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Nesting vs. Feathering

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Houzz recently conducted a survey in which they polled just over 29,000 members asking them questions relating to their house plans in the next 2 years. Take a look:  

{to see the entire graph--there is a lot more to it, then click here}

I find it very interesting, although not surprising, that in this economy home owners are basing their home improvement decisions on pleasing themselves {86%!} verses increasing the homes value where resale is concerned. I have definitely seen this trend in my own business. Folks who thought they would be building a custom home or selling their current home to buy something bigger, have decided that selling their home {in this economy} could result in a loss of money. So, they have decided to stay put, and make their current home work better for their family through additions and remodels.       

I will be honest--I like that people are making their design decisions based on their own desires. So many times I have heard a client say 'I would LOVE to have concrete countertops, but I am afraid it would hamper resell.' I would then ask 'when do you plan to sell?' Their reply '7 or 8 years'. REALLY??!! You are going to settle on a new countertop? One that you don't love and yet will live with, day in and day out for the next 7 years ???? Create a home that you YOU love and that YOU want to live in. Who knows, your concrete countertops just might be the selection that seals your sale in 7 years!! The first person you need to please is yourself.  

What are your thoughts?      

Getting Vampy in Rue

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Have you seen Rue Magazine May edition? This online magazine is getting better and better! One of my favorite articles featured the home of the one-of-a-kind designer, stylist, writer, public speaker and blogger Valerie Hart.

How fun is the framed collection of the Hermes bags {etsy!} hung on the upholstered green walls in her bedroom?

On her blog, Visual Vamp, Valerie gives us a behind the scenes of her bedroom design and she shares the sources for the fabrics and furniture that she used {the rugs came from Wal-Mart!! She used 2 smaller ones to create 1 large one.}. High style on a low budget--who would have thought??


When I first saw the photos, my eyes went straight to those fabulous monogram pillows. I love, love, love the font she used and the clever interpretation using the '&'. 

No symmetry on this gallery wall!! It's whimsical and eclectic and just fun.

To see the article in Rue click here. And to see Valerie's post on her sources click here.

{images 1 / 23 / 4 - photography by Sara Essex Bradley }

A trip through Anthro

Monday, May 14, 2012


Of course I hit up Anthropologie while I was in Greensboro over the weekend. It's not a huge store, but it was packed full of the always exciting creative work of their talented design team.

Ombre string wound around an open frame creates a simple and yet powerful display. Anthro's consistent use of whimsy paired with enormous scale always provides such a fabulously inspiring shopping experience.       

The wall treatment behind the dish display was really cool. It was covered with thick papers that were painted with what appeared to be poster paint. They were layered on top of each other with mod podge {I'm guessing} and then some of the edges were ripped or curled back to expose a different color layer underneath. The whole thing was sealed with a clear matte sealer.

In one corner of this display, a faucet slowly dripped into an antique sink that was full of great smelling soaps that were merchandised next to the sink. {sooooo good, this merchandising is}  

This stenciled backdrop was created with lots of layers of transparent glazes which gave it great texture and a sense of age. 

This cute smocked artist was creating a huge paint-by-number. You know how much I love these!


Blues and greens with pops of coral was the color scheme throughout.


This table top had been painted and then distressed to bring the wood through. The rest of the table was left natural wood. This would be a fairly easy DIY project.

Geometric necklaces are everywhere this spring!

Fun light fixture made out of painted metal cans and orange rope. 


More rope in these coiled baskets that were back in the clearance section. They weigh a ton!

The entrance into the dressing room was papered in Osborne and Little's flocked Clarendon print featuring 18th century cameo's. And take a look at that gorgeous hand painted tiled floor.


There were tons of cacti made out of painted canvas that were stuffed and stitched together. So fun. 

These pretty textured bath towels look like ones I remember my grandma having when I was growing up. I am thinking the coral ones need to come live here.  



Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 13, 2012

These tiny hands sure have grown in the last decade. And the mark they have made on this mama's heart is immense. I strive to be a 'hands on' mom, just like my wonderful mother was to me and my brother. They make it easy, my kids.

For all of you moms out there, I hope you know how appreciated you are! And to my own mom, I love you more than you know. 

Happy Mother's Day!!! XOXO   

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