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designing a guest bathroom

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thought I would share a little behind the scenes of a recent new construction bathroom.
 The house is a vacation home in our mountains. The clients wanted rustic and comfortable.

All the walls on the main floor are horizontal 10" wood. The contractor really didn't
 want to use the wood on the bathroom walls--guess who won ;) 

The inspiration for this room were the handmade leaf tiles. We wanted to use them on the shower wall as well as a few on the floor. We purchased quite a few. I decided that a 2' {give or take} accent area would work nicely on the 5' wall.
 Like a puzzle, I placed them on the ground and rearranged them {a lot} until I got a composition I was happy with. 
{Tip: After you get a look you like, whether it be for a kitchen backsplash or a shower wall -- take a picture.
Print off the picture and then tape it to the bathroom/kitchen wall so that there is absolutely, positively no confusion
 as to what the tile installer is to do. Live and Learn}

I needed to select a tile for the floor and shower walls that would compliment all of the colors going on in the leaf tiles. This one had the right colors, but it had too much movement--it almost fought the leaf tiles for importance. I knew I needed a tile that would just be the subtle backdrop.  


This is a small guest bath which meant we were very limited on the size of the vanity. We didn't want to do a standard vanity base. What we really were after was an antique dresser that we could reconfigure into a vanity. Not only did we need to love the look of it but it had to be a specific width, depth and height. Not easy....

Liked it, but the top was supported straight in the middle underneath which would
cause serious problems for the plumber. 

I LOVED this piece from Natural Curiosities at market. It wasn't old but it fit all the other criteria.
Except that it was way too expensive and it wasn't going to be in production for months...


This one had the same problems as the first one. 

I loved this beauty! Know what I loved about it??? It's metal!!
 Know why we couldn't use it in a bathroom?? It's metal...
The finish was beautiful, but it would come off if you rubbed it.
Not good for a top that would need to be routinely cleaned.

Rustic yes, but a little too 'engineered rustic' and too much color. 

And I think we have a winner-winner-chicken-dinner!!!
Dimensions were right. Its a great look. I love the metal details. And they were willing to
ship me the floor model from California immediately It's not an antique but it looks like it is.

The vessel sink was made from my go-to-local-pottery guy, Gordon Batten of Two Rivers Studio.    

Notice that I ended up adding a few river rocks to the leaf mosaic? Some of the areas in between 
the leaves were a little too big large for my liking. The rocks did the trick!   

Tip #2--to make a small space appear larger, install your floor tiles on the diagonal.   


Hope you had a fabulous weekend! 

Thanksgiving art

Friday, November 19, 2010

Check out Jessica's fun Thanksgiving version of the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' posters!
 And she has allowed us to share them by making them printables! Love it!
Check out her blog at Craftily Ever After and you can download the full resolution, print it out
and pop it in a frame.  

{Craftily Ever After}

Jessica has got lots of other great ideas on her crafty blog--check it out!

Have a great weekend! 

One new way to silhouette...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Glancing at these colorful resin bracelets you might miss it.....but, tilt your head to the right and then you can see it--the handcarved forehead, the slope of the nose, the angles of the lips and chin. Voila--a custom sihouette of you or your loved one made from a photograph !! Pretty cool!! 

Or you can spend {a lot} more and you can have the silhouette done in 14K for your finger.

With the popularity of silhouettes used in interior design right now, I think this is a really clever new take on using it in fashion as well. Would I spend $350 on a bracelet??? Probably not. But, it's a really fun idea. Check out Cameo by Rux on their website here.     

Urban Outfitters

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Urban Outfitters
{via wherescool}

With all the beautiful architecture that is everywhere in Charleston, the facade of the Old Garden Theatre on King Street stopped me in my tracks. It was erected in 1918 and ran successfully until the 1970's. It closed for 7 years and then was restored in 1977.  

During the 80's it was used for performances during Spoleto and eventually transformed into a performing arts space. The city lost the lease in 2003 and in 2005 it became home to Urban Outfitters. Since Anthro is not in Charleston, I will happily take a stroll through UO anytime. But, I have to admit that on this trip, I'm not sure I even looked at the merchandise.

UO poured tons of money into the restoration. A piece of history was uncovered during the renovation.
As you enter to the right, a seperate staircase used by African Americans during the days of Jim Crow was
found by workers. It was left as a reminder to this and future generations of the struggle for civil rights.

The restoration of this place is simply perfection. I stood in the balcony and imagined
 the performances that one day entertained patrons.

Crews did a great job of preserving the ornate stucco friezes found throughout the building.

Architects chose to keep many of the steel support beams exposed.

A handful of chandeliers lights the space that now serves as the dressing rooms.

And in true UO style--this wall of found scraps creates an interesting backdrop.

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