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The Skirted Console

Friday, September 02, 2011

I showed you my rustic bedroom makeover yesterday. I wanted to show you how 
I constructed the skirted console table.  

Console tables are great ways to introduce additional storage, as well as give the weight a
wall needs to balance out a design without a huge investment.

This is the wall with a desk the homeowners were originally using.
 Can you see how the scale of the small desk doesn't relate to the huge wall? 


To invest in a piece of furniture that would be the right scale could be extremely pricey. The great
thing about using a skirted console table is that you make it to the exact size, height and width that
 is appropriate for the space. 

I like to use the stackable Organizers by Closetmaid for my base. You can find these at
 most big box stores.


When put together, they look like this.

Because I wanted this table to be just a bit taller than the 32' finished height
 {31" organizer + 1" wood top}, I added some scrap pieces of wood. {I actually ended
 up only using 1 piece of scrap wood} So, finished height was 33".

The top was a piece of 12" x 6' piece of MDF. This didn't have to be cut, but, the guys at
 Lowe's/Home Depot will cut a piece to your specifications. The size of the piece of wood on
 top determines your console size--it does not have to be the same width as the organizer. I could
have used a piece of wood that was twice as wide. When I installed it in the house, I screwed
 straight down through the top, through the scrap wood and through the organizer.    

After I made the skirt, I topped it with a piece of 1/4" glass that my local glass company cut for me.
 I failed to take pictures of my construction of the skirt--sorry! But I was in a huge hurry to get it completed.
 I sewed mine, but there are no-sew directions out there that use staples and glue.    

On a 6' long table, I like to use 2 inverted pleats spaced evenly. But, this is just my preference!   

I added a little 1 1/2" banding to the hem.

There are so many great examples of skirted consoles, take a look at some.


{phoebe howard}


{grant gibson}

{michelle adams}

{palmer weiss}

{elements of style}

{palmer weiss}

{palmer weiss}

Have a wonderful Labor day weekend!!

Rustic Bedroom - Before and After

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Do you remember this post where I showed you a bed I painted? Well, I am almost
  finished with the master bedroom of a mountain vacation home where the bed lives. 
Here it is under construction.


I found the vintage cabinet door today {it's simply propped on top of the headboard in the pic} and
 think it will work great hung over the bed. I plan to place a sweet little landscape painting, that
 was given to the couple as a wedding gift many decades ago, in the middle of the door.  

This fern fabric was our inspiration for the room. I added several plaids, houndstooth, buffalo check,
 a few solids and, of course, a monogram! My clients are southern traditionalists in the truest sense!   

This was Ms.Client's favorite wing chair. It has been part of her family for many years. The original
 upholstery had seen a lot of love so we slipcovered it and the ottoman. The print above the chair is
 a piece the couple already owned--a drawing of their primary residence. 

Across the room, I made a skirted console table and hung a collection of fern prints.

This special canvas was done by one of the clients daughter's as a gift for Mr. Client several years ago.
It is such a sweet painting of a local church. I LOVE using original artwork by a homeowners family! 

The little bench at the end of the bed was made by Mr. Client when the couple were
 newlyweds and funds didn't allow for new furniture. 

I made it a little houndstooth slipcover with a small flange detail.  



Can you believe it's September already???
 I guess they are lighting the Christmas trees at Lowe's as I type....geez.

Family Room - Before and After: Tobi Fairley

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Remember the days when everyone painted their dining room or living room crimson???

Well, look what happened when Tobi Fairley stopped 'seeing red' in her Family Room.

And the other side:

Tobi has such a fresh and fun design style. Afraid of color??? Not this girl!!
Great unexpected color combo's are her signature. She doesn't let trends dictate her color
 selections or her decorating. Her designs are rooted in classic style and refined 

I was so excited to hear her speak about her business and her thoughts on social media, 
blogging, and the lost art of 'handwritten thank-you's' a few months ago at the High Point
Furniture Market. She is extremely knowledgeable {she has several degrees!} and a few
 years ago, she was selected by Traditional Homes Magazine as one of the
Top 20 Young Designers.

{Margot Austin, Brian Patrick Flynn, and Tobi Fairley}

To see more of Tobi's portfolio, visit her site here.

City Slickers come to the mountains

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When famous ATL bloggers leave the big city to visit us mountain folk, you can't expect them
 to stay just anywhere. Just like musicians on tour who require special riders, these ladies
have certain expectations. Like...
 'we prefer to vacation in only really famous cottages'

Well lucky for them, Angela's cottage is, well....famous.
 It just so happens to be featured in October's 'hot-off-the-presses' Cottages and Bungalows Magazine !

Here is Angela giving us a little peak at her casa! {via TPHblog}

{FYI--I am totally kidding about the bloggers 'needs' !!}

Know who else has stayed here?

Kevin and Layla!! 

We posed the magazine in the same spot as the original shot and the above shot where Kevin and Layla 
were standing. {This is what happens when bloggers with cameras have some extra time on their hands ;) }  

{via LoriMayinteriors}

{via LoriMayInteriors}

Angela and Clayton did such a fantastic job of overhauling their outdated cottage. So many vintage
 pieces were given new slipcovers, a fresh coat of paint and a lot of TLC.

It was hard for us to get good pictures because the cottage is flooded with so much natural light--
 not a bad problem to have, right?

{pardon the unmade bed in the bunk room--I got the shot as we were leaving!}

This may have been our favorite spot.

{via TPHblog}

 If you would like to visit the cottage, check here to see if you are lucky enough to find a free weekend!
And grab yourself the current issue of Cottages and Bungalows!

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