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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Searching for the perfect door hardware and just can't find what you're looking for? 
Ghost Nest is a relatively new company that offers some really great knobs! 

Based in San-Fransisco, the company offers a huge variety of art to choose from for your hardware.
 Or, if you can't find exactly what you are looking for, then design your own!

{chez larson}
You can submit any image or photo and they will create a one-of-a-kind knob.
Imagine the ideas-- silhouettes, monograms, pet photos, a picture of socks for your kids sock drawer...the sky's the limit!!

{Three Men and a Lady}


ghost nest 5

And check out the cute packaging!

Before and After: Charleston Style

Sunday, November 14, 2010

We are still in Charleston. As we walk the cobblestone streets we 'ooh and aahh' over the gorgeous old homes, the lush landscapes, the enticing porches. We talk about the ones we choose as our favorites and the ones that we feel need a little love. We make up stories about the people we presume to inhabit the homes. And we get really excited over the ones with the 'For Sale signs ' hanging in the window since they are empty and we feel at liberty to make our way up the ivy covered brick stairs to look in the windows--peering in at the massive staircases, crystal chandeliers and pristine plaster moldings. We talk about which of the beauties we would like {in a few years } to hang our hats in and the modifications we would make--different paint colors, larger window boxes... 

So, I thought I would share with you some images of a renovated 1890 Charleston home near Sullivans Island that Kathy Heller and family transformed from dark and gloomy to breezy and beautiful. It was done so well, that they won the overall cottage' Before and After make-over' contest in Charleston Home Magazine this year.

  The present-day kitchen was last used as a game room.
After, kitchen
Before, living room
After, living room
Before, master bedroom
After, master bedroom
Before, bunk room
After, bunk room
Before, shared bathroom
After, shared bathroom and bunk room
{images: Charleston Home Magazine} 

Charleston Weekend

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hubby surprised me with a birthday trip to Charleston--one of my very favorite places!! We will be checking out the 2nd annual Lowcountry Artist Market happening at the Music Farm from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. This is an inspired event which features all sorts of handmade vintage and local goods. Some of Charleston's most unique jewelry, clothing, stationary, children's clothing, custom hair accessories, art and more will be on display and up for sale.

To get a preview of some of the goods that will be on sale at the market, check out these stores: Seek Vintage, The Fresh Stitch, Finkelsteins, Candy Shop Vintage, Dodeline Design, Pearla Anne, Lula Boutique, Lowell & Louise, Piper Blue.   

We are also going to GDC, the Open air Market, an Anthony
Bourdain show {more so for my foodie hubby :)},
the opening of the Festival of Lights and all the great shops on Kings Street.

Do you have a favorite Charleston spot that I need to see while I'm here??! Please share it with me!!     

For all you faux flower haters....the ornament arrangement

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

You don't need to water these pretties. And no green thumb is necessary.

This is a really fun take on a flower arrangement--especially cute in a little girls room.

This is the best time of year to grab some great Christmas ornaments. I am partial to vintage ornaments--especially mercury balls. I love the patina and the depth of color.  I found these at the Nichols House Antiques in Sylva.

You will also need:

  • Beaded flowers
  • floral tape
  • 6" floral picks
  • 3-5 yds of 3"wide wired organza ribbon
  • pedestal vase
  • floral foam
  • hot glue
  • package of 18" 16-gauge floral wire
  • gray or silver spray paint

Find a vase that you like. Depending on the size/shape of your vase, select a piece of foam that best fits your vase. I cut a 6" foam circle in half, spray painted it silver and hot glued it to the bottom of the vase. The silver paint just helps to hide the foam. Your finished arrangement's size will be influenced by the size of the vase. {I usually say vase height =1/3 of total arrangement height}.

Take the metal tip off the ornaments. Fold the 18" green wire in half and loosely twist it around itself. Insert it as far as it will go into the ornament and then begin wrapping the green floral tape around the wire and ornament mouth.

It will take a lot of wrapping to make it really secure. Continue wrapping the tape all the way to the end of the wire. {Remember you have to stretch the floral tape to activate the sticky}

I can't remember where I bought my beaded flowers. They were bought a long time ago. But, I did a quick google search for 'beaded flowers' and found them for sale in several places as well as for sale at etsy here. Or, you can be really crafty and make them according to Martha's directions here or you can follow Tricia {of the super great 'Oh so Crafty' blog} as she explains how to make them in her tutorial here.

Stick your flowers and ornaments into the foam just like you would a regular flower arrangement. After they are all in place then it's time for the ribbon. I used about 5 yards of a wired organza ribbon. This acts as a filler to hide all the wires and the foam and to give it an overall more substantial look.

I looped the ribbon 2-3 times to form 4-6" loops and then wrapped it with the
 wire attached to the floral pick.
 I then skipped about 12" and repeated the loops {I never cut the ribbon}. 
Then I tucked it randomly where I felt it was needed to cover and fluff.

    While I was writing this post I had an could also use some of the really small
    battery operated lights (or electric) that are on a wire and tuck them in for a fun 'party arrangement' . 

    Send me pics if you try it, I'd love to see it!    

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