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Friday, February 24, 2012


{via thewheatfield by Katie Daisy}

What a beautiful day my North Carolina gave us yesterday.

I hope this weekend offers you something just as equally lovely. Enjoy!


I'm digging: Square Feet Studio

Thursday, February 23, 2012


{Abattoir via Square Feet Studio}

Ever see an old deserted warehouse and think how awesome it would be to convert it into a cool home or eclectic moody restaurant? I do. More times than I'd like to admit. The windows would be floor to ceiling, there would be lots of steel, chippy brick, reclaimed wood, exposed duct work and custom lighting {I haven't put any thought into this ;) }


{Abattoir via Square Feet Studio}

The team of Square Feet Studio are living my this dream. This ten year old firm in Atlanta melds design and architecture with a focus on space. They keep the integrity and the history of the old buildings all while creating interesting, inviting and beautifully reinvented spaces.  


 {Abatoir via Square Feet Studio}

{Barcelona Wine Bar via Square Feet Studio} 

 {Barcelona Wine Bar via Square Feet Studio}

{Barcelona Wine Bar via Square Feet Studio} 

{Barcelona Wine Bar via Square Feet Studio}  

{West Egg Cafe by Square Feet Studio} 

{West Egg Cafe via Square Feet Studio} 

The Sharpie chair

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My friend, Angela, is one hugely talented lady. {Not to mention one of the nicest and funniest people you will ever meet}. She has a whirly swirly brain and I so love that about her!

She found this awesome retro chair at Scotts. Very lovely as is. But, Angela is all about makeovers and allowing beauty to ooze out of everything she touches. So Mr. Brown Chair was given some primer and a little semi-gloss.Then she handed Sharpies out to her kids, her friends and her hubby with the instructions to 'draw a silly face.'

How fun and beautiful is this work in progress??!!

You'll want to go over to her blog, The Painted House, and check out her other chair makeovers and some peaks into her fabulous artist studio.

{Angela, please please leave a little spot for me!!}

{images via tph blog}


Monday, February 20, 2012


I find inspiration for my art and design everywhere. My brain is always spinning. It is taking in as much of the sun, the shadows, the colors and the textures that it can, as fast as it can process it. It is super crazy fast, this brain of mine. I know I can't remember it all--all that inspires me. So, I take pictures--lots and lots of pictures. It's funny, I have read recently that so many bloggers resolutions this year have been to put down the camera more and actually participate in life instead. But, if I am honest, I will admit that taking pictures puts me in the moment. There are just so many wonderful moments in this life that I struggle with remembering them if they are not documented with my camera. And I don't want to miss a thing. 

 I wish this wasn't the case, that my memory was better, but it is just the way I have come to understand myself. Crazy things excite me, silly things inspire me. I am all, completely, 100% left brain. My migraines that wake me in the middle of the night stab at me from behind my left eye. I am convinced it is because the left creative side of my brain is simply bigger than the right practical analytical side. This imbalance equals migraines. Obviously this is not medical fact, just my theory.      

As we was walking down the quaint downtown streets in Brevard on Friday, killing a little time before Maris' basketball game, Jack and I stopped as we heard Robert call to us. We had hurried ahead and he was a few stores behind us. 'You need to come back and look at this' husband called to me as he stood pointing to the ground in front of Diamond Rush Jewelers, a small jewelry and watch repair shop. He {my critical, logical, rational, right-brained husband} was pointing to a very small little concrete stoop that stretched the entire width of the store. It was beautifully embedded in parts, batteries, pens, id bracelets, tags, coins, beads ...what others would throw away as scraps, this shopkeeper created as a charming way to greet customers upon entering his business.      

Robert wasn't going to let me walk past this 'artwork'. It might not appeal to everyone, but, he knew I would love it and love it I did. All three of us stood and studied the ground, announcing all the little gems that we identified. I couldn't get my camera out fast enough. Husband gets me. He gets my crazy, forgetful, creative, spontaneous, miss-sized brain. He wasn't going to let me miss out.  

I hope that if you too have a whirly swirly creative brain, you are lucky enough to have someone in your life who knows you well enough and can slow you down long enough, to show your passions to you as well as share them with you. 


{it was 'after hours' when we visited. I so wanted to talk to the store owner about his stoop's story. If you happen to know more about it, would you share it with me?} 


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