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Surprise! and Winning!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments, emails, and facebook comments regarding Maris' birthday.
She was so tickled with all the love!
It's always been so tough to plan her parties in the summer because her friends are always out of town. 
But, it was her 16th !! So I was going to try. Sure enough, a huge group were on a mission trip.
But, I was able to find a handful who were in town and so the surprise was planned for Sunday night at
her favorite place.     

Claymates. A great paint-your-own-pottery studio in Dillsboro.

They had the boards all ready for her!

Not only can you paint pottery, but they also offer glass fusing, candlemaking and t-shirt printing.

Maris has lots of nicknames. I had enough space on 1 of her cakes to include 3 of them:
marinater {thanks to her friend Ally}, mare-bare {family}, and spark plug {the radio announcers
at the bb games call her this-because she brings such a spark to her team}

She was gifted many sweet, thoughtful presents and was super excited to get a huge
make-up kit  {nobody tell her daddy!}

And of course, Taylor had to share the Justin Bieber love.

{I caught Sarah checking him out}

She has always wanted a phone in her room. So, she thought Robert's 'vintage' gift was hilarious.

Pretty appropriate, right?! 

With the kazillion things she is involved in, it made sense that we give her a new {old} car.
She was over the moon with her Acura.

Everyone posed with "White Beauty".

In honor of all her family in the mid-west...
The front of White Beauty got a little pink action and some bling thanks to pearly pink nail
 polish and 'diamond' screws.

It was such a fun party and I loved celebrating it with her great friends.


The night of Maris' birthday was the final game of our District 5, 13 yr old All-Star Championship. 
Guess who was victorious.

This was the banner taking a victory lap with some very happy ball players.

My dad was there {he was a college pitcher} and he was able to set the umpire
straight on more than a few {bad} calls. You go, dad!

Jack's team is now headed to the State Championship next week!


Are you super tired of posts about my kiddos? Sorry..there will be design posts soon,
I promise. 

Sweet 16

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11th, 1995 just after midnight....Maris Lee Ridenour arrived in our lives at just shy of 10 pounds.
 It was one of the best days of my life. 

{that's a lightning bug she caught with her nose}

Maris, you have never sat still....not for a minute. You have wanted to grab every single 
piece of zest out of life. And what accomplishments that zest has provided you! 

You are dramatic, funny, intelligent and creative. 

You are an amazingly supportive super hero of a big sister. Without a shadow of a doubt,
Jack has always known that if any one were ever to 'mess' with him, they would first have
 to deal with you.   

I admire your joy, your constant smile, your incredible happiness. I am so amazed at even at 
such a young age, you have always been at such peace in your own skin.  So admirable.

No one laughs harder at themself than you. I love this so much! 

Whether you are on the court, the track, or in the classroom, you always give 110% to your
coaches, your teammates, and your teachers.

You are an incredibly loyal and faithful friend and you are so fortunate to also be surrounded
by so many wonderful girlfriends.  

Life hasn't always been fair to you and yet your priorities have never faltered. 

What makes me the most proud of you, is that your outside can't even touch the
 beauty that lies within your heart..

The last 16 years of my life have never had a dull moment because of you, my beautiful
daughter. You have inspired me, encouraged me and made me incredibly proud. The Lord
has blessed you beyond belief. I am in awe of your values, and your willingness to be there
 for others. You deserve every wonderful thing in the world.

Happy Sweet 16, my sweet, sweet girl! I love you,

Our Saturday Morning...

Saturday, July 09, 2011

I hope you get some good cuddle time this weekend!


Blue Bedrooms

Friday, July 08, 2011

I have been slow to embrace the 'blue' trend in home interiors. Maybe it's because I live in the 
mountains and we are surrounded by rich greens and earthy browns and blue has always felt
like it lives happier at the lake or beach. But, I must say, I am opening myself up a lot more to
Mr. Blue. Especially when you see it in bedrooms rooms like these.




{nuevo estilo via la dolce vita}



What about you, are you a blue fan?

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