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Saturday, June 08, 2013


One of the most recognized names in luxury tile and stone is Ann Sacks. Her lines offer extensive details, multiple colorways and gorgeous textures. I often visit her online collections for inspiration, even when I'm not necessarily 'in the market'. She is so, so good at what she does.






She has long been The Queen of Tile in my book, but, I wasn't aware that she also has her own line of eyewear. Fed up with the expensive designer frames, she set out to find quality suppliers and manufacturers who could help her create an independent line of well designed, well crafted frames at a reasonable price.



I have needed reading glasses for a little bit {a few years} and I have tried dozens on, but I swear I haven't been able to find a pair that I like and so I just stopped looking. When I sit down to paint tool kits, or shoes, I use tiny brushes and markers, I usually grab Roberts glasses so that I can make the tiniest of exact lines. They are a bit too strong for me, but they sure make my details so much easier to achieve!

I have the same problem with sunglasses--I can't find any I like, which explains why I have no problem simply grabbing a pair while standing in the checkout of The Dollar Store. It's just easier. So, when I heard that Ann Sacks had her own line of witty glasses with a 'try-at-home' feature, I thought I might finally find a pair. 

But here's the really cool part--When you go to their site, they teach you about your face shape and explain how hair color, eye color, and skin tone come into play. 



 They work really hard to break down why certain sizes and widths work better on different faces. {Yay!}




After you learn about face shapes and determine which you are, {there are 5 to choose from - who knew??}, they recommend different styles for your particular shape. Her design team is uber talented and have successfully created a line that is classic, stylish and adventurous..   



Know what the most important factor in finding the best fit is ? Yea, well me either..



After you read through the website and become a glasses scholar, then you simply pick out 6 pairs, put them in your virtual cart and wait for them to show up in your mailbox! You then get to try them out, in your home, for a whole week.


 And then the fun begins... 



 { I HATE having my picture made. I've never, and I mean never made a selfie before. So I hope you realize how much I love you by putting 6 {SIX!!} pics of myself in one post!!! good grief. }

So here are the 6 I selected:

1. Greta - Mahogany

2. Andy - Olive Tortoise {Robert walked by when I had these on and gave me a grimace face. yea, not so much}

3. Bolt - Tiger Stripe

4. Sam - Nutmeg 

5. Jack - Military Green

6 Bamboo - Masa Mahogany

And just in case you all were still doubting the cute factor {what's wrong with you?}, check out Carrie's adorbs Jack frames on an episode of Portlandia {!!}



And did you watch Project Runway this season?? The talented winner, Michelle Lesniak Franklin, stopped by Fetch last month to pick herself up a pair of sunnies.



Oh, and let's discuss the name of the company for just a second, shall we... 

Another little fact about the wonderful Ann Sacks--she is a huge pet lover and is devoted to pet rescue. So much so, that in 2007, she began The Pixie Project in Portland Oregon. Pixie partners with county shelters to give animals a second chance at a forever home and works with the community to ensure pets are receiving the care they deserve. They also support accessible veterinary care and community education.



She is so passionate about animal rescue that she wanted a way to put her phenomenal sourcing abilities to work to provide funding for her favorite cause. Fetch was developed. Fetch donates all corporate proceeds to support animal rescue and accessible veterinary efforts, as well as pet education projects. {!!!} To date, the Pixie project has placed 3,000 animals in their forever home.{ Now don't you just love her even more??!!}   

If a dog shows up in my yard, my heart melts. I want to immediately go to it, make friends, rub on it, see if I can find a collar and name. I have been known to feed them and love on them and if there is no collar or an owner that comes looking...well, they have a new home. I have also been known to respond to shelter ads and 'home needed' posters, behind my families back.  I kinda feel that word has gotten out on the streets {aka the forest} because now we have tons of bunnies, squirrels, a few wild turkeys, and deer, in addition to the dogs, that bravely play in our yard. Last year, I walked by our dining room window and there was a horse {a wild horse, people!} a few feet from the window in my front yard! I couldn't get carrots and apples in my hands fast enough! My ramblings here really have nothing to do with Fetch other than to say, I adore animals and share a special place in my heart for people and organizations that help them thrive and feel loved.        



Her belief is that 'fashion is nothing without compassion' and 'buying things we need should support the things we love'.



So tell me friends, which glasses should I pick??? Help a sista out. I need to look really cute while I read and paint and do computery stuff. And by helping me out, you will enter to win yourself a pair of Fetch glasses!  There are 2 ways to enter:

1.Leave a comment below on which pair you would select for me.

2. Like Fetch on Facebook and then come back and leave me a comment below.   

{make sure you leave me your email so I can let you know if you won. it won't be shared with anyone}

I will pick a winner on June 12 -- good luck!


Contest is Closed: Congrats to Christy {#4} !


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