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Transforming the Dining Set: Part 1

Monday, November 07, 2011

Meet my old new dining room set! I found it at a consignment

store while visiting my mom this summer. I was smitten with them immediately.

They seemed to be in really good shape. There were quite a few dings and scratches on

the table, but, that’s to be expected with antique furniture. I knew I wanted to paint and recover

the chairs, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the table. Look closely, and you can

 see pretty inlay on the apron and the legs.




 I was hauling furniture for a client that weekend so there was no room in my car to bring the set home. My sweet mom agreed to hold on to them and bring as many pieces as would fit, when she came

 to visit. Amazingly, she crammed it all in {with Lanny’s help!} and brought the whole set to me last month.




I found these tags on the bottom of each piece. Doing a little research, I found out that

Georgetown Galleries was in West Virginia and operated  from the 1930’s to the 60’s.

The company has a great reputation and is considered to be one of the ‘Best of the Best

 of its kind in furniture production'. Score!


It was a beautiful day yesterday, so I drug the table out and started sanding. The table leaves were much darker than the rest of the table--they were probably in storage protected from the sunlight which faded the rest of the table. And the 60 year old varnish had taken on a very yellow-orange color--not what I was going for.  




I have a Dewalt 5" random orbit sander. I started with an 80 grit, then a 120, and finished up with

 a 220 sandpaper. After many hours of sanding, I was very happy that the top looked like this:




I was getting pretty excited!


But, then it was time to start exploring what I was going to do with the legs. Robert thought that

 I could just lightly sand them and the inlay would stay put. So, with fingers crossed, I tested one by lightly hand sanding. It started out looking like this.




After some light sanding it looked like this:





I then tackled the apron.






I really wasn't planning on saving the inlay, I thought it would end up getting sanded off. If that

was the case, my plan was to paint the table. But, I am so excited about how it is turning out!

 I feel pretty certain that I am going to finish it off with a little Tudor Brown Briwax.

 Has anyone ever waxed over inlay before? Any other suggestions instead of the wax??  

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