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Monday, November 01, 2010

This was our destination mentioned about in last weeks post. This was my first trip to this little beauty. But, considering it is only 15 minutes from my house, it certainly won't be my last!

Not to mention that Humanities sells the cutest clothing, shoes and even home furnishings.

 Just like the chalkboard states, Humanities is a believer in 'giving back' both locally and globally. We missed getting to meet the owner Erin, but found out her heart was touched when she visited Africa several years ago on a mission trip where she got to witness, first hand, the devastation of AIDS and the orphans the disease has left behind. After working many years in Atlanta, Erin and her husband decided to come back to her home town and open Humanities. This would allow her the opportunity to give a percentage of her sales to two organizations that are so important to them--New Century Scholars and Heart for Africa. Not to mention what she was also giving to Bryson City--a {very needed} lovely, unique place to shop!  

We did get to spend time with Liz-- the artist extraordinaire who is the art director for the boutique. 
Everywhere you look, you get to admire her talents. But, her efforts are actually a team effort,
she is quick to add, with help from her husband. It's hard to believe that this
 pint size beauty is full of so much creativity.  

Aren't these paper mache trees great? What a fun way to display the jewelry
 {'team Liz' made em-of course}  


Erin used shutters, old barnwood and doors to construct her fixtures.

And her Grandma's reupholstered sofa makes the perfect place to try on the boots!

They have a pair of these tufted linen chairs-they are such a great size.
Can't you see these flanking a rustic dining table?

Super cute idea!


The great front windows consisted of fluttering tissue paper leaves {team Liz}

let's just add this idea to our huge list of 'why we love chalkboard paint'

They have fabulous chunky jewelry which I am all about. Not to mention, great jewelry prices--
the reason that these little lovelies came home with me!
The guy in the middle already made it's debut at the Balsam Mountain Barn Party this weekend!

{Ruby Peoples Photography}

And did I mention that Liz also models for the store?! Is she not the cutest?
She has a new blog that shares even more of her talents. You can check it out here.

I hope to meet Erin on my next trip. I know this store is going to be a huge success!

Some last minute Halloween goodies

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Do you know how many of these I have made using shoeboxes, Polly Pockets, and little plastic animals
 for the kids school projects??! But look how adorable this little diorama is living happily in a pumpkin.
I think this may be my favorite halloween decoration ever.


And how about this fun idea with a Funkin! Paint it white (or any color) cut a hole in the top big enough
 to slip over your pendant light and then another hole in the bottom to let the light shine through.  

These images are from Sweet Paul, one of my favorite blogs. He just recently launched an online
magazine that has the most beautiful photography I've ever seen. And, it just got voted the
Food and Wine Magazine of the year--Bravo!  

And this is a blast from the past shot of one of my favorite trick-or-treaters-- my curly-haired cutie patootie {he's now 12} The sweet thing is, that his super hero costumes didn't just come out in October, no these were worn every. single. day. for years. I am pretty confident that we had every superhero costume ever made.  

Have a safe happy Halloween!

The driverless car and the {lovely} teenager

Friday, October 29, 2010

I really needed one of these yesterday. It's a new driverless car. We had Teacher Workdays Thursday and Friday {love those!} so I convinced my daughter that we should drive 15 miles down the road to Bryson City to check out a new{ish} boutique that I had heard was really great.

The weather was a beautiful 70 degrees with the clearest, bluest skies. There was only one problem. I could not keep my eyes on the road! The leaves, although a little scarce, here in the Smoky Mountains are just ridiculously beautiful! 

Now I already don't drive 'up to par' according to my 'I have had my Learners Permit for 3 months and I am a way better drive than you, er anybody....' 15 year old daughter.   grrrrrr...  So I got to hear 'CAN YOU PLEASE KEEP THE CAR BETWEEN THE LINES!' a lot. Like, a lot, alot. So many times, that I apologized for being a horrible role model and we had to once again have the  'don't do as I do, do as I say' talk.  

I guess I also need to apologize to anybody else that was driving down 74 yesterday outside of Bryson. But geez, is God not amazing?? I mean the colors this season have just been glorious. It looked as if the sugar maples were plugged in and were glowing!

Before you call social services, please understand that I pulled off the road (many times) to take these pictures. My lovely daughter was as excited about the beauty of the leaves as she was about my driving. 'Really, Mom, we need more pictures?' (please insert colossal sarcasm and dramatic eye rolling) 

Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.  ~George Elliot

Ooh and we made it to the boutique and it certainly lived up to its hype! I took pictures--I can't wait to share this little lovely with you!

*don't worry--'said teenager' doesn't read moms blog--that would be so 'not cool'. 

Lucas Studio

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I first fell in love with Lucas Studio when they made Traditional Homes "Top 20 Young Design Firms to watch" in April 2009. Their work is complete perfection.

Picture 9

Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat met while working for the fabulous design firm Michael Smith. In 2005, the two opened their own boutique interior design firm in West Hollywood. 

Picture 7

Picture 11

 Their completed projects are all over the United States and in a multitude of design magazines.   

Picture 8

 I spend a lot of time on their website--scrolling through their amazing portfolio. Soaking in their colors, the furniture details, the antiques, the lighting, the wall treatments......I love you Lucas!!

1,2,3,7,9: House of Turquoise  4,5,6,8: Stylebeat

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