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'When not to hire a designer' or 'Getting you hair did...' I don't know which title to use

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


So when you are contemplating a new haircut--something daring that you've never tried before, and you are also committed to radically changing the color.... 



Do you pull the trigger after going thru the check-out when you walk by the beauty salon in Wal-Mart?

probably not, right?

Nope. You think about it for weeks, maybe months. You have seen other ladies on the street with the exact cut/color that you are after and you get the nerve to stop them and ask 'who cuts your hair?!'



After getting the stylists info you enter it asap into your phone, run home, and google them. Or, you ask friends who have great style and wear designery tunics with monograms on their handbags, who they suggest. You're even willing to get a sitter and drive to a big city stylist just to achieve your own version of the 'rachel'. 



So then what happens when the appointment actually arrives?? You have waited for months to get on the books for this appointment with the stylist. You know what she charges and you have decided that all that $ is worth it. You have done the research and you are srlsy excited about the list of clients this stylists boast, her portfolio, and the brand new you that is going to walk out of this salon when she is done. You have a thorough consult where she looks at your hair, contemplates with you the pictures you brought in of the cute models with the perfect do, and then she makes her suggestions and explains that she can give you the look and color you are after. You breathe deeply and feel completely confident that she can give you exactly what you want. So how then do you sit through the appointment?


{Stick with me peeps, this is going somewhere}

Do you question the type of brush she is using to detangle your hair? Do you ask to accompany her to the back room so you can watch her mix the color recipe that she knows will achieve the perfect sunkissed locks you have requested? Do you ask her why the color in the applicator bottle doesn't look like gold d.locks blond that you discussed? Do you correct the way that she applies the foils to your head? Do you ask to see the ingredients on the shampoo bottle that she uses? Do you ask her to hurry up because you need to run to the grocery store? 



Of course not!! Why?? Because you have done your research and you trust the stylist and you trust in the process. There is some ugly that happens before the ah-ha moment arrives. Just look at the pictures! 

The same applies to hiring an interior designer. You hire a designer because you have researched their work, because you have talked to their other clients, because you discussed your budgets, because you have shown them what you want and they have thoroughly explained what they can deliver. You know that at the install they will give you something beautiful and that it will make you incredibly happy. But you also know that the process is not pretty--it can involve demolition, being pushed outside your comfort zone, and it may take a bit longer than you hoped. It can easily get real bad before it then looks real good.  



Please do not micro manage a situation that you aren't an expert in. Don't question every single aspect of the process.This isn't your designers first job.

trust. in.the.process. If you can't, then you really should consider doing it yourself.     



Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to step down from my soapbox. It's slippery and I hate heights. 



      {pics via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}

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