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WinMock Barn

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I had a wonderful childhood growing up in Clemmons, NC. The little town located 9 miles west of
 Winston-Salem and 9 miles east of Mocksville, has gone through some changes over the years. There
were, and still are, so many lovely rolling pastures and picturesque countrysides. I don't how many
 {hundreds of} times we drove past this old barn full of sheep in my childhood and then horses years later. 

{simply southern photography}

It was built in the 1920's by S. Clay Williams, former president of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co,
 my dads employer for more than 30 years. It sat on a sprawling 850 acres.


In the 40's, when new owners took over the estate, it was considered to be one of the premier dairy
farms in the state. They boasted one of the biggest and best herds of Red Poll cattle in the country.


In 2008, Sterling Events became intrigued with the property and had grand visions of restoring the
 old barn and creating an extraordinary events center. Blueprints were developed and a master
plan was created.

Construction began to create a spacious ballroom, breakout meeting rooms, private dining rooms,
 an executive boardroom and outdoor terraces for rental. All of this was done with preservation as
 a top priority.

{images via Tom McCulloh Photography}

{via Andrea Littrell}

Before it was completed, a couple did a mock wedding shoot to give folks an idea of how incredible it could be.

{via Vesic Photography}

Kinda awesome...

 Last weekend this dream became reality as WinMock { Winston-Salem + Mocksville} had its grand debut.

{images via Autumn Song Photography}

I can't wait to see the weddings and parties that will happen in this beautiful barn. 

From my moms current house in Clemmons, you can almost throw a stone and have
 it land on this property. I am excited to take a tour in a few weeks when I go home for a visit.   

What's going on??!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Last week you may have noticed a few changes to my blog. I thought I would {try to}
explain what's going on. 

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And finally, at the bottom of each post is my new place to leave comments. I have changed
to Disqus as my comment system and I am super excited about it.  It is way easier for me
to manage and easier for you to leave your thoughts. I love hearing from you and I read all
 comments. I try to reply directly in the comments so check back to see my reply.   


Did you know that I have a Facebook site? Yep, I do. Click on the button at the top and consider
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I haven't jumped into the tweet pool yet. This kind of sums up how I feel about it.

But who knows, never say never!


***FYI--none of these changes would have happened if it were not for my super fabulous blog developer
 extraordinaire, Hannah Grace Cole. She has been such a patient teacher with me. So, when I say things like
"I've changed this...' and 'I've added that...', what that really means is: Hannah has done it all. Let's keep it real.    

The Things

Monday, June 06, 2011

Last year, my friend Julie had twins in her belly. We threw her a baby shower with Dr.Suess' 
Thing 1 and Thing 2 as our theme. {This was before I was a blogger--those babies are
now walking!}. We had the party in my {old} store. It was a really fun, easy theme to build upon.
The wall hanging was made from a puzzle I found on ebay. I glued it to a super thin piece of
plywwod which acted as the frame. It was cut out with a jig saw and painted. 2 small holes
 were drilled at the top and a ribbon acted as the hanger.

Look how cute Julie mama is! {She's going to kill me for posting this} We gave her the
 boa--she doesn't usually show up to parties in them ;)

The $1 striped windmills {Dollar Store} were used throughout. I had the little vintage chairs
 and I taped some scrapbook paper to their seats to Suess 'em up a bit.

I found some little red onesies and painted the Things logo on each. If you don't want to
 paint these yourself, etsy and ebay both have some fun items.

Dr. Suess books were easy decorations.

Most of the paper goods came from Tar-jay.

1 package of 1$ tissue made 1 pom-pon. That's a lot of bang for the buck! I hung them throughout
with fishing line. The green lamp was purchased at a yard sale about ten years ago. I sewed colorful
felt dots onto a larger piece of white felt and then wrapped the white felt around the original shade and
 used some hot glue to hold in place. The other lamp I made using hand painted pieces of pottery--
teapot, vases, cup and saucers that were all drilled with holes and stacked on a steel rod that I then

Even the chandeliers were zhushed.

Of course there were green {deviled} eggs and ham. See the frames on the wall in the background?
They were prints of birds. I just taped scrapbook paper on top of the glass to cover them up.  

Love these cupcakes that Sheryl and Elizabeth made! The blue cotton candy mimics the 'things' hair!
{word of caution: the cotton candy starts to melt soon after it comes in contact with the icing so  don't
place it on until the last minute}

1 package of feathers, pipe cleaners and some hot glue make cute feather flowers.

If you have any questions about items in the pictures, feel free to leave it in the comments below.    

Rattan Furniture

Friday, June 03, 2011

I am breathing new life into some vintage rattan furniture. The young hip client has inherited her
grandma's sofa and 2 chairs. She is going to use the pieces inside. Because they have lived a 
nice long life outside, they have a little  a lot of wear. So, while we were playing with the idea
of which fabrics to use, we were also entertaining the idea of painting the worn pieces.

I included pictures of rattan, wicker and caned furniture. Did you know there was a difference?


This rattan sofa is stunning in black.


These wicker pieces are covered in a deep dark green.


These acid yellow chairs are stunning against the brown curtains and accent pieces.

{BHG blog}

And check out the gray-green on these chairs. It's like those pottery pieces on the
 table had a beautiful baby and it was spit out in this fabulous color!  


Fantastic headboards in black. nuff said.


Brace yourself. I'm about to knock you in your spinach eating face... 


Guess what? 

She decided to paint !!
I'll show you the 'before and after' soon.  


Here's wishing you a 'non-scorching hot' weekend! 

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