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More Monograms: Preppy and Pink

Thursday, May 03, 2012

For all of my pretty preppy peeps, there is a new{ish} shop in {web} town that you are going to love!   


Preppy and Pink is a NC company that offers really cute paper and party supplies. I was really excited when Wendy sent me a picture of these new monogrammed bracelets that they have recently added to their line.


Each one is hand-painted and comes as a set of 2. They are obviously very popular. Here is a shipment all tied up and ready to ship.  

These would make a great graduation gifts!

How to make a ribbon chandelier

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

 I wanted to share another project that we used to decorate for this years Prom. This Ribbon chandelier is not only super easy to make, but my version is also really inexpensive. 

Wal-mart had hula-hoops in many different sizes. Because of this, I decided to create a 2-tiered chandelier. The venue was a large ballroom.Therefore the decorations needed to be over-sized or they would simply get lost. 

Using string, I tied the 2 together making sure the length of the string was the same, in 3 places. The largest hula hoop was on top and it got 3 additional pieces of string that were knotted together to hang the chandelier.  

The Prom theme was neon and glow-in-the dark. I found flagging tape at Lowe's which is fantastic for this project! It is basically a really thin vinyl that comes in a couple of different widths and is florescent orange and pink. It's called *tape* but it is non-adhesive and is primarily used to mark land points by surveyors. Online I found that it comes in other neon colors and prints, as well. At Lowes, it was in Tool World and it is crazy cheap--200' of 1" was $2 and 600' of 2" was $4.75. {Compare that to a spool of ribbon!!} I cut different lengths from about 5'-12'.

I also bought 1 sheet each of yellow, pink and green neon posterboard. Using my 1 1/2" circle cutter, I started cutting out rows of circles.

I cut a piece of string and with a dot of hot glue, attached the dots to the string. I loved the look of the cut out circles on the posterboard so I decided to incorporate them into the chandelier. I cut them into strips and attached each with a piece of flagging tape. I began tieing the pieces of flagging tape on to the hula hoop by creating a loop and pulling the ends of the tape through the loop. This created a knot. I also had some remnants of silver ribbon and a spool of aqua ribbon that I used.  

 There is no right or wrong to this project! You can add as many pieces, colors and lengths that you like.  

It hit me that there needed to be some white because that IS the color that glows under black lights. I knew that I had an unopened white plastic tablecloth that I had in my 'party box'. It was from the Dollar Store and it was super thin. I unfolded it just a bit and simply cut through many layers, creating strips.     

The chandelier was probably 6' long when it was complete.  



This is a really bad picture that I snapped in the dark as the chaperones were showing up. We decided to hang it instead outside in the atrium. It fit perfectly over the existing fixture. We simply used a few pieces of clear packing tape.     

The kids liked it so much that they decided to whip up 2 more as we were setting up. They used a single hula-hoop and hung them to hide the speakers on the ceiling.

You can spot it in the back of the room.

 This would be a really fun addition to a birthday party, upcoming graduation party, or photo shoot. And here's the best part:


 Here's another fun product I found in Tool World:

This is a recoil air hose. It is 25' and looks like a big slinky. It's lightweight and we cut it into different lengths with scissors. We also snipped off the metal ends. You can somewhat control your lengths by  stretching it out a little. The room had a drop ceiling so we just tucked it into the tiles. They were $9/pc, but you can get 2-3 pieces out of each one {cheaper than a regular slinky and way cooler looking!} I would have loved to have used more, but we bought all they had in stock.   

We also left Lowe's with lots of ferns and I bought fluorescent spray paint {in pink, orange, yellow and green} to add some color to the ferns.

I just have a cell phone pic, not actual 'in place' pics. But, it's a fun, simple way to add additional neon to the decor. 

It just hit me that Lowe's should have sponsored this prom, right???!!! Who would have thought?? But when you live in a tiny town with no party store, you have to think outside the box!!

How to make a chalkboard sign

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The chalkboard sign that Robert and I made for the Prom was a fairly simple project that can be used for other events.

We used a 4' x 8' piece of 1/2" plywood. It needs to be fairly smooth {finish grade}.

Because we wanted to light it, we created a framed edge out of 1"x 4" pieces of pine that we attached to the sides and top {not the bottom} with a pneumatic nailer.    

