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Monday, June 03, 2013


Well, hello again!! Hope you all have a had a wonderful week. It's June! Know what that means??? It means I made it through May!! This is a HUGE accomplishment, trust me. I am looking forward to a little more normal June {from my blog to God's ears!} And if you'd like to read how another mom struggles with May like I do, check out this post. It's hilarious!

I have so much to share with you and I want to start with Maris' graduation last week. Yep she's now a legit college freshman.    


Class of 2013!





I am so proud of this girl and her high school accomplishments. As a freshman, she actually set many goals for her high school career. And I will be darned if she didn't meet and surpass them all.




As the Student Body President, she gave a great speech that she didn't let me hear until she was on stage. I was so nervous for her which was not even remotely appropriate because she did such a beautiful job. {Because I was so far away, my pics were not great. This isn't her speaking, but it was the best shot I had of her on stage} And you what?? I didn't even cry!! Well, I didn't have streaming tears. But, I may have had very, very moist blurry eyes as I listened to her say her good-byes to her friends on that stage. {I think I had a lot of prayer warriors that night--thank you my warrior mommas!!}   



And just for the record, 'One size fits all' mortarboards don't. fit. all.  When you have a big head AND big hair, hats, in general, don't really work. Her mortarboard was so tiny on her head that it didn't come close to staying put, so I slit open the back seam, restitched the edges, and added a Velcro closure. Sort of like a baseball hat. I used the sticky Velcro and applied a blue ribbon that matched the hat. Not great, but good enough.     



 There were lots of sad silly hugs and good-byes with best friends.



  And little brothers who thought it fun to recreate all of the silly poses of big sisters.



And this might have been the proudest grandma in attendance.



Only to be rivaled by the proudest grandpa.

And know what else happened that I haven't told you??? After much introspection, Maris has decided that living in Kansas and attending KU would simply be way, way too far away from her momma. My Carolina girl has decided that she will instead be attending NC State in a few months!!!  {The reason stated may or may not be completely accurate} This makes me so very happy!!

Looks like I need to start painting some Wolfpack heels!!  


Tomorrow I will show you the gifts I made for her friends.



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