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Monday, November 05, 2012


Jack got his 2nd set of braces last week. Maris had 2 sets as other orthodontists do this or are we just stupid blessed to get to pay for 4 sets of braces for 2 mouths???  


We are also doing some beginning driving lessons with Jack.  We have a local park that has a parking lot that is almost always vacant {Monteith Park for all you locals needing a practice course!}. Before Maris got her permit, I took her here to practice as well. I really wasn't sure that we would ever have to go through this with Jack considering what we went through with his sister. Did I ever tell you guys that story??? I don't think I have, so here goes..

We live in the mountains and around every turn is another creek or river. Lots of tubing, kayaking, and fishing. The park is also right on the edge of a river. This was one of her first times driving. While she was behind the wheel, Jack was in the back seat. Maris is quite dramatic--she does everything in a big way. Driving was no exception. She would squeal and breathe deep and squeal some more. It was quite entertaining. Until..she accelerated fast..towards the concrete parking medium and straight for the river.

This didn't happen. But this is what I saw happening.  

 I screamed, she screamed, I think Jack simply covered his eyes. Finally she was able to stop the car before the above picture played out. And we were all able to exit our visions of heaven. There were a few seconds of stunned silence and then, this happened:

Maris:  MOM!!!! WHY DID YOU DO THAT????

Me:      WHAT????

            Are you kidding me?

            We almost died!!!! 

            You almost drove us into the river!!!! {she may, perhaps, get a wee bit of the drama gene from moi}

Maris:  You did that as a joke!!!

Me:      Did what???? You stepped on the gas instead of the brake!!!

Maris:  NO! You switched the gas pedal with the brake pedal as a joke! Why did you do that? 

{I stare at her like she has 3 heads and then turn around to check on Jack and he is literally frozen in fear and staring straight ahead. I assume that he is probably sitting in a pool of urine}

Me:      Are you out of your mind??? Do you seriously think I am capable of removing and switching car pedals???? WHY would I do that???

Maris:  Yes! You did it--they are on the opposite sides! This is not a funny joke, Mom!

{she was serious, ya'll}

{finally the color is starting to return to Jack's face}

Me:      Get.





Jack:    {in a quiet voice} I am never going to drive. ever. ever



I thought I would be driving him around forever. But, apparently, time is able to heal some things and he is now showing some interest. And, might I add, he is a fabulous driver.   

Now let's all go and tackle Monday.



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