that were merchandised next to the sink. {sooooo good, this merchandising is}  

This stenciled backdrop was created with lots of layers of transparent glazes which gave it great texture and a sense of age. 

This cute smocked artist was creating a huge paint-by-number. You know how much I love these!


Blues and greens with pops of coral was the color scheme throughout.


This table top had been painted and then distressed to bring the wood through. The rest of the table was left natural wood. This would be a fairly easy DIY project.

Geometric necklaces are everywhere this spring!

Fun light fixture made out of painted metal cans and orange rope. 


More rope in these coiled baskets that were back in the clearance section. They weigh a ton!

The entrance into the dressing room was papered in Osborne and Little's flocked Clarendon print featuring 18th century cameo's. And take a look at that gorgeous hand painted tiled floor.


There were tons of cacti made out of painted canvas that were stuffed and stitched together. So fun. 

These pretty textured bath towels look like ones I remember my grandma having when I was growing up. I am thinking the coral ones need to come live here.  



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