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Rustic bathroom

Monday, November 08, 2010

If given my choice, nature is my first go-to in design. I love taken inspiration from our mountains and tweaking it in an unexpected way. One of my favorite 'nature' projects I've done was a bathroom for the Cashiers Showhouse last year. The theme was 'Green - Leaving a Legacy'. While some designers interpretation was modest, mine was 'full out'!

The big piece in the room was my sliced wood sculpture. In the bathroom,
 I designed it to be a towel/robe hook  {I left a few pieces longer than the rest}.
But, it could be used in lots of other ways:
  headboard, tabletop {with a piece of glass on top}, a room divider. 

These prints were a big hit from Spicher & Company. Koleen Spicher has a great folk-art style that includes lots of bugs, trees, and butterflies. Her work has been seen in sets of TV shows like 'The Sopranos' and 'Even Stevens' as well as the movie 'Deep End of the Ocean'. I use her art in lots of projects.  

I love that rustic can be interpreted so many ways. It can be extremely sleek and contemporary or warm and cozy. In keeping with the tradition of the Cashiers area and the rich history with the heritage of this particular home, traditional rustic was my choice. This was accomplished by using traditional toile fabric, handmade pottery and antique accessories.  

I scored this great lamp for $20 {!!!} at Sweeten Creek Antiques in Asheville. I added the bird shade
and planted it like a terrarium. A little turtle lives happily amongst the mushrooms, river rocks, and ferns.  

I know my take on the 'green theme' was a little more literal than some some of the other designers. Obviously one wouldn't use a real moss bathmat or grow ferns in ones tub :) but, it was a showhouse so I felt at liberty to go a little over the top. The roller shade is made from an old map, jute webbing and some covered buttons.  

I got the great sign at an auction from an old Country Club.
No one else even wanted to bid on it so I got it for free--score!
  The pencil drawing of the 3 judgemental ladies is one I did in high school. 
 I guess you could say that this is my idea of bathroom humor...

Designing Domesticity

Friday, November 05, 2010
Remember my tutorial on making a monogram lampshade? Well, I got an email from cute Liz at Designing Domesticity where she shared with me that she made one for her girl's room! 

{Designing Domesticity}

It looks great! And I love that owl lamp {check out her post to see what Mr. Hoo looked liked when she bought him!} I think it really ties the room and the colors in the room, together. If you've tried one of my projects, I'd love for you to share it with me.
This weekend we're working the Chili Fest downtown, then shopping the Pottery Festival in Dillsboro. We've got a snowy forecast, but being in the valley, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't cancel our plans. 
Have a great weekend!    

Well, smack my bum and call me Sally!

Thursday, November 04, 2010
Remember what happened in this post. Well, the following phone call happened the other day:

Me:    Hello
Daughter:  Really...
Me: {racing thoughts of all that this may encompass}  What?
Daughter:  REALLY ?!
Me:  I don't think I know what we're talking about.
Daughter: Your BLOG {the last word said like it's a 4-letter word, well it IS a 4-letter word, but you get me}
Me: {smack my a*% and call me Sally!!  excitement builds} You.. Read.. My.. Blog???!!  {chest begins to fill with pride}
Daughter:  Uh, NO, I happened to see your link on Facebook.
{excitement leaves...of course...facebook..drats}
Me:   Oh... {not at all prepared for this}....did you like it ?
Daughter:  What do you think?
Daughter:  {busts out laughing} Oh my gosh, mom! 
Me:   I love you, Maris!!!

Prom '10

What I didn't include in the previous post, is that Maris truly has the best sense of humor on earth. Although sarcastic, {she comes by it naturally} she is the funniest kid around. She adores laughing and making others laugh and she has the best smile. ever. And the best part--she loves to laugh at herself. How many teenagers can do this?

{she struck a pose that she found to be hilarious}

She is gracious and kind. A stellar athlete (Varsity Track, Volleyball and Basketball) An honor roll student. Student Council Secretary. Actress.

{cast of Grease-Pink Ladies '10}

OK, enough already.....
So, although we have the normal 'teenager issues', I absolutely adore this creative, motivated, happy girlie-girl.  

We were at a game the other day and someone asked her "Maris, what do you want to be when you grow up? Without so much as a breathe she answered 'A trophy wife'. Wish you could have seen everyones expressions...... 


Where the heck are you?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Jen of Slumber Designs started an exciting new project, she created a blog to help bloggers find other bloggers close to them. It's called Location Central and she has over 500 bloggers signed up by state. It's simple -- all you have to do is leave a comment in your state (ie. North Carolina) with your blog address and city. You might want to go try it out and see who your neighbors are!

On her blog, Jen says: "I have started a new blog called Location Central. This blog will be a one-stop shop for bloggers around the world to locate fellow bloggers in our areas. The reason I created this blog is because I know there are so many other bloggers in my state but I just don't know who they are. Heck, I may have a few in my own neighborhood! I would love to visit their blogs, learn more about my community and hopefully build new friendships and networks. I know many of you have expressed this same desire. What perfect way to find out who lives near us!"

Just in case you were wondering--that green star is my hangout:

And for all of you in the Asheville area--don't miss this one tomorrow:

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