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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I was visiting Etsy while searching for some lighting for a client and look what I found: 

Vintage. Italian. Painted Tole. 5-arm. Electrified Sconce !!

for the love...

and speaking of...

On my love meter, this is at the very tip top. I love the colors, the scale, the tiny details in the flowers..

It's not at all what I need for my client.


So, I am being super blogger and sharing it with you, lovely readers, in hopes that you

might bring her home. If you are awesome enough to purchase this, then you must

send me pics of it in your casa {I’m thinking it would look great hanging over your bed} 

'Cause if you don't, and I find out, then I will send Jack to your house WITH his cell phone

Do the right thing, peeps.


Party Rock!!

Monday, October 31, 2011










































 The dancing robot from the Party Rock Anthem video!

 What? You don't know the shuffling robot?!


Obviously not, since nobody claimed the million dollar prize


Well hold on to your uncool seats because I am 'bout to increase your cool points. 

Take a gander at the most popular dance video going, Party Rock Anthem, and

look to the left to see Mr. Robot.

{This is an edited 30 second version--you're welcome}



{You may recall that Maris also did a little shuffling in her talent show. She was the dude on the left, in front--with the hair}


You can't tell from the above pictures but the eyes light up. They apparently flashed too fast

 to get captured with the camera. This was the only picture with at least 1 blinking eye.  




The box was primed and sprayed with metallic gold paint {Krylon}. I used window sreening to cover

the mouth and the LED bicycle light eyes. Inside was a bicycle helmet {from the thrift store} that I

 glued into a piece of foam and then into the box. With the strap attached, it made the box really

secure--it allowed for maximum shuffling. The 'bolts' on the sides were empty spool threads

{painted} with the cardboard scrap circle of the eye cut-out glued on top. 

The black pleather jacket was one of my old ones that I covered lightly with the same gold spray paint.

 It worked great!    


FYI--this, by the way, is Outfit #2. I soooooo wish I could show you Outfit #1. But, I was

 told by my 13 year old that he would ‘get even’ if I put the pictures of #1 on my blog.


He knew how much I loved #1. I pleaded for him to wear it. I took lots of pictures. He knew how

 badly I wanted to share the pics with you, my blog friends, and he really didn't trust that I wouldn't.


But, should I be worried?! I mean, really, how does a 13 year old get even??


 Well, later in the day, caught him with his cell phone over my head clicking pictures

 while I was sitting on the sofa.


Me: What the heck are you doing, Jack??

Jack: Do you know how bad your roots are?

Me: Are you freaking kidding me?!  

{ FYI--I had my hair parted, in braids. Agreed, this in no way helped my case}

 So, I am keeping my roots to myself and I will simply say that Outfit #1 may or may not

have included his sisters leopard leggings instead of the jeans. {AWESOME!!}


Now to get my hands on his stinking cell phone pics...




Happy Halloween! Go get your ghoul on, Goblins! 

Pixel People

Friday, October 28, 2011

I’ve shared before how Jack loved the superhero’s as a little boy. Dress-up wasn’t reserved

 for Halloween at our house. It was every single day. He loved his costumes. I loved his costumes.



I actually have spent my entire life with superhero’s. My younger brother was just as determined

 as Jack to dress as a member of the Justice League every opportunity he had. He had the

coolest ride-in pedal car batmobile.


Even Maris jumped in as Wonderwoman for our Christmas Card back in 2000.

And Batman surprised him at a Birthday Party!

What better time than Halloween to share these adorable crosstitch patterns for sale at

 weelittlestitches on Etsy called Pixel People.



 {Batman's Enemies}

{Justice League}

There are lot's of other just as cute, but, non-superhero patterns available as well. 

 {Star Wars}


{Scooby Doo} 

{Harry Potter} 

And my favorite:

{Alphabet Sampler}

They have tons of other fun patterns and will even do custom patterns.


This morning Robert nonchalantly asks ‘So, what’s Jack going to be for Halloween?’

What'cha know, he read my blog.

Nice try, sucker….Not when there’s a million dollars at stake.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

No, this isn’t the way we decorate our house for Halloween. Although, I’m sure my neighbors are somewhat always scared as to what they may drive by in my driveway…heck, who am I kidding, my husband is probably scared as to what he will come home to. There are always projects.

This is a clients childhood furniture—a bed, desk, dresser and bedside table that I am

 sanding, priming and painting for a new guest room in their mountain cottage. It is going to

 be a really fun transformation. I am hoping for an install next week so stay tuned.

At 9:30 last night, my son decided that he is, in fact, going to dress up for a Halloween party

 that is happening on Saturday night. ‘I need you to make this costume, mom. It's simple.’

Upon some investigating, I discovered I will need battery operated lights {only available

at Radio Shack}, gold spray paint, gold lame fabric, tons of hot glue, some kind of helmet,

 lots of cardboard, 2 cabinet knobs, 2 plastic cups, a sewing machine, and black mesh.



A million dollars to the person who can guess the costume.

Good Luck.

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