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A rustic addition

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

These clients had added on to the back of their house. Beyond the sawhorses and plastic is the new part. This was the point that I entered the picture. It was a great open space with lots of natural light but all the light and the views in the living room, were not mixing nicely with the very pale yellowy-tan paint that the home owners had just covered their living room, dining room, TV area and kitchen walls in.

Your paint color is so, so important in design. We could have left the color alone, but then we would have selected all our fabrics, rugs, pillows and artwork to work with yellowy-tan. Not to mention that we were installing a rock fireplace which had no yellow undertones.  I feel strongly that people hire designers for their honesty, insight and judgement , not to simply 'hold-hands' or 'ok' decisions that they have already made. We decided that the color would work in the dining room and kitchen but the living room would be repainted a more neutral taupe--it worked beautifully.




These are obviously not professional photos. I have been really bad about taking pictures of past projects, but I am getting better!  I need to go back to get better pics--you can barely see the great banding with nailheads on the bottom edge of the Lee sofas or the yummy fabrics on the upholstered ottomans, or the handmade {from the potter down the street} lamp behind the sofa ...

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Monday, October 25, 2010
Or rather 'tornado-like' winds and loss of power...AAGGHHH! This has been a really crappy start to a week. With back-to-back meetings scheduled, a to-do list that included pillow making and reupholstering--I got nothing done!! We lost power due to a ridiculous storm that left as fast as it hit but it managed to snap power poles that left the lines in the street that then got run over. It has affected a ton of homes and businesses in our area. So, we are now on hour 13 of 'no power' which also means no water and {because we are on a well with an electric pump} no flushing toilets {yum}. The automated power company lady says that we may have power tomorrow...super

A wonderfully fabulous client has offered up her vacation home, which just so happens to be right down the road, to us tonight {not to mention we have received other offers from equally wonderful friends---thanks peeps!} So we are actually living large! How many of you designers actually get to 'live' in the homes you've designed for others--pretty cool, right?    

For those of you that follow my RSS- you got this post a couple of hours ago 1/2 complete. Apologies! For some reason my blogger admin thinks its 1 day earlier than it actually is and so it's posting pre-completion. Just part of the 'Monday's', I guess.  

So, I have very little for you. The dogs and I went on a little nature walk down our street this weekend and we came back with some pretties. So here they are...

Here's hoping that Tuesday is much better than Monday!!

Thanksgiving prayer

Friday, October 22, 2010
Eight years ago, Traditional Home featured Garrison Keillor's {the Prairie Home Companion guy} home in Minnesota. I fell in love with his dining room art. It was simply an oversized prayer done on a black background. Does anyone else remember this March 2002 feature?

I ripped it out and it lived in my 'to do' file for a long time. I thought this would be great inexpensive art that would be easy to recreate.  Only one problem--I couldn't for the life of me make out the entire poem due to the chandelier..grrrr.  

It must have been popular with a lot of people because I read a 'letter to the editor' in the magazine a few years later asking for the prayer to be shared in it's entirety {YES!} The editor stated that they had been asked for the prayer many times since the issue hit the newsstand and they would be glad to share it.....Now we were in business!

Oh Lord we thank thee for this food
For every blessing, every good.
For earthly sustenance and love
Bestowed on us from heav'n above. 
Be present at our table Lord
Be here and everywhere adored.
Thy children bless and grant that we
May live in paradise with thee. 


I used a 36" x 48" canvas from Michaels {with my 50%off coupon}. I painted it black and then 
placed blue tape to create my horizontal lines. Then I freehanded the prayer with white paint. 

It comes out for the holidays. I rotate my art a lot.

** sidenote: I got to see Garrison live at WCU's Performing Art Center last year. He is so entertaining--go if you get the chance!

Happy Weekend!


Tackling a renovation

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm getting ready to start a major renovation for a 2nd-home client. It's a beautifully preserved 30 year old mountain home that needs some updating. It's so full of potential and the views from the enormous porches are just about the best of any that I have seen. Collecting all of my ideas for this project has had me revisiting one of my favorite remodels done by the Hellman's in upstate NY.

This is what the 106 year old looked like when they first discovered it. The 6,000-square-foot building had been converted into six apartments and had stood abandoned for 25 years. Now I love a challenge, but, Holy Cow!! These brand new parents were not daunted. They removed the yellow asbestos shingles and discovered well-preserved clapboard.  

And this is the beautiful 'after' with a new paint job, roof, windows (all 57 of them), and a new porch.


They closed in the back door and replaced it with a fabulous oven. It doesn't appear that the size of the room was changed. But the custom buttery yellow cabinets with the glass paned doors sure makes the space feel bigger.

I love the double Restoration Hardware pendants over the island
 {Unfortunately these are no longer available}. 

For 14 months the family lived in a nearby hotel while basically stripping the insides to the studs. After the walls came down and the linoleum came up, they discovered pine floors and great paneling on the side of the staircase.

Is this not a great entryway?! I am always amazed at the transformation paint can make! Not only is their restoration work fantastic, but, their furnishings are so respectful of the age and style of the home. They scoured flea markets to collect all that great artwork. I love their 'rules' behind it---each piece must cost less than $100 and it must include a house!
 {check out the pheasant on the newel post}   



The home didn't have a master suite since it had been divided into 6 residences.
 After the reno, it had not only a master bath, but 3 and a half other baths and 6 bedrooms.

 We are still in the beginning planning stages of my clients remodel-- collecting all of our bids, dicussing all of our options. This is actually one of my favorite parts of a project!     

*click here, if you want to see more pictures from this great remodel from Country Living 

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