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Decorating with dough bowls

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sorry for the silence! I have been in and out of Dr.'s offices and in and out of the hospital....some mysterious infection/virus has found my intestine a lovely special happy place and has wreaked havoc on me this past week. I have been S.I.C.K, ya'll. I still don't feel 'good' but, perhaps a bit better. And as I type this, I am fever-free for the first time in 6 days. So, thankful for small miracles.  

Before I got sick, I was adding some accessories to a remodel I have been working on. It is a big open concept kitchen/living/dining room with loads of windows. I am a big believer in decorating with plants in a home. I love bringing nature indoors and if a client is agreeable, I add plants as a last detail in almost all of my projects. 

As in all successful accessory styling, scale and proportion are everything. My client has an enormous trunk from RH that she uses as her coffee table.

This image is from their website. I'm not sure you can appreciate how big this thing actually is. But trust me, it is BIG. Instead of styling it with lots of little items, {what's up with your styling, RH????} I decided to use a huge vintage 4' dough bowl planted with ferns and other green lovelies. 

They can be used in tons of different ways. Simply place a potted plant inside.

Fill it with found objects like these old fishing floats.

Or some dried lavender.

And seasonally, it can be filled it with pumpkins, pinecones, or christmas ornaments.

Or make it functional - how cool is this dough bowl turned rustic sink?

I own several of my own dough bowls and they are also great to use as serving pieces {line them and serve a huge salad, fill with ice and fill with beer/water}. You can find them in all sizes and this particular one was the perfect size to sit on top of the massive trunk. 

Using 2 trash bags, I folded them, and placed them on the bottom of the bowl. I actually took the dough bowl with me to White Rabbit Botanicals and filled it with lots of different plants, playing around with color and size. All of the plants were in 2 different plant containers so I used 2 different sized ziploc bags and slipped each plant into a bag.  

I could have filled the whole thing with dirt and removed the plants from the pots and planted them. But, I thought this bag technique was perhaps a safer alternative. This way, when you water, there is no way the water can escape through the wood. 

I arranged all of the pots until I found a pleasing look -- taller in the middle, shorter on the ends. I love the way it turned out. All of the great greens and textures look so great against the old wood. 

You really can't see the black pots, but I did tuck some moss into any holes I saw. 


I don't have any pictures of it in its new home, but, I hope to soon. Do you own a dough bowl? What do you use yours for? 

A good egg

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter is sneaking up on us. Have you decorated your eggs yet? Just in case you haven't, and you are looking for some fun ideas, you are in luck! Today I am filling your easter basket with a round-up of some really great Easter egg ideas. 

How about baking cupcakes inside your eggs??

And just in case you need a sign for your Easter Egg Hunt, you can download this free pretty printable over at Studio DIY: 


This is our State

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When we attend the NC State ballgames, we are overwhelmed with the student school spirit. Those Wolfpacks have some pretty loud and proud fans in their stands. One of their slogans is 'This is our State'. I thought this would be fun to incorporate into a pillow for Maris' dorm room. 

On the back side of a piece of black and white ticking, I sketched the silhouette of North Carolina. I placed another piece of fabric, right sides together and cut out both pieces. 

I printed out the words on the computer and enlarged them to a size that was appropriate. Using a window as a lightbox, I taped the text to the window and then taped the pillow front on top of it. 

I traced the text with a pencil.

I used white acrylic craft paint mixed with textile medium and painted in the text.

When that was dry, I went over it with a red metallic paint. With the right sides together, I stitched about 1/4" from the edge, leaving about a 4" opening at the bottom. This allowed me to turn it inside out. I stuffed it, making sure to fill all of the little jut-outs of the state. I then hand stitched the opening closed. 

Wouldn't you think that there are no more places for pillows {here and here} in her dorm room now??


This cracked me up, so I'm sharing -- this is what spellcheck wanted to change 'ballgame' to:


Simply try it/Encourage your kids awesomeness

Monday, February 24, 2014

You guys know that I love crafting and creating with my kids. As boys get older, these opportunities happen way less often. Jack is a gamer -- an all out computer game luurver. When Maris wanted to up her laptop style years ago, we bedazzled it with a monogram made out of teeny rhinestones. This took more than a few hours... But, Jack wasn't looking for a bedazzled computer and I couldn't convince him to paint it with chevrons ;) No, he had his own plans. 

He had been wanting a new computer for a long time. For Christmas, he asked for no gifts, just money that he could put towards a new computer. He spent hours researching all of the components that he wanted. He placed his orders, and soon, boxes and more boxes from different companies from all over the country, started arriving in the mail. If I recall, there were 7 in all. I'm not going to lie, I was a little hesitant for him to spend so much on such an idea. I could not even contemplate the knowledge or the courage to attempt building your own computer! But, I never let him know my hesitations.

He worked patiently and diligently to piece it together. After many hours, he walked in painfully defeated when it just wasn't working. After many more attempts, He finally came to the conclusion that the motherboard was defective. At least, this was his hope. So, it was repacked and sent back to the company for a replacement. A new one arrived, and we may have done a little happy dance when everything lit up and google was accessed!!  

But, he decided that the inside of his computer was so cool { it glows, ya'll!} and yet, it really couldn't be appreciated because the vent was so small. He came up with the idea to remove the side panel, and to turn the vent area into a large window. This would show off all of the innards of his great DIY work! I thought it was a great idea and I worked as his apprentice. We traced a new window shape and then taped off the area with painters tape. We didn't want to get any scratches on it. We tried using the Dremel, but, it  was really hard to cut through and not precise. 

We {and by 'we' I mean 'he'} ended up, instead, using a Metal Nibbler tool. It works kind of like a hole punch. You squeeze it and it makes precise tiny cuts through metal. This took Jack a super long time. But he was patient and with sore hands and arms, he completed the cut out. 

The cut edge was really sharp. We went in search of trim which landed us at Napa AutoParts. Rubber window trim has a little channel, which, was the perfect thing to trim out the interior of the new window.  {sorry I don't have a pic of this step}. It is attached by removing the paper on the inside of the channel that reveals a 3M glue. It's really sticky. Then the fine folks at Lowes had a free scrap piece of plexiglass that they cut to 12"x10" {a little larger than our opening} and using 3M sticky tape, we taped the plexi to the back of the panel. 


BOO-YAH !!!!  WHAT!!!

Nestled in with its friends: glowing water speakers, lit headphones, keyboard and mouse {all Jack's selections!!} feels right at home. 

So here's the thing. Design is 50% talent and 50% confidence. You may have fabulous style and innate talent, but, if you are too scared to attempt it, then you will always live in 'the safety zone'. I think one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is the push to step outside of what's accepted. Encourage dreaming big. My parents did. They had no idea, most of the time, what was stirring in my brain, but they always, always made my ideas feel important and they were my biggest cheerleaders {and still are}.  

Tackle the projects your scared of! When Maris and Jack own their own homes in years to come, I want them to feel empowered to tile their own floors, wire their light fixtures, paint their walls, refurbish antiques, and to sew their own curtains. I want them to remember that they watched their parents tackle their own dreams because they {we} had the confidence to simply try it. Believe in them, you may be amazed at what they can accomplish!!

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