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100 Days of Happy

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Have you guys heard about the 100 Happy Days Challenge?  

It's a simple project that invites you to share a photo of something that makes you happy, every day for 100 days. You post it on your social media of choice {or you can email it privately if you don't want to share} with the hashtag 100HappyDays.   

I certainly want to slow down and appreciate how much happiness I have, so, today is Day 1 for me. If you want to follow along I am posting on instagram at shannonberreydesign or, better yet, join me and sign up here.

My first picture is of Beau and me enjoying Jack's baseball game. I can only wonder how many hours I have spent cheering on my favorite catcher over the past 10 years. Happy moments!!!

A study in texture

Thursday, March 20, 2014

When discussing decorating plans with clients, most get very timid when the conversation of color combinations and committing to color selections comes up. Color can be very scary. I get excited about pulling fabric swatches and combining colors and patterns of differing scale. But, I can get just as excited  about proposing a beautiful limited monochromatic color scheme which requires a ton of texture.  Explaining how to successfully use texture to achieve an exciting monochromatic plan can be very daunting and confusing.   

So what is texture as it relates to interior design? Texture is the surface quality of an object, resulting from its 3-dimensional structure, and it is often used to describe the relative smoothness of a surface. Although texture is usually touched, it certainly can be interpreted through sight. Because touch and sight are so closely related, we can successfully interpret this sense through our design decisions. 

In order for a limited color scheme to not be boring and lifeless, it needs to be stacked with texture. Let's dissect this mysterious word texture by breaking down this beautiful monochromatic room created by the designers of the firm Wolfe-Rizor

** the rug is nubby and soft and warms up the hardwood floor
** the coffee table is mirrored and shiny and reflects light
** the polished wood patina of the antique furniture verses the flat rough hewn cut edges of the stacked wood 
** the solid linen upholstery fabric has a slight texture and soaks in the light
** the sharp antler base table topped with a glass top changes the tactile texture whilst retaining the visual texture 
** the iron lamp base offers a dull rich patina 
**  the woven throw adds interest to the sofa
** the detailed paneled wall molding, although painted the same color, creates peaks and valleys that cast shadows and depth
** painting the mounts the same color as the walls {genius!} allows them to become more sculptural and a touch more feminine

 All of these opposites: rough verses smooth, shiny verse matte, painted verses raw, create a beautiful contrast and thus an interesting inviting space that is for the most part, devoid of color and pattern. 

Need help in adding a bit more texture to your interiors? Email me for design service options!



Monday, March 17, 2014

I hope you all have a day full of lucky!!!

Imagine how lucky I felt when I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Design Mom, {who just happens to have one of the most popular blogs on the planet} and saw a shout out in one of her posts!!


 And, so excited and lucky to see my beauty featured on Sevenly's Instagram feed today!!

Go throw on your green pumps, grab your disco ball and chase your rainbows -- a field of clover may be  closer than you think!!

The Grounds

Friday, March 14, 2014

I may be one of the few people that go to visit a new restaurant and get much more excited about the ambiance than the food. Don't get me wrong, I can certainly appreciate the delicious dishes of a great chef, but I think that the total experience of a night out has so much to do with the atmosphere in which you get to sit and linger.

Although it looks very much like a popular NY spot, The Grounds is Australia's claim to fame. The building was originally a pie factory until interior designer, Caroline Choker, and her family, renovated the deserted space into a combined restaurant, artisan bakery, cafe, and coffee roasting facility. She kept as much as the original industrial feeling intact -- the wooden trusses and rough beams are exposed, the floors are polished concrete and the metal framed doors open completely to invite you out onto the urban kitchen garden. It is here where they grow their vegetables, herbs, and potted plants.    

It's not just a sit down meal offered at The Grounds. They play host to yoga classes, school trips, weekend markets, and gorgeous weddings and parties. You can also attend one of their popular barista classes or speak to their own horticulturist who works closely with the chef. The interiors and floral displays are always changing as they have their own in-house stylists and floral designers.

Of course these folks have an on-site farm area! You can mingle with the chickens, rub on the lambs, or vow never to eat bacon again as you sit with Kevin Bacon {apparently this is now Australia's most famous pig}.

I mean, have you ever spotted a lovelier loo????

I can't imagine a more lovely spot to enjoy a meal. 

I now have dreams of opening up my own version of something just as beautiful......

Wishing you a dreamy weekend!


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