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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are you guys familiar with the 3/50 project? If not, let me ‘splain it to you real fast like:


Awesome, right? Our downtown adopted this campaign right after it started about

2 ½ years ago. It’s a pretty simple idea with huge impact. How did it get started?

With a blog post, of course.

Said blog is Always Upwards. Smarty pants behind the blog, as well as the

3/50 project--Cinda Baxter. Let's enjoy Cinda's post from yesterday, shall we:



Soooo…anybody rethinking the Missoni wares the few of you scored

while tackling your neighbor at the launch a week ago? What the...?


Monterey California

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Our Monterey hotel room couldn't have been closer to the blue California waters.  


Monterey is a long way from my home in the NC mountains. But, just a hop,

skip and a jump outside of our hotel, I was excited to find my people. How I

lurve to find local artists.


Loved this mural on the waters edge.

We spent a good part of the afternoon enjoying the beauty that the Monterey Aquarium provided. 

And I'll be darned if my people weren't at the aquarium, too!

How beautiful is this plastic bottle art display?

Outside offered us just as much beauty as we strolled by the storeowners stunning flowers.

After our shopping, we took in the scenic '17 Mile Drive'. This is the stretch between Pacific

Grove and Caramel that is full of golf courses and enormous homes.

I had to stop and grab this photo for my {golfer} dad. Notice that the picture above of the Lone Cypress is the logo {in the circle below} for the prestigious Pebble Beach.  

I'm not sure I can explain how many deer were on this course and the surrounding golf courses. It was unreal.

We finished our day off at a fabulous dinner at the Chart House. If you are in the area, I highly recommend.

Camping Bella style

Monday, September 26, 2011

I hope you had a great weekend. I spent it shopping like a crazy person for a new client. But, I know

 where I would have liked to have spent it….on a camping trip. Well, not just any camping trip, {truth is,

 I’m not much of a wilderness gal} no, but, I would have loved to have roughed it with Wendy celebrating

 Bella’s 8th birthday. Check out this ridiculous party:


See the adorable pajama pants on the birthday girl--Wendy's mom made each guest a pair!!

For the one or two of you who aren’t familiar with Wendy’s blog, Wendy is Bella’s superstar

mom who is not only a popular photographer, but, a crazy-talented party planner.


Wendy made each girl their own tent and personalized them with an initial pillow from YelliKelli  


You might remember Bella’s 7th birthday party that I posted about here. It was a pretty unbelievable

Up Party. When Wendy said she was preparing for #8 on FB last week, I didn’t think it was possible

 for her to deliver an equally fabulous celebration for this years shindig. Um, guess I was wrong.

I have 363 days to try to get my name on Bella’s guest list for 2012.


To see more pictures and get all the info on vendors, check out Wendy’s blog.

Fall Flor

Friday, September 23, 2011

The New FLOR collection for Fall is out and there are some goodies in this seasons catalog!

The texture that Just Plain Folk adds to these kids rooms is super impressive.

It really looks like the floors are covered in cableknit sweaters. It’s so warm and

cozy. And look at the variety you can get with the same tiles by simply placing

 them in different patterns.

The striped Parallel Reality rug would look so great in my daughters room!

Petal Pushers was inspired by a favorite knit afghan.


I’m incredibly partial to Cut Flowers. Its appeal is in its duplication of a vintage

embroidered sampler. If I was using this colorful rug, I would use neutral

furniture to allow the rug to be the star.

No worries if you missed out on the Target Missoni bust line because the

 Mag-Neat-O rug is here! This zig-zag design gets its great naturally hand dyed

 look from a heat transfer process into velvet cut pile. Love it!


From this angle, it’s hard to appreciate the design of these tiles that comprise the

 Be My Neighbor rug. But, stand on it and look down and you feel like you are on

top of the ‘burbs !  

How fun for a kid to run his matchbox cars along these streets!

If I hadn’t just installed new carpet in my son’s room, I would have seriously considered

the Best of Both Wools {props FLOR guys for the great rug names!}. I love the flannel

feel in the rows of loose loops that create this really plush, somewhat masculine design.

If you want to see the whole FLOR Fall collection, check them out here.


Any exciting plans for your first fall weekend? I am heading out of town

on a fast buying trip. Have a great weekend!

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