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How to create Sharpie Wallpaper

Thursday, August 11, 2011

If you visited Rambling Renovators last Friday, you saw pictures of my newly redone
guest bathroom. A guest bath that I began working on several months ago. I haven't done
 a post on the details of how I drew/painted the 'wallpaper', so I thought we would talk
 about it today. 



First, we tiled the floor and  installed some 'faux' wainscoting Check out this post to see
 these steps.  

I painted the wall {and ceiling} a really pale blue. {If anyone is interested in the color, email
 me, and I'll go look!}

Then the fun part--creating my Sharpie art!

Instead of spending a fortune on my favorite Schumacher wallpaper, I decided to draw it
on my walls instead. I printed off a picture of the Schumacher wallpaper that I used as
my inspiration and taped it to the wall to refer to. 

If you really like a wallpaper, you can find out its repeat.  In this particular
paper, this is the distance {left to right} from one butterfly/bird to the next identical


I could have easily just free-formed it, but I really liked the look of the wallpaper, the size
 of the birds, and the amount of color. So, I stayed fairly consistent to it's repeat. Schumacher
 has a cool site where you can actually zoom in on the pattern.

To make the process a little quicker, I zoomed in on each bird and butterfly to the exact same
 'zoom level' I then printed each off onto a piece of cardstock to use as a pattern.

My vertical area was only 34" so nothing was repeated up and down. Once I traced around
 a bird, then an identical bird was traced 27" to the right and 27" to the left. After penciling
in about a 6 ft area, I started sketching in the branches.

Using Sharpies on a wall is a little daunting at first, but they work really well.

After all the branches and leaves were done, I used white paint to fill in all of the birds and
 butterflies. This is not a necessary step, it just helped me to make sure I liked the placement
 of it all.
{you have to look really hard to see the faint white} 

It took several coats of craft paint to fill in the birds and butterflies.

After the paint was dry, I went back and added black details with the Sharpie.

{Hint-- try to end your pattern in a corner that is the least conspicuous}

It took an incredible number of hours to finish, but I am really happy with the results
 and the $600 I pocketed from not buying the wallpaper.


A set of crosstitched vintage framed birds and a $8 Goodwill brass lamp finish
 off the other side of the bathroom.   

I'm still waiting to find the perfect little vintage chandy, and then I can check this
 room off my {long} list!  

Veneer grid wall

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This is a great wall treatment that Katie from DIY magazine finished in just a weekend.
She used inexpensive rolls of veneer to create a stunning wall that looks way more
expensive than the $200 she spent.    

To see Katie's step-by-step instructions and to download her pattern click here


Thanks again for all your kind words--they are so very appreciated. 

A better day

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A very simplified explanation as to my absence--5 weeks ago my mom had surgery. For 5
weeks she has suffered horrible complications that have left doctors perplexed, changing
medications and ordering multiple tests. I have made many trips to my hometown to take
care of her. This weekend, my daughter went with me as we traveled back again. Sunday, 
I had to take her to the Emergency Room--she had simply had enough.
. 5 hours later, we still had no answers. This is very hard to watch at any age, but, when
 you are 16 and that's your beloved Gigi--Maris was heartbroken.

A few hours after a got mom home from the ER, I received a call that my kids dad was clearing
  land on a tractor. The tractor went over the side of a steep hill. They both went airborne and the
 tractor eventually landed on him. It took emergency personnel an hour and a half to get it off. The
 medical helicopter was flown in to get him to a trauma unit. My son was at home, my daughter
 was with me. She was terrified. I now needed to leave my sick mom to drive 3 hours to get my
daughter to her dad...

Unbelievably, he has been released from the hospital. My mom feels a little better and is seeing 
another specialist today. Maybe, maybe she can finally get some answers and some relief. 

I can't thank-you enough for your emails, comments, and most of all, your prayers.  

When it rains, it pours...

Monday, August 08, 2011

2 hospitals in 2 different cities in the same day makes for an awful weekend and not
enough clarity to create a Monday post.

Please keep my family in your prayers.  

Be back soon.

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