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East Coast bound!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My day started in the thick darkness of 4:15 this morning. Jack was leaving for his 8th grade trip and everyone had to be there to board the bus at 5am. He was so excited and I just hope that we packed everything he's going to need. He's the kid that when it's time to leave for a week-long family vacation, he get's in the car with a his ipad, ipod, cell phone and A pair of shorts. no kidding. He can. not. stand. to pack. So much so, that he actually has found that he can pay his sister to do it for him. sigh..

In order to celebrate his big trip, Robert cooked us a big steak dinner last night.{he will probably try to live the next week on gummy bears and cheez-its} The weather was perfect so we sat out on the deck to eat. 

What Jack hates, maybe even more so than packing, is getting his picture taken. I desperately tried to capture him while he was eating. I can't recall that I have any photos from his 8th grade year. deeper sigh.

I tried... 




He is headed across the state, from our mountains he will travel east stopping to visit our state capital in Raleigh and then on towards the coast. There will be stops at hotels, restaurants, water parks, and sandy beaches. It will be a great time for them!

I also hope that he soaks up the beauty of our entire great state--all the tulips that are in bloom, the dogwood trees, the grass that is the richest shade of green due to the spring showers and gorgeous sunshine we have enjoyed. I feel like this great rug *feels* like what all these 8th graders are going to experience this week.

Isn't it beautiful? I think this rainbow of 23 different colors would be a fantastic pop of spring in an all-white living room, a stripey addition to a kids room, or to jazz up a laundry room.     


Do you have a treasured piece in your home that  gives you the 'feel' of a special place or represents a great memory? Do share! 


Abby's studio

Monday, March 26, 2012

Are you familiar with the artwork of Abby Kasonik? Her beautiful aquatic series is quite ethereal.

  She used to work out of her Charlottesville basement, but last year she built a new backyard studio that reflects her love of 19th century Virginia schoolhouses and churches.


It's so bright, so open and so inspiring. It's the perfect backdrop for her meditative art.

This cottage is an artists dream--the huge worktable to spread out all of the paints, the built-in storage to hold the finished and yet to be painted canvas, and the light....can't you just breathe in all of that delicious light?! And let's just talk about how simply lovely the space is.The reclaimed timbers play beautifully against the pristine white of the ceiling and the large paper lanterns.



A kitchen tucked in the corner has an old trunk that was outfitted with barnwood and wheels to create the perfect mobile island.  

There was no skimping on the size or number of windows that flood the space with light and are framed with curtains made from dropcloths. And did you catch the upstairs sleeping quarters? Who needs the big house? I would *live* here perfectly happily. 



To see more of Abby's portfolio, check out her website.

{images 1 / 23 / 4 / 567}  


Sunday, March 25, 2012

My godmother, Nancy, is retiring in a few weeks. She's had many jobs over the years as she is is wonderfully talented. She is an artist, has worked as a floral designer, a 1st grade teacher {my own!} a wedding consultant and event coordinator. She is the person that really inspired my love of painting and as a birthday present when I was very young, gifted me with my very own beautiful portfolio case perfectly hand painted with my name and small daisies. I proudly tucked that big black case under my arm, stuffed with my paintings, to my weekly art lessons. I didn't have far to go. I would walk through the backyards, a few doors down the street to my neighbors house. My neighbor, a high school art teacher, who graciously agreed to teach me the lessons of painting through perspective, light and shadow, mainly through lessons of still-life.   



My mom, who has been friend with Nan since childhood and also has worked with her at Calvary Baptist, asked me to create the invite for Nan's retirement party. I happily agreed.

 As I was painting the illustration, Maris stood beside me and watched for a few minutes. 'Mom, why don't you paint more? You hardly ever paint.' I stopped and stared out the window and thought about it for a minute...'I don't know.....' 

Why do we stop doing what we love?

Some people swear by yoga and meditation. Fact is, I have never found more clarity or felt more renewed than when I paint. We've been thrown some curve balls lately and it's been beyond tough.  



I have decided that I am going to paint more. I HAVE to paint more. I am actually going to start offering some very affordable, commissioned pieces so stay tuned. My sanity requires it!




Is there something that you need to return to that really makes your heart sing?  What's holding you back?



Did you go??

Friday, March 23, 2012

{Excuse the bad quality photo} Maris and her friends had been waiting anxiously for the first showing of the Hunger Games at midnight this morning!! She sent me this picture from outside the theater at 11:30 last night. I'm not sure what they are pointing at--she is still in bed, so I can't ask! Lucky for these ladies, they had an 'incentive day' {1 day off from school for good grades} and decided this was the day to use it. I can't wait to hear all about it. Did you or your kids make it? What'd ya think?    

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