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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In yesterday's post, I showed you a bedroom I just finished.

There were quite a few steps that led up to the wall full of artwork. Almost all of the PBN's {paint by
numbers} were purchased on ebay and etsy. Surprisingly, I only found 1 or 2 in an antique store
{and I go to a lot of antique stores}. I had a few 'rules' which I tried to adhere to: only buy framed
pieces, don't spend more than $25/pc, and the theme of each painting needed to relate to the
 mountains. All in all, these were fairly easy rules to follow.    

At first, I was going to white-wash all the frames. But after experimenting with one, I didn't like it 
with the wall paint. Because the frames arrived in everything from deep cherry to white, I wanted 
them to all have a more medium wood tone. I wanted the variety of different tones, but as they
 were--it was a bit too distracting with all the colors in the canvas.

So, on the lightest ones, I rubbed on several layers of Tudor Brown Briwax. While the 'orangey oak'
frames got  painted with watered down brown paint.      

This was a series of 4. They arrived like this.

After a little paint, they ended up like this.

Then came the task of planning where to hang what. I made a paper template of every picture. I used
what I had: kraft paper, black sign paper, and newspaper. I made sure to write a brief description of 
the artwork on each template {otherwise there was no doubt that I would get something mixed up!} 

With painters tape, I began placing them on the wall. Fingers were crossed that I had enough to fill
 the space tightly. After I had a configuration on the wall that I liked, I wanted to lay the real prints
 out on the floor, in this pattern, just to make sure that they looked good. 

The floor in another room had the space to do this. I liked how it looked and then began taking one
print at a time to hang. I literally felt like I was in the 'puzzle round' of Survivor--finding the description
and shape on the template, going back into the other room to find the correct one and then
 bringing it back to match it to it's correct location.     

Most of the hardware on the back of these needed to be reinforced. After all, they are all 50-60
 years old! And many needed some extra nails or painters tape to hold the edges of the canvases down. 

I had a couple of round frames I wanted to use on the window trim. I opted to leave them 'as is' in their 
chippy mellowed gold frames. I like the way the color tied into the dull brass on the wall sconces.  

Because I didn't have any extra small PBN's, I cheated...I went on ebay and found some
images of PBN's that I liked. I printed them off and cut them out to fit my frames.

Sshhh...don't tell anyone ;)

I love all the history that this wall now possesses. Think of all the many, many people that had
a hand--literally--in bringing this wall to fruition! Some are signed, some are dated, while
 others share the the city where the artist lived. They really are beautiful little pieces of
americana and in my opinion, priced far below the time that took to create them.

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Lynn Tish commented on 17-May-2011 11:05 AM
Absolutely a-door-bell!! I have enjoyed your blog and posts. You are very inspirational. I used a website years ago that converted photos into paint by number completed pictures. It was fun and so are you. Thanx for being you!! LT
denise commented on 19-May-2011 06:54 AM
Shannon, Once again ...genius! I can't get over this room. The colors, fabric , furniture, I am truly in love! The colors are bright yet warm, it feels so fresh, yet vintage...I could look at it all day. Before I read that it was your client's Mt. House
, I thought to myself..."save this pic in case we ever get a Mt. house ( a dream of my husbands). Pure perfection. Would you mind if I featured you & this room in a post on my blog? I know my readers would love you. Thanks, d e n i s e
shannon berrey commented on 19-May-2011 07:15 AM
Lynn--thanks so much! You made my day! Denise--You are so sweet! Of course you can share the room! Thanks for your comments!
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