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My Valentine's wine-ing

Monday, February 14, 2011


Remember last week when I posted this picture which was a hint of a project I was working on?

Well, project is finished!! My wine bottles were tranformed into chalkboard vases. 
And they got double-duty party time as they made their 1st appearance at my daughters
 high-school on Friday at the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.

I peeled all the labels off my bottles. Some brands labels came off way easy than others. I had
 to use Goo-Gone and a sharp knife to scrape off residue more times than not. You have
 to remove every little bit of adhesive or your chalk will 'skip' across the unsmooth surface. 
I looked locally for chalkboard spray paint with no luck. Instead, I bought 6 cans of the $.94 flat
Wal-Mart black spray paint {MUST be FLAT}.


{** little hint--place the bottles somewhat close together when spaying. This way, all of the overspray lands on other bottles and doesn't get wasted}

Use a light hand and spray very thin layers to avoid any drips. It dries super fast. It probably takes 10+ thin coats to get a good surface.
{**hint-- hold the bottle up to a light source, if you can see any light through the paint, then keep spraying}

When you are done, get your chalk out and write your message!

Notice my flowers? I wanted to go the cheaper route, so instead of going 'real',  I went 'paper'. I  decided to follow Martha's directions on making tissue flowers that I saw on one of her Valentine
 shows last week.
Her segment does a great job of showing you how to make these. So, rather than redo the instructions, if you want to learn how, click here to watch the clip: In the clip, Levia Cetti is showing Martha how to make these. This talented stylist, florist, and crafter creates and sells her tissue paper flowers on her site The Green Vase. Take a look at some of her work:


Aren't they gorgeous??! You could do so many fabulous things with these lovelies. 

{The Green Vase}


And these are mine:




Saturday night, the bottles were erased {a damp rag does the trick} and used for a Valentines Party at Balsam Mountain Preserve.


I also decided that I wanted some height to the arrangements, so I collected some branches
from the yard and hot-glued little tissue buds and scrapbook paper leaves to the branches.




Use your imagination on what to write/draw on the bottles--they could be used for
 'Happy Birthdays', Christmas parties, Graduations...the possibilities are endless.



Tips and Tricks :
**If you didn't want your bottles to hold flowers, then you could always use taper candles for a whole
different look! I just wouldn't use the 2 together. This could easily lead to burning down your house/ resort.
**To give some nice height variation, I used my 'go-to' tree trunks as levels.
** Actual chalkboard paint would probably take a lot fewer coats than the flat black, but if you are doing
 a bunch, it would be quite a bit more expensive {$.94 verses @$6.50 per can}
**think about using other colors--any flat paint would work!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day !

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courtneyoutloud commented on 14-Feb-2011 12:53 AM
I need to do this ......

It would look awesome in our music room/den.

On a side note, can you shoot me an email as I want to ask you a question but for some reason I can't get your contact page to send my message. :(
camae pautz commented on 14-Feb-2011 08:56 AM
I love these...great job and looks like fun to do!
Anonymous commented on 14-Feb-2011 09:10 AM
Wow!! Love this! Thanks for sharing.
Sonya commented on 14-Feb-2011 03:36 PM
Saw your link on Martha's blog. These are very beautiful and look very real. Thank you for sharing.
angela | the painted house commented on 14-Feb-2011 08:35 PM
Those tissue flowers are so delicately pretty! And you reproduced that BMP logo perfecto. :)

Now I'm off to down a few bottles of sparkling grape juice to make my own chalkboard bottles...hiccup!

Keep 'em coming, Shannon--those good ideas!
shannon berrey commented on 15-Feb-2011 07:34 AM
Thanks everyone for your comments. It was a fun, extremely inexpensive project!
Marci Chen commented on 15-Feb-2011 11:31 PM
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Darlene commented on 16-Feb-2011 08:21 AM
These look great. The pink against the chalkboard black! I love them scattered on your table top.
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