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Monday, October 04, 2010

Sur-vi-vor : N. a person who has survived a great ordeal or misfortune;
a person regarded as resilient or courageous enough to overcome hardship;
to withstand and prosper. 
see also: my beautiful (cancer free!) MOM

We have all been affected by the 'C' word.

October is the month that I celebrate another year (20+)
that we can add to my moms 'cancer survivor' status.

Survivivor certainly applies to her. Mom decided to use her hardship to help counsel
 other women who suffer/have suffered the same fate. She has prayed diligently, wept silently,
and talked for hours on end to women who have grieved, survived, and many more who have not.
She accompanies them on their doctors visits and for some, she sits with them as the poison of
chemo enters their veins. She brings meals, she writes beautiful encouraging notes and she
advises in treatment plans. She is not a doctor or a nurse--just a survivor, a survivor who cares
 so deeply and so faithfully for every one of 'her cancer ladies' (as she refers to them)
Her empathy knows no limits.     

Last year, my daughter ran the 5K Westcare Smoky Streak in celebration of my mom:

{how great are these pink socks?!}

And a few years ago one of our dear friends, Mary, ran another
race in celebration of my moms successful battle.

But, there are those whose outcomes haven't been as fortunate.

'This year alone 1.3 million women will be diagnosed ;465,000 will die of the disease. On Sept. 30, to increase awareness and education of the grave statistic that somewhere in the world a woman dies of breast cancer every
69 seconds, the Susan B. Komen organization hosted a global social media event, gathering online supporters on all seven continents to take 69 seconds and promise to take action against the disease. Thousands of individuals from all continents took action to spread awareness and support.

The collective strength is needed of all women and men who want to see this disease relegated to the history books. In the three decades at Komen, they have made tremendous strides against breast cancer, funding research that has led to vastly improved survival rates for many early stage cancers, and more personalized treatments for advanced and aggressive disease. Over the next 10 years, Komen will invest $1 billion more to research, and millions more to educate women about their risks.

Komen knows that early detection saves lives, and they will fight to keep screening programs available to underserved women, because education and early detection are often a woman’s first and best line of defense against this disease'. (info from

Please visit their website. Get educated. Talk to your doctor. Learn about your treatment options. Join their advocacy efforts. We need everyone to promise to take an action to end breast cancer.

You better believe it!

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