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Autumn brings us pretty color and a brand new store: Humanite Boutique

Monday, November 04, 2013

Did you enjoy your extra hour this weekend? We sure did! It was a busy one with mostly pretty weather. I got to enjoy the pottery festival in Dillsboro and mom came to town for a quick visit. The leaves were so deep in the yard that my chihuahua's were to watch but I'm not sure they loved it. I tried to conquer the leaf blanket with the blower but my arms starting aching and the blower ran out of gas. Those leaves are so pretty - on the trees, and there aren't many left. I cut a few of the remaining leafy branches and placed them around the house.   

These got the addition of some pretty crimson day lilies I picked up at Wal-Mart. I love grabbing a 4$ bundle of whatever flower variety they happen to have in the grocery store and then adding greenery from the yard. 

Behind the pheasants are some maple branches. My maple tree is still hanging on to quite a few of it's leaves.

And speaking of that maple has proven to be a fantastic jungle gym for this pretty face. Whenever I am in the yard, she is never more than a few feet away. She is loving learning how to climb trees. She's awfully fun to have around.

My glass pumpkin candle holder {currently minus the candle} catches the afternoon sun so beautifully on the window sill. 


Isn't it nice how long these little pumpkins and squash will last? I always leave them around until Thanksgiving. 

And here are a few more pumpkins -- in a new store window... In downtown Sylva!!!! It may not be a big deal when a new store opens in your big fancypants city, but in my little town of 2000, it's big ya'll!!

{a few weeks ago we got a brand new, freestanding Dollar Tree. I may or may not have tried to enter before they were open for business. Don't judge. Seriously, it's craft DIY heaven}

You may remember that I wrote about Humanite Boutique in Bryson City a few years ago. Bryson is about 20 miles away and we have made many a trip to shop in this sweet boutique. We were thrilled when we found out Erin was opening a 2nd location in Sylva.   

They are the best place to get fun chunky jewelry at great price points.

I love heathered gray and I am so happy it is in abundance in fashion this fall.

And my very favorite candle ever -- Seda France Japanese Quince. This is an expensive splurge, but your nose will love you for it. I even have a diffuser with this wafting through my house. But my supplies are getting low. {You listening, Santa?}

Stop by and tell Erin and her belly full of twins {!!} that I sent you in! 

{And if you stop in during Thanksgiving week or the weeks around Christmas, you may just spot a tall, curly-headed cute college gal working the register :) 

Do you know what this means??

Friday, November 01, 2013

It's November 1st!!! 

Know what that means?????????

All you November Christmas haters relax -- I can be very, very thankful while fa-la-la-ing.


Saving your day

Thursday, October 31, 2013

You have the office Halloween costume party tonight and you have simply been too busy to even think about a costume. 
  I'm here for you.    

Open the kitchen junk drawer and grab yourself some tape.  Go crazy.

{all images via FullyM via Wes Naman}

Done and Done.

{added bonus--beautiful clean pores at the end of the evening} 

Custom Shower Curtain

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When I redid the kids bath, I was in search of a simple white shower curtain. I knew I wanted to add some orange to it and first thought that I would sew on a ribbon trim. But, I really wanted it the same color orange that was on the opposite wall a few feet away. Finding a perfect orange match proved as hard as watching Snooki get voted off of DWTS. So, I thought, why not paint it? Problem solved. 
 And then..
 dang, if it wasn't impossible to find a white cotton shower curtain!! I looked at Wal-Mart, Target, Homegoods, and Bed, Bath and Beyond {really, Bed, Bath and Beyond?? that's like Dairy Queen not having chocolate syrup. dumb} 
So, I decided to sew it up. I grabbed my favorite 60" white duck fabric from Wal-Mart {yep, you heard right} 

How about that price?? I use this stuff a lot. This one is 9.3 oz, so it has a really nice weight to it. I made these pillows for Maris' dorm room out of it: 


I also made curtains out of it for my bedroom:

I added a double layer of trim -- fabric with ribbon on top, and they look a whole lot more than $80 bucks!!
But, lets get back to the shower curtain.

I ironed a small hem on the sides and a 3" hem on the top and bottom {I like my shower curtains to be long, so this one ended up being @80" finished length.} Then, I made small button holes with my sewing machine, about 1 1/2" long for the rings to slip through. They were spaced @4" apart.  

Then using a pencil, I made little marks at 4" in, around the whole perimeter. Then I taped it off with frog tape, pressing it down really well.

Using a 3" foam paint roller {used for cabinet painting}, I rolled on the Valspar Longhorn semi gloss paint. 

It took 2 coats. I used the hair dryer to speed it up. 

Cute and custom for only about $14. 


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