 We knew it would be propped up a bit so we wanted it to lean back slightly. We cut the bottom of the 1" x 4" boards on a slight angle. We could have created an easel back so that it stood by itself, but we went the easy route.

 We layed it down and lightly sanded it.

I applied primer, sanded lightly, and then 3 coats of chalkboard paint using a 4" foam roller.  

We bought 2 sets of patio lights {these are from Target}.  

I spaced the holes 6" apart and using a 7/8" drill bit, drilled the holes. 


The cord was placed behind the frame, and starting at the bottom, we stapled the cord as we went.  

 We used an electric stapler with the highest setting {so that it wouldn't go through the cord} to hold the cord in place.   

 We screwed each bulb in as we went.

I made the chandelier 2 christmases ago to use a a tree topper. I covered it in silver glitter for this project {I love to recycle!}. I wanted it to light up, so we drilled a hole and fed the end of the light cord through the hole. I cut 2 small pieces of quarter round molding, painted black with chalkboard paint, and attached it to the board. Then the chandelier was attached to the trim with the pneumatic nailer.   


To create the lettering, I used a box of colored chalk {Dollar Store} and a yard stick to create my straight lines. I smeared the chalk a bit with my finger to create a softer look.

If you mess up, it easily erases with a damp paper towel!





I didn't take a picture of applying the glitter. I used frog tape to create a 1" {ish} border. Using a foam brush, I painted on elmers glue and then sprinkled the glitter on. I didn't have enough of one color of glitter to do the entire border, so I used 8 colors {2 on each edge}. I had lots of glitter, just small bottles of each.  








Prom 2012: Smoky Mountain High

Monday, April 30, 2012

 You know when you have a huge event that you can not wait to arrive? Time is measured by how many more weeks and then days until THE event. The anticipation builds, the timelines are set, the preparation is over the top, and all of the details are discussed and tweaked, and tweaked some more. And then... the day arrives, the event happens and it's sort of  'ehh'.... Well, that's NOT how our weekend went down! The Prom was Saturday and according to all the girls, the actual event was just as exciting as all of the preparation {happy mom dance, happy mom dance!!} 

Maris fixed her own curly locks and I was honored to get to do her make-up. I don't have a lot of pictures *YET* because I had my friend Terri, who happens to be a photographer, taking some *professional* shots.{I'll share these when I get them in a few weeks}. This would explain why in most of the shots Maris is looking somewhere else--I was snapping shots off to the side.      




After pictures in our backyard, we headed to the historic Jackson County Courthouse {now Library} in downtown Sylva to meet up with friends.

Lindsey and Maris have been friends since pre-school.

Maris' friend Josh, was her adorable date for the evening. 




After their dinner in Asheville, the group headed to the Prom which was held in the Grand Ballroom at Western Carolina University.

The theme was *Rave*, and although it is a senior prom, both juniors and seniors are invited to attend. It is the Juniors resposibility to come up with the theme and to create a Prom to remember. Maris was in charge of decorating and I had so much fun helping out with all of the neon, black light, glow-in-the-dark, decor.   


Etched glasses went home with each guest and glow sticks were worn as necklaces, crowns, and bracelets by each student--the effect was pretty impressive!! 


The room was decorated with feather arrangements borrowed from this event.

The feathers were placed inside vases that were filled with glow water. Glow water is so simple to make--we hammered a high lighter until it cracked and then pulled out the wick and dropped it in the water. After a few hours, we took the wicks out and voila, your water is glowing!! 

We made chandeliers out of hula hoops, fluorescent surveyors tape {from Lowes} and some posterboard confetti dots {tutorial to come} 


We had a combination of blacklight bulbs and plug-in blacklights {bought from Wal-Mart} that we placed on the columns. Glow-in-th-dark graffiti boards were suspended from the ceiling, along with a balloon drop that happened after the announcement of the senior prom king and queen.



It was so great to hear from parents and teachers on how much fun the kids had dancing {and glowing!} until midnight. The year-end tradition is so bittersweet, considering our senior class leaves and my Maris has just one last year at home.

 I hope great memories were created!  

It is indeed ironic that we spend our school days yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our school days. ~Isabel Waxman

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