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Monday, November 14, 2011

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine. I started out my birthday morning getting to snuggle with my favorite guy. We have both struggled to adapt to daylight savings time so we ended up on the sofa together before the sun arose. Love him.  

There was silliness to be had and even a little shopping. {Humanite Boutique--in Bryson City, our favorite haunt!}

And if that wasn't enough, I got more smooches at dinner. {aaannnnd CHRISTMAS MUSIC was playing!!}

My mom drove in to celebrate with us and fixed us a delicious dinner. 

{Somehow I got no pics of mom or Robert}


My very favorite of all things chocolate, my Great-Grandmother's cake recipe, was our dessert. I can't even begin to explain my relationship with this particular cake....

And a shot of some of the goods. Do these folks know me or what?? Look at these great books and baubles!

The whole day spent with family--it just doesn't get any better. I love you guys.



Friday, November 11, 2011

{Vietnam war}

Today and every day I honor all veterans.

Especially my very favorite one --my dad, Lieutenant Colonel, Dan Pugh. I'm proud of you.


Tablecloth traditions

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I love a good family tradition and was impressed with the idea that Lynne Palazzi's mom, Vivian started many decades ago.

She took a bedsheet, added a little lace, and it became a tablecloth for the family's table. Then, whenever a guest joined them for dinner, they would write a little note or simply sign their name. 

In no time it began to fill up with doodles, messages in other languages and outlines of sweet baby hands and feet. Miss Vivian stitched her own monogram, in hot pink no less, smack in the middle. {I needn't tell you how I feel about this!}    

Vivian decided to embroider over each message. She created a key system along the fabric's edge to track the year it was signed. Each date was assigned a color. When she ran out of colors, around 1990, she began twisting 2 pieces of floss together to create new colors! {Today, with so many different colored Sharpies available, you wouldn't need to embroider if you aren't handy with a needle and thread}

What a wonderful way to document years of love, great food, and fellowship shared around one table.  

{Lynne is the Editor at Large for Country Living Magazine. To see more of the story and to read some of the funny comments left on the tablecloth, click here.}

Plum Street Prints:new website

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Last spring I finally got an iphone {which I love}. I wanted a fun cover for it so I searched online for different options. I loved the cases {and the prints} I found at the etsy store, Plum Street Prints.


Lori and Shannon are the designing moms behind this cute company. With so many options to choose from, it was hard to pick just one. But pick I did:

She has a big ole monogram smack dab in the middle of her chevron belly. Shocker.

Well, this dynamic duo are doing so well, they have just launched a new website just for their phone cases. With the launch, they are offering 20% off until Saturday, Nov. 12th. They have never done this before! Here are some of my other favorites:


They have lots more to choose from. Check them out!

Just make sure that you know FOR SURE what kind of iphone you have when you order. The sizes are different. I ordered a 3g cover. Guess what -- I have an iphone 4. {It's amazing I can even work the thing} Yep.

So, I have a fantastic giveaway for one of you luckies! If you have a 3g AND your monogram is S.B.L then it's your lucky day!! If your my monogram twin, comment below {make sure you include your contact info} and I will send you the new case. 

  {I did end up ordering the right one and I realize the chance of finding a 'monogram twin' with a 3g is slim to none, but, who knows, right?! blogland is crazy!} 

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