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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{apartment therapy via 2 men and a little farm}

I hope your Easter weekend was wonderful. Our weather was perfect which encouraged lots of time spent in the yard. It also wrapped up the end of our Spring Break. Jack got home from his schools 8th grade trip late Friday before last. He was home long enough for me to wash and dry his clothes and repack his suitcase. Literally only a few hours later and he was off again. This time, with his sister and dad to the Atlanta airport and then on to Kansas. They went out to spend time working on their grandparents ranch.

Although I think the 90+ degree weather wasn't what they were used to and instead of a whole lot of fence work, there was quite a bit of this.

 Maris also had a scheduled tour {for rising seniors} at KU {Kansas University}. Before the tour, she thought this was her college of choice. After the tour, she is even more certain of the idea of being a Jayhawk. I want her to go to a college she loves, one that she is passionate about, and I think I have always known that she would want to go to her fathers {her aunts, her cousins, her grandparents and great-grandparents} alma mater, but I selfishly wish she would pick a school in North Carolina or somewhere closer to me! She came back so full of excitement with a run down of all the plans that she just crafted for her college career--what dorm she wants  to live in, what she wants to study, what countries she would love to study in. Big dreams, this one...

almost as big as the spread of KU basketball player, Kaun's, reach {is that not crazy!?}


And her brother wouldn't mind her being a Jayhawk one bit.

While they were away, I started my river rock rug. You only have a short work time with the mortar, so I just planned to start on the inner ring of my 10 foot patio. Let's just say that I now realize that I stink at rock and mortar calculation.  

This little 3 foot circle took all of the rocks that I had collected and 2 bags of mortar!! Not to mention that it took about 5 hours to complete. So we are now left with the following decisions: 1. Instead of calling it a *patio*, we call it a *stepping stone* or  2. We still call it a *patio*, but we have to use Barbie's outdoor furniture on it. 

I have come to the realization that there are not enough hours in the next 3 years for me to collect enough rocks out of our yard to fill in a 10' circle. So, I will reluctantly go in search of river rocks sold locally. I have no idea how much rocks cost or how many I will need. When if this gets finished, I will do a big post on every step.   

Oh, and the rocks don't look too pretty in the picture. A very thin layer of mortar has dried on top of the rocks and made a gray haze. I have to get some muriatic acid and clean it off and then the pretty rock colors will show through.  

Wish me luck!! 

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