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An Apple a day keeps Apple away

Thursday, January 31, 2013


I can't tell you how long I have been waiting for January 31 to arrive! months and months and months!! Although, last April when *it* happened, I really had no idea that it would be January before things would get back to normal.

If you are my friend, my acquaintance, my client, then you know what I am talking about. You have met {and laughed at} my constant companion. if you haven't met me, then allow me to introduce you to my little buddy.




What? It looks odd to you?????

It's now totally familiar to me. It happened last April. Let me say that again. 'LAST APRIL'. A simple, accidental drop to the floor left her shattered and ugly, but still working. And when I happened to be at a track meet, in a city with an Apple store last May, I took her in to show her to the Apple geniuses to discuss my options. They looked at her and said 'Whooa, you have like 3 months max before she's a gonner. You can't drop it THAT hard for it to shatter like THAT and not do serious internal damage.' 

So, there it was. A challenge. Don't devil's advocate me and think I won't fall for it. Cause I will. 

I honestly really believed the Apple man and thought I would just wait it out. I thought it would be a few weeks and that I would give her a nice slow respectful death and then I would have to get a new one. The screen was sharp {shattered glass is sharp ya'll} so I stuck a film protector on her to avoid the blood from my fingers falling into her privates. And I continued to wait.

But she just wouldn't die.



Way to go Apple. Way to make a phone that is so freaking good that I can completely shatter it, remove it from it's protective case, hold it together with a clear sticker, and drop it again {and again} and it just keeps on keeping on.... for 9 more months. 

Last year, it made no sense to get a replacement *old model* phone months before the new one came out. So, I just sucked it up. I learned to look at pictures through a web {that's a 'spider web' reference not the 'world wide web'}, continued to read only every 3rd word of my text messages and kept my fingers crossed as I sent texts and emails since I can't see what I am writing!! Until today---the end of my ridiculous contract.  

Part of me wants to keep the old. See if I can set some set some kind of Apple record. But the smarter {smaller} part says 'Are you insane???'

So design is trumped today. Sorry. I am going to ask the Verizon peeps to be kind to her. She has served me well. Bittersweet...



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