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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I know I said I would be sharing more pictures from the market today, but as the day progressed, the battery life in my camera apparently didn't..When I downloaded the shots I decided that the picture quality is really too horrible to post {not that the previously posted ones were that much better!} So, I will just share a photo that was actually taken at the very beginning of the day.
I got the opportunity to meet the fabulous Kelly Hoppen--british designer extrordinaire

I'm not showing you the whole picture--that's me on the right.  It's a horrific picture of me {sorry for the vanity cropping  {it's my blog and I'll crop if I want to!} Trust me, those are my kinky curlies about 2 feet above Kelly's luxurious locks.. I had no idea how petite she is!! She was in super high heels and I was actually bending my knees. But, I guess my 5'10" makes most look petite..sigh...


These are just 2 of her great books.  She has a very distinct contemporary look and has been referred to as 'The Queen of Taupe'. In the last few years, her style has become more eclectic and we've seen a little more color interjected.



These are shots from her loft-style flat in London. It was designed after a month long trip through Bhutan. She returned from the trip with a renewed vigor and lust for life. The result was free-flowing silhouettes and round, soft, feminine shapes--a far more relaxed approach to her signature style.


Thanks for indulging me Kelly!

Highlights from the Furniture Market

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
I kinda feel like I tackled the market at hyper-speed this weekend. While I love the experience of going to market, I also know that most everything I find (and fall in love with) won't be in production for months. The clients I am currently working with need their homes finished asap, so ordering from market wasn't for them. Nope, this trip was going to be a little guilty pleasure for me--seeing the newest trends, being surrounded by people who share the same passion and getting fabulously inspired.  

Turning a corner, I spotted it out of the corner of my eye--the fabulous Osborne and Little It's one thing to covet online or in a's quite another to see it in person!! To touch the flocking of the sihouettes {oh you better believe I did} -- it's so good! I know the wallpaper isn't new (May '08) but, I am still so smitten with it. I love the lime green with the sultry gray and then the way the rich kelly green of the ferns plays against it. Really, really good.   



This is the brand new line from the UK's Julian Chichester--Mr. Brown.

I super loved that chandelier--zinc on top, mirrored inside, and aged brass on bottom -- all suspended from brass rails.   

I already know where I want to use this lamp.

Another new find was Halo Living.

This is a new line by Esquire Home {as in Esquire Magazine}. They debuted at the April market .Their press release explains their look as  "a lifestyle focused on luxury, sophistication and comfort - with a unique furniture collection that every man will want to own." They did a great job of merchandising this feeling. It felt like a super cool mens club -- really dark and masculine. Sort of like Anthropologie meets Abercrombie {minus the cologne wafting from the ceiling}  

 The opposite wall was decorated with tennis rackets {check out the grass on top of the wall!} 
The upholstery featured lots of neutrals, tweeds, and leathers. This combined with the reclaimed woods, the metals and the crystal dripping chandeliers, created this great juxtaposition of interesting textures and strength of character.

More chrome--on the boxes and the tables.

This wall featured small antique wooden chairs holding red hat boxes.

I absolutely loved this swivel chair with the combination leather, metal and rivets. As a matter of fact, this chair appeared in a lot of showrooms. My prediction is we will see variations of this chair showing up in several catalogs and stores in the next few months. {FYI- unfortunately, it is super pricey so we will have to wait until it makes it appearance on Copy Cat Chic! }

I will show you a few more showrooms tomorrow.

Oh Candice...

Friday, October 15, 2010
I'm a big fan of Candice Olsen. I have seen every episode of Divine Design more than once (or maybe more than 3 times...) She has impeccable taste and yet she usually gets stuck redoing everybody's basement (why is that??) She's so fun to watch. When she's done, it's barely recognizable compared to its original hum-drums. I always feel a little bad for the rest of the clients house.. can you imagine how odd that must be? 

When I saw an ad announcing that Divine Living was celebrating its Grand Opening in Asheville, I was more than a little excited. A fast google search convinced me that it was, in fact, connected to Candice. Since I had an appointment in Asheville the next day, you better believe I was checking it out.

     This truck was sitting in the parking lot. Excitement was building...

Would they have her beautiful fabrics, her 'to die for' chandeliers, her stylish rugs, her original framed artwork??? 

I walked in...


None of the above. What a disappointment. I never ever would have known that this store was connected to Candice.
(well, other than that big truck in the front lot)


But, this doesn't change my adoration for you Candice, I still heart you!!
{picture from a previous furniture market} 

I'm off to the High Point Furniture Market! Can't wait to share my finds with you.  

Rustic Hardware

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love these hardware ideas featured in a recent post at Design Sponge. I'm a big detail person and I think that this is a great place to really interject your own personality. Living in the mountains, a majority of my clients are folks who have purchased or built a 2nd home in our area. Since nature and the beauty of our mountains are what drew them to the area, it only makes sense that nature be included in the design of their interiors. Plus, if I can convince people that a carved bear or moose toilet paper holder DOES NOT have to be in their house simply because they now are living in the mountains, well then, I sleep a little better at night....     

[Image above: 1. 
Golden Forever Knob $12; 2. Calico Owl Knob $12; 3. Interlaced Twig Handle $18; 4. Sly Fox Door Knocker $24; 5. Woodpecker Door Knocker $40; 6. Octopus Pull $39; 7. Owl Hook $20; 8. Floral Knob $43; 9. Coiled Rope Knob $10; 10. Twig House Number $12.51; 11. Bronze Egg Knob $100]


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