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I'm in Refresh Magazine!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Remember back in January, when a flood went through my little valley and we lost power on the day of our photo shoot??? Well, our generator rescued the lights and camera that day and now my pretty potty is in newsstands!! The Magazine is a Special Publications Summer Issue by Better Homes and Gardens called Refresh. 


Now you can't go and google Refresh Magazine and expect to find this. You will instead find a magazine that you aren't wanting. Well, unless photos of gay British men is your thang. Apparently there are 2 Refresh magazines and just to clarify, I'm not in the British one.

This is the one I'm in.


Last year, blog friend, Sherry Hart, shared my blog with her friend and magazine field editor, Lisa Mowry. Lisa's job is to find the right location for the right magazine. Every magazine has a different feel and a different target audience. Lisa then contacted me to see if I was interested in being considered for one of the many magazines she represents.Then, a few months later, I got an email from her saying that BHG wanted to feature my bathroom in a new magazine that would be coming out this summer. 

Communication with all of the different folks involved began shortly thereafter. There was the editor, writers, a stylist, and photographers. They wanted before pics of my bathroom and every detail that went into remodeling it. They also wanted to know where everything in the bathroom came from. There were lots of emails and a few phone calls.     

A month before the shoot, they sent me some BHG white towels and a blue ceramic garden stool. They ended up only using the towels. They really don't do a lot of rearranging or redoing. Nicole, the stylist, shopped my house to see if there was anything she wanted to include. They are very honest to the original design of what is there and there is very little photoshop work done.    


That's Brie {head photographer} using my potty as her work desk. Pat {assistant photographer} is sitting on the shower, and Nicole is the stylish stylist doing styling things. 

They came with copies of the shots that they wanted to get. They would look at each picture on their computer, study it, and then Nicole would make minor little changes before taking another shot.

**Photography tip for taking pictures of your own home: Turn off the lights! They want no overhead, lamps or even hall lights on. They want to use honest pure light combined with a very diffused expensive flash that bounces light. {This was perfect since we had no power and the whole house was in the dark.}  



This best be the only time that I ever walk in on 3 people in my shower. 



They would bounce diffused light off of the ceiling. It's so cool to hear that big enormous flash fire. It sounds so 'old school', like the little cube flashes on the old polaroid camera. Remember those?? {all of you young-uns look up what a 'polaroid camera' is..}  


 And here it is on the glossy pages! 



I am pleased as punch with the details of the articles and the instructions that they correctly conveyed. The magazines premise is to explain how to implement great design ideas in your home on a low budget. And, I have to say that the magazine is packed full of really great tips that are so detailed and are explained in a way that anyone can achieve. It may actually be the most informative how-to magazine I have ever seen {good job, Lacey Howard!} 

 I also have some very fun neighbors in the magazine! You will probably recognize designer and blogger, Jill Sorensen of Live Like You, and Centsational Girl herself, Kate Riley.

Kate also wrote a great post on tips on getting your house in a magazine.

Thanks BHG for including me in your issue!!  


{Sylva folks--I found them in Ingles, but haven't checked other places yet}




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