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Neon Christmas at The Public House

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The exterior of this historic 1818 Federal style home is beautiful. But, it certainly offers no insight on the eclectic, fun Christmas decor that is going on inside!

The Public House, as it is referred to, is the Huntsville, Alabama home of interior designer, Lauren McCaul

I love her use of neon pink to decorate for Christmas! This fabulous banner was made with pink and orange flagging tape
{It's called 'tape', but it's not sticky. It's a super thin plastic and it's cheap! Remember when I made chandeliers with it for the Prom??}

I'm in love with her decorating style. And I'm also in love with the use of Lindsay Letter's holiday artwork scattered throughout!! 

I am a long time fan of Lindsay's and I always look forward to her holiday collections. Speaking of....
Check out this year's 12 Days of Christmas paintings that she is offering as printables. 


Until Christmas, this complete download is only $15{!!} and then it will be $50. You get the option of different sizes, as well as gift tags. These would make great gifts!! I have already purchased mine and I have a million different ideas on how I'm going to use them!

Merry Christmas 2013

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hoping you have a wonderful, merry Christmas!! 

Simple tree

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our sweet kitten spends a lot of time outside {she came to us as a stray} and she loves nothing more than to antagonize the dogs, begging them to chase her so she that she can leap to safety up the nearest tree. Even when the dogs have had enough and have gone inside, she will invent imaginary predators, flip through the grass, and jump into the trees like it's her job. Tree climbing is the best. game. ever.  

So it was with great anticipation that we brought our Christmas tree inside. She sat in a corner, intently watching as we erected what she assumed to be her own jungle gym. I can only imagine her thought process 'Holy, Moly these humans LOVE me! They REALLY LOVE me!!'. 
hmmmm. ...
I love her. I don't trust her. And my tree fell over multiple times last year breaking many beloved ornaments. So, I was fine with the idea of having a tree decorated only with lights this year. 


  I was asked to be part of a Bloggers Christmas Home Tour and as I was going through my Christmas decor, I came across a box of wood slice ornaments and plastic balls that I made several years ago to decorate an outside tree for my old store. I simply used a sharpie, pipe cleaners and a little tinsel.

 Well....this would actually be a great way to safely add a little decor to the tree. And what kind of blogger would I be with an undecorated Christmas tree??
She couldn't do damage to wood or plastic that had already weathered a month outside in the rain and snow.

As I was hanging the ornaments, I glanced through some branches and spotted her on the top of the sofa, keenly watching my every move. 

So far {knocking on wood-en ornaments}, there have been no tragedies. A few little cat punches at the dangley balls, but that tree is still standing and is officially {minimally} decorated!   

If you want to see the rest of my house, make sure you stop by for the tour on Friday. You can check out all the other fantastic tours that have already happened this week by visiting our host, Lindsay, at The White Buffalo Styling Company for all the links. These ladies have some beautiful holiday homes!

{And just a disclaimer -- it's a simple, rustic Christmas at my casa this year. Just like my tree}  


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Two weeks from today, folks. I know I'm not ready, but it's been fun to add some festive touches to the house. Truth be told,  I may be just as excited about the arrival of this Monday -- Maris' last exam and her return home for the holidays. My sweet family under one roof...I can't wait! 

She is meeting up with one of her best high school friends whose family has moved out of state. She will come and spend a few days with us. I am so tickled to have these two under my roof. Her room will again come alive with loads of stories, and laughter and piles of dirty clothes.  

They will share college stories, eat too many chocolate balls, compare class loads, stay up way too late and sleep til noon. 

I know this Christmas will be different. She's a college girl now and she is finding herself, making new friends and learning new responsibilities. I know that she has grown and changed since being on her own. But, as much as she has changed, so has her brother, her friends and me. Life has a funny way of changing you.   

She has desperately wanted her room redecorated, grown-up, if you will. I know, I get it, it's what I do after all! But, I have needed it to remain unchanged if only for a little bit longer. This is probably a bit selfish on my part but, I find comfort in spending time in her room exactly as it was and quietly contemplating how far we've come. Handling her old photos and her handmade signs that her high school friends held up as they cheered for her on the court, remembering all of it.  And it certainly doesn't get by me that it's the brightest, sunniest room in the whole house. Quite appropriate.  

It's a weaning process. Soon, we will pack away the pink jewelry boxes, the floral pillows and the Nancy Drew books. But, not this year. This year it's bright and sparkly and ready for the silly girls that will soon be giggling atop it's pink pillows.


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