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Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Can I just tell you how great it was to see the sunshine yesterday morning after 3 days of downpours? Of course, our weather girl has promised us it won't last so I tried to soak up the golden rays for the few moments we were allowed with her. We thankfully had a window of pretty weather on Friday afternoon which allowed us the best possible time at our High School's Mustang Round-Up. It is the big Field Day that involves inflatables, water sports, food, music, and loads of competition. Teams of 6 compete in a number of different events that are hilarious to watch.


Maris and her crew of 'Sassy Seniors', were competing in the fill the water bucket competition which was basically, one at a time, the girls had to use a sponge dipped in water, run down the track to a 2nd bucket and wring out the water, and run back to hand off the sponge. The team with the most water in the 2nd bucket wins. Why, you ask is Maris holding the bucket up to her mouth? She decided to carry a little more water than just what the sponge would hold----and poured that nasty water in her mouth. No joke.  


 And because peer pressure was all kinds of prevalent, all the rest of her team followed suit. disgusting.



As that didn't prove itself to be totally effective {IN the bucket Tate!} They then decided to use all resources available



Yep, Maris's huge mane went straight in the bucket. Cause it could hold like at least a liter, right??? Surprisingly, that 'do simply soaked it all in. {But points for creativity}

{Remember back in the day when we were kids and we would become 'blood sisters', well, this group is now 'spit sisters'}  


They took breaks between events to pose with friends/competitors. Because, really, 'posing' is also an event for this crew. 



At the end of the whole shebang, guess who was victorious?

A tiny little hint...


 {I have been using bigger pictures lately, what say you--do you like them bigger or back to smaller????}


Did anyone sip mint juleps while watching the Kentucky Derby this weekend? Did they have rain, too?? I missed it but, I did get to see the Today's Show Derby Hat contest on TV. And as I'm watching, I'm like 'that looks like Brittany'....Brittany Jepsen!! Say what?? YES! Fabulous blogger Brittany behind The House that Lars Built. Now let me just first say, you guys know how much I love flowers -- real flowers, tissue flowers, felt flowers, spoon flowers, even wall flowers, so when one of the Queens of Paper flowers, Brittany, was one of the finalists, obviously this is what her hat looked like:  




 STOP IT!!!!!

Of course she won! You can see her segment here. And check out the rest of her blog while your there. She's super talented.


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