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And whiskers on kittens....

Monday, June 30, 2014

It has been fun learning how to mama new kittens. At 3 1/2 weeks new, it has been amazing to see how far they have come. {It has also proven a fantastic contraceptive teaching tool as teenagers were present during the hand-over-mouth, looooong birth} I have been googling 'how to take care of kittens' like a crazy helicopter parent, and just let me say ... I think I may have exceptional littles, as they have reached their milestones much sooner than Google states. {Not bragging, just think I may have genius kitties} Although, there is one, (and we won't point any fingers} that has only mastered walking backwards, in circles. BUT, I'm sure that, this too, is just some impressive sign of crazy intellect or lovely creativity. 

You really can't see how smart they are in these pics but, what you can see is, that even better than smartz -- they are also super models. And you can't let super-model-quality-good-looks go to waste. Nope, you need to document it. I am pretty sure I have never taken more pictures of anything. ever. Which has a few worried that I may need this fairly soon:


They lurve Max. I'm pretty convinced they think this is daddy. He is great with them, or should I say, he tolerates their curiosity beautifully. 

Writing blog posts has never been so captivating. If only others found them so enthralling :)

But writing blog posts can be exhausting, so if we are being real honest here, this is generally the scene 90% of the time.


Followed by large episodes of complete 'milk drunk' which looks something like this:

Which I can only assume feels just like the elation at the completion of slowly devoring a Cadbury Egg. Or two.  {bring it on, Cadbury Halloween Eggs .... wait a minute.... surely there is a way to dye them red, white and blue and bring them to the shelves for the 4th of July, right??} **
**side note: I love that it looks like they took mama cat and swirled her up with a spoon in a bowl, and then poured her out. Which resulted in creating these littles that each have a bit of her coloring.**

And just to ease your fear that it's not just about kittens 'round here. {You buying this??} Our blueberry bushes are smothered and covered and providing some great additions to breakfast. 

And I'm excited for the 4th of July! Maris has been working this summer in Atlanta and she is coming home for a quick holiday visit. 

I'm off for a big drapery install! Window coverings always offer such a fantastic transformation to a room. Especially a room that had yards and yards of hunter green metal vertical blinds surrounded by hunter green painted trim. oh yeah. 

** if this has happened and ya'll haven't shared it with me, we're gonna have some troubles up in here. 


Saturday, June 28, 2014

My dearest friend refers to her as 'Sunbeam'. This daughter of mine can walk into a room and radiate happiness and joy anywhere. Her love of life is remarkable and infectious.

Recently, I have simply been putting one foot in front of the other, getting through has been the goal. I have been forced to come to conclusions that seem completely out of my realm of understanding, feeling isolated, confused and defeated. 
Struggling .... 
and becoming increasingly proficient at simply shuffling through a perpetual fog. 
Luckily, this amazing daughter of mine grabbed me recently and we danced, 
we spun and dipped and tilted with happiness.
And we sang louder than we should. 
She reminded me that when laughter presents itself, embrace it.
When an opportunity for fun arises, participate in it. 
Because the best parts of your life will be these small moments of pure joy, smiling and twirling with someone who truly matters to you. 

Oh, to dance brave and unafraid, more often. 

I am hoping that this weekend you will slow down, tilt your face up, and bask in the beauty of your own Sunbeam!!

A special invite

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Excited to have my artwork included on an invite for a wonderful evening to benefit a great cause!!

Rebecca and Josh got married!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The nuptials took place early in the warm evening of the last weekend of Spring. Summer Chapel is nestled deep in the woods of Whiteside mountain in Cashiers, NC. This wedding day had been years in the making for Rebecca and Josh, and with a large wedding party and a ton of friends and family that traveled hundreds of miles, we set up overflow seating under a tent right outside the tall, open windows of the original 1917 school house. 

I came to know the bride through her aunt {one of my favorite clients and people!} and loved that she selected  beautiful Cashiers, NC, the village where her family vacationed, as her destination wedding spot. This gorgeous area needs little assistance in preparation for a celebration, but I loved creating lots of personal touches in the way of painted signage and menus, custom painted pillows, twig monograms and moss covered flower girl baskets. 
After the ceremony, a reception followed at Canyon Kitchen in Lonesome Valley. This picturesque southern Appalachian farmstead, with it's sweeping green meadows, thriving gardens and the sounds of cackling hens throughout the granite walled canyons, is simply the perfect rustic spot for a celebration party. It truly is one of my favorite venues for a wedding celebration.

Rebecca and Josh, it was such an honor to help you plan your special weekend. Your love is a true testament to perseverance, dedication, and devotion. 

If you have a wedding or special event coming up, and need a planner who would love to help create your perfect day, Shannon Berrey Design offers event design, creative direction, prop rentals, interior styling, logistical management, vendor curation, photo shoot direction, destination scouting, floral creations, custom painted anything (!) and much, much more! I would love to talk to you!
****It's all about the details****

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