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Thursday, September 30, 2010
Apartment Therapy recently did a post about designers favorite things---which objects or trends they choose to display in their own homes. It's fun to see what personal items make it into their casas. I was thinking about my favorites..... I realized that several of my favorites actually share the same space. So, I'm posting one of my favorite spaces filled with several of my favorite things. 

I love decorating with nature ...looooove....there is nothing more beautiful. And, I especially love decorating with birds. So, when I spotted this guy many years ago, I was head over heels. He's made of metal. He's super heavy and super sturdy. Even so, he probably was not intended to hold 75 pounds of baubles and beads, but (thankfully) the birds haven't given me any lip (er...chirps). 


One of my other faves is the mirror behind my flock. I got this guy as a 'bundle package' when many years ago,  I was searching for a sofa for my kids playroom. I answered an ad from a lady in Asheville who was selling not only a sofa, but pretty much everything she owned. I ended up with several side tables, a coffee table, and a FABULOUS sofa--we are still using that beauty!

The kind lady actually gave me the mirror. She thought it was not repairable (my favorite finds!) It was unpainted and had a few cracks that needed some filling. I primed, used a gray-blue paint and a glaze to give it a rich patina.

The little silver tray came from Pottery Barn Outlet ($5) It holds some little glass boxes filled with odd buttons and pictures of my kiddos. The frame holds a school picture of my hubs (I know it doesn't fit perfectly in the frame). The conch shell held our wedding rings when we got married on the beach. And under the tiny cloche--a beautiful little feather (I really like that its 'spotty' just like the lampshade!!)  


And, speaking of the lampshade, here is my silly oriental lamp (don't judge.....)

He was a gift from my mom about a decade ago. I do love him so.  He started out life with a much more serious silk shade, but it just didn't match his smitten personality. I'm pretty sure he's holding his little bundle of greenery a little less tightly, as a result.

And my most recent addition to this area--my petite vintage chandelier that I scored from The Whistle Stop Antique Mall. It took 2 trips to convince myself that it was beyond perfect.


So, that's of my favorite areas......the spot which is my last stop before heading out for the day. I grab my jewels, check the curls and I'm off..

Do you have a favorite spot in your house? Where is it?

(on a side note: I bought my bird sculpture from Midnight Farms in Cashiers (a looong time ago). It just so happens that I spotted it in Charleston Gardens most recent catalog:

I promise I didn't pay that for mine!! 

Random funny..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My store was located on Main St in our little mountain town.  It hasn't changed a lot since the historic buildings were built. With only a few stoplights, it is an eclectic few blocks with great dining, a General Store, local photography gallery, book stores and antique stores. We all know each other and as store owners we looked out for each other. 

I (along with 95% of downtown) was closed on Mondays (if you can't beat 'em, join em...)  But, a few businesses close to me, were open. So, when a Fedex delivery was attempted to be delivered to me on a Monday, Mr. Delivery Man decided to leave a note on my door indicating which neighbor the package was left with. The next morning I found this note on my door:

Some of us might call my neighbor's business a 'Beauty Salon'..... Not my delivery guy....nope, my package was at the near by 'Hair Doing' place.  I realize that I probably find more humor in this than others, but, it still cracks me up and truly made my day.....

So here's hoping you can find some funny in your Wednesday!!

Great Kids Spaces

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I love the opportunity to design a space that would stimulate a young mind...
juicy colors, imaginative artwork, creative storage ideas. 

Check out these beautiful images of great inspirational kids spaces:

   Beach House Bunk Room
Just a splash of the unexpected here and there – such as the hot pink bean bag chairs and bold lamps – is a great way to introduce some brightness in an all-white room.

Kids' Play Place

Kids' Beach Bedroom

This South Carolina nursery is full of bold, contemporary flourishes, from hand-painted sky blue stripes on the wall to a faux-zebra rug. Thick white curtain panels and an overstuffed swivel chair give nursery necessities a luxurious update.

{Images from}

Eddie Ross

Monday, September 27, 2010

While living in the mid-west right out of college, I had the opportunity to work in visual merchandising for the Jones Company.  I loved the opportunity this position gave--the combination of using textiles and objects to evoke an emotional response. Hopefully the response was 'I want to buy THAT!'

(anthopologie window)

One of the best in the business (in my opinion), is the fabulous Eddie Ross.
And really, his first name should be Fabulous....Fabulous Ross. 
He has worked for Martha, House Beautiful, and a little stint on Bravo's Top Design
(what ever happened to that show?)

He has a kazillion talents--he ran his own catering company for a bit. He has executed beautiful, stylish events and has a true passion for entertaining. AND he does it on a small budget with objects from Goodwill, Homegoods, and tag sales (my kind of decorating!) just to name a few...

He competed and won the Bloomingdale's window design challenge last Christmas:

He creates the most entertaining stories about the (pretend) people living in his 'windows'. He is very animated and his wonderful narratives are as much fun as his windows.  

I am currently completely enamored with a window he just completed for the icon, Carleton V ltd.--
producer of gorgeous textiles. He was given a tiny window -- 
90 inches wide by 34 deep, or about the size of a closet.


After a few days of contemplation, he decided to create a work space for a well traveled,
busy designer  (hhmmmm...really liking this idea ;)

First on the agenda -- the walls...of course they would be draped in fabrics! Look how much bigger the space looks by using a large scale pattern on them!

Then, using more of the fabrics, he created the desk with plywood, staples, ribbon and hot glue:


For his last DIY..a corkboard that he covered in silk (not sure how practical silk is on a corkboard ...but it looks fantastic!)


Then he brought in his final layer:  wonderful antiques, artwork, desk accessories, fresh flowers...BoardDetail

The end result is soooo beautiful. It does exactly what it should--it shows the fabrics (the 'customer') in a beautiful, relatable vignette. It makes you stop and for a little bit you can imagine yourself being a part of this room....answering client calls, jotting thank-you cards, reviewing paint samples....

I would be extremely happy working in this little window!! Such a great job!!
 Thanks Fabulous Eddie for the Monday Inspiration!
For more on this project, check it out here 


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