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It was a Golden weekend

Monday, January 12, 2015

Did you watch last night?????

It was good! I love Amy and Tina together. I loved the dresses and seeing the beautiful fit bodies in the gorgeous gowns {You go, Kate Hudson}. But the best part of the show......


I'm with you, Allison!!!!!

It was soooooooo good to see Prince!!! 

You know something else that was good to see?

This room.

Kristin Jackson hit it out of the design park with this bedroom she just completed for her teenage stepson. Take it from a mama of a teenage boy, this is GOOD and not easy!!!! 

Have a Golden week!!!!!!

Happy 2015 {or early Happy Valentines Day}

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Welcome back to real life!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready to tackle the '15. Here in the mountain valley, we had a great time together! Mom came in from Clemmons and she and Jack showed up in the same shirt on Christmas morning. 


Really cool when you are a rad Grandma, not quite as awesome when you are a 16 year old boy...

and let's just take note of how tall my baby has gotten in the last 6 months. If he is still for a minute, I swear I can see that neck actually stretching.  

Apparently dressing in gray is really, really cool. Just call us trendsetters.

Or really boring dressers -- you pick.

And this beautiful bunch of pretties was delivered to me New Years Eve.

I can't remember being this excited about starting a new year in a loooooooonnnnng time!!!

I did an install over the break. This is a sneak peek of a major element of the room! It is a huge painting - any guesses on who it is??

hint -- it is my 10 year clients favorite singer

This was her reaction when she saw the room for the first time. 

I am still waiting on a few smaller pieces and then I will do a post on it. 

There is a ton of painted vintage furniture that I worked on for this room. While I was outside last week painting a chest with some horribly smelly spray paint, I started hearing crazy loud beeps. It took me a second to realize it was my house beeping - more specifically, every smoke detector in my house. Panic stricken, we ran through the house trying to figure out where the smoke and burning smell was coming from. Every door was thrown open, yelling and barking was happening, every floor was thoroughly run threw, the fire extinguisher was located, the electrical panel was flipped off...but we couldn't find the source!!!!!!  

And then we did.....I was boiling water for some tea.....I started it when I first started painting the furniture {I had been painting a long time, ya'll}. It evaporated and the pot was cooking. Not tea to drink, mind you, tea to stain some fabric for another project....obviously.

If you are ever super bored and need some cheap entertainment, make sure all 6 of your cats and your 3 dogs are in the house and then set every smoke detector in your house off. Be prepared for some ridiculous panic to ensue....

Here's to a new year of chaos, fun design and new projects!!!!

Christmas love

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

{my mom circa 1960ish}

Here's hoping your many glasses of eggnog leads you to express your love and gratitude for everything you have been blessed with this holiday season -- even your lovely, tinseled tree. Bottoms up!!  

{and let us just be reminded that stripes are a chic trend that is simply a classic!} 

Neon Christmas at The Public House

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The exterior of this historic 1818 Federal style home is beautiful. But, it certainly offers no insight on the eclectic, fun Christmas decor that is going on inside!

The Public House, as it is referred to, is the Huntsville, Alabama home of interior designer, Lauren McCaul

I love her use of neon pink to decorate for Christmas! This fabulous banner was made with pink and orange flagging tape
{It's called 'tape', but it's not sticky. It's a super thin plastic and it's cheap! Remember when I made chandeliers with it for the Prom??}

I'm in love with her decorating style. And I'm also in love with the use of Lindsay Letter's holiday artwork scattered throughout!! 

I am a long time fan of Lindsay's and I always look forward to her holiday collections. Speaking of....
Check out this year's 12 Days of Christmas paintings that she is offering as printables. 


Until Christmas, this complete download is only $15{!!} and then it will be $50. You get the option of different sizes, as well as gift tags. These would make great gifts!! I have already purchased mine and I have a million different ideas on how I'm going to use them!

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