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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I hope your first few days of December have been great! We have been enjoying some beautiful non-holiday weather and even had the doors open while doing my last little bits of holiday zhushing. I caught up on some blog reading over the weekend and I had fun perusing lots of great gift idea posts. But, I only saw one that addressed teenagers. And, well, as hard as it is to sometimes admit -- they are people, too! And they definitely enjoy me. If you don't have one, they can be a bit of a tricky group to buy for. Since I am blessed with 2 of these lovelies, I thought I would help out with a few ideas for the teenage girls on your list.    


1. Go into the world print - a beautiful illustration that serves as a great reminder to your 'almost ready to go into the world' teen to make a difference. Pop it in a pretty frame.

2.Shower squid -- this useful gift is designed with 9 adjustable 'tentacles' that can bend to hold soap, bottles, razors, you name it..  

3. Chocomize custom candy bars - this cool company allows you to choose your teens favorite chocolate base and then add 5 extra ingredients {out of a menu of 100!} to create a customized candy bar.  

4.  I heart NC necklace -- this hand made leather necklace is a sweet remembrance of where their heart is {even if school has taken them hundreds of miles away ;)   

5. Crayola window crayons/markers-- I know these appear to be for little kids, but Maris actually has these and they get a lot of use! High school kids are always drawing on each others car windows but sometimes they don't use the right 'medium' {ever tried getting shoe polish off a car window?? not easy} These come in either markers or crayons. The crayons are a little more concentrated while the markers look a little more like watercolor. They write easily and come off with a damp cloth. {I even got to wake up a few weeks ago to wonderful birthday messages on my bathroom mirror thanks to these}  

6. Tortoise monogram necklace- this 1.5" acrylic monogram necklace comes in 15 different colors and either a script or block font. I think this would be a wear every day gift, for sure.

7. Monogram pillow-- custom made machine washable felt pillows in any color and a number of different styles.

8. Embroidered circles pouch--  this would be a great pouch to use as a make-up bag

9  Watercolor Map blanket -- these fleece blankets are custom made with your their own neighborhood {!} in a beautiful watercolor painting. You can highlight their house, high school or favorite hang-out spot. Wouldn't this be great to send to your college kid so they can wrap up in a little 'home sweet home'.   

{Of course, restaurant and movie coupons, gas cards, or a gift card for a mani/pedi always work}   

My gifts may be a bit more sentimental and personalized this year due to the fact that my baby is leaving for college next year. But I do think that any teen girl would love to unwrap any/all of these!  

And speaking of teenagers...I was forwarded the cutest video that a friend received for her little girl. It is a custom video message from Santa {aka Portable North Pole}. I loved it so much that I made one for my kiddos. Obviously, this is meant for young kids, but aren't we all kids at Christmas? I knew my kids would get a good giggle out of it {not to mention be impressed that mom was able to create something so cool. I swear, I think that they are still amazed that I am able to even sign into my blog each day...} You answer quite a few questions about your child and then you get to upload pictures -- all of which are used within the video {our chihuahua's even make a cameo!} If you want to make your own, this is the $3.99 version, but they also have one that's free and one that's more upgraded. 

Check out Jack's video:


cute, right???



